Donald just launched a new brand and within couple of days, he started generating good amount of business without spending much on marketing. At the other end, Jose has been working hard to gain some traction but he is yet to taste the success. Why? well, apart from many sources, well defined brand introduction video is one of those major reason behind it. But how Donald was able to publish such high quality logo animation video without spending much? The answer is; After effect logo and text animation templates. In this article we will tell you about from where you can download these best after effect templates to create professional videos to promote your brand.

Logo and text animation videos can be the crucial part of any brand promotion. And when we talk about logo animation and ambigram, the first thing came into our mind is adobe after effects. Hence the technology require good understanding of the tool, it will require good budget to have a after effect logo animation. What if you are a small business brand? What if you are having limited budget? Well, the answer is, download After effects logo animation templates!

after effects templates

As you are reading this blog post means you are already familiar with Adobe after effect. For those who want to learn more about this amazing tool, we recommend visiting adobe after effect official website. When you are working on corporate or brand introduction videos, after effects templates will make your task more easier and pleasant.

Best after effects logo and text animation templates

If you are having budget, you can easily hire logo designer to get your logo designed by expert. But what if you have a limited budget? ready made logo design with small editing will do the job at lowest cost. DigiFloor creative team has done some great research to find best after effect templates that includes Logo and Text animation. If you are planning to launch a log and text animation videos for:

  • Your new brand (newly designed logos)
  • Corporate introduction videos
  • Or any other video presentation that require logo and text animation

These after effects logo templates will do the job at minimum investment.

#1 The Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro V1

This glitch animated logo If you are looking for amazing text animation logo to respresent your corporation brand in video presentation with high resolution. This logo is best represent related to tech and games. The video length is around 10 Seconds. And here are the best features of ultimate glitch logo intro version 1.

  • Very easy to edit with video tutorial included with this template.
  • This template is built with after effect only.
  • You can edit this template with after effects CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 or CC.
  • No additional plugins are require and no prerenders.
  • This video is available in three resolutions 1080, 720, 540.
  • This logo animation template is on #1 spot in our article due to tremendous response it received with over 2470 downloads.

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#2 Logo 3D Levels

logo 3d levels after effects file

This logo animation came back on 2nd spot after they introduced version 2.0 result in more downloads at ThemeForest. An amazing 3D logo template for Adobe after effects is now available in full HD and HD version. This template is specially designed for the brand requires extra ordinary effects and colors. As you can see in preview, distribution of layers, improved edges and extrusion darkness gives amazing view to this presentation. Here is the list of features included in this Logo after effect template:

  • This template is available in both HD 1280×720 and Full HD 1920×1080 formats
  • Designed solely for Adobe after effects, no additional plugins are required to edit the template
  • It includes video tutorial and PDF help file that will guide you in your editing process.
  • No advanced skills are require to edit this file

Checkout detailed feature about this after effect logo animation template now before you make a purchase!

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 #3 Logo Intro Elegance Flare

Logo Intro Elegance Flare after effects logo string abstract has jumped to 2nd position due to its popularity. This one is very simple and basic after effects template for the brand looking for introduction videos. You can have your LOGO animation and can put some text about your brands. Very small but effective logo and text place holder can make this introduction video unique from other brands. If you are busy and looking for cost effective editing, you can always buy subscription based design services to get this logo edition work quickly. Checkout some of the features of this video template:

  • Available in two different resolution (HD – 1280×720p and Full HD – 1920×1080p)
  • Can be edited in Adobe after effect CS4 or higher version and does not require additional plug-in
  • It is equipped with 1 Logo place holder, 1 logo + text (web address text place holder) and 1 text order to place your brand/organization text.
  • It also includes help file and video tutorial when you buy this template.

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#4 Multi Video & Multi Text Logo Formation

This is the new addition in our after effect template list this time by considering the popularity of this animation. It received over 3424 sales with average rating of 4.7 out of 5. If you are looking for something unique and creative word formation or want to make your logo out of particles or small gadgets or other multi text formation, I personally recommend you to download this template with no further delay. Here are few important specifications about this template:

  • It allows you to render your video in full HD resolution  – 1920 X 1080
  • Compatible with CS4 and above version
  • You can easily edit the colors of this project as per your branding
  • You will require TRAPCODE FORM plugin v2.0.2 and above to use this template (You can always contact this publisher if you are not having this plugin)
  • If you still need any help, you can always learn from PDF help file that will be included with this template.
  • Audio – not included

Checkout this sample published logo animation created using this after effect template file.

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#5 Colorful Particles Logo Reveal II

This is a new addition in our updated list based on popularity of the aftereffect text logo animation. Colorful particles logo reveal II has emerged very quickly with over 3332 sales after its launch and available at just $20. The best part of this logo animation is, its ratings! Yes, it received over 250 ratings and the average is 4.7.  Lets talk about some of the best feature of this aftereffect animation:

  • This logo animation template is available in HD resolution of 1920×1080p, 1280×720p
  • Once you purchase this animation, you need to invest additional money on plugin
  • You don’t really need to hire the designer for editing purpose as this aftereffect logo animation template comes with video guide. You can easily change the colors of particles by reviewing the video guide.
  • Logo customization from this temple is very simple. Just drag and drop and you are done

Apart from these, you will also get all amazing features explain on their official page. Checkout now!

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#6 Elegant Extrusion

First launched in 2010 and recently updated by their designer, this after effect logo animation has gain good response with over 2500 downloads. Available at just $17, you can have all amazing animation which does not require any additional after effects plugin to re-skin. Checkout more information now!

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Only 6! wait, we have a bonus for you! Here are few adorable after effect logo templates will help you to create amazing brand presentation with easy to edit template.

Particle Reveal Logo String

Particle reveal is our new addition in to this list due to its popularity and reviews. This aftereffect logo animation offers 3 different styles to represent your individual or a corporate brand. OP offers customization and rendering of the file at fixed cost and also offers technical support. Checkout some of the important features it has to offer:

  • 100% after effect template that is easy to customize as per your requirement
  • Animation is available in 1920×1080 HD resolution and 16:9 Square Pixels.
  • It is available in Adobe After Effects CS4 Project File.
  • To run this file, you will require Trapcode Particular and/or Trapcode Form plugin
  • Easy integration (Equipped with video tutorial that will guide you on editing and rendering part).

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Corporate Typography Pack

corporate after effects video

This after effect template equipped with full corporate video presentation with best typography and text effects. You don’t need to put extra efforts in designing additional effects for different modules as this Corporate after effect template includes 27 high resolution scenes. Checkout some exciting features of this corporate typography pack:

  • 100% after effect template that is easy to customize as per your requirement
  • Equipped with Video tutorial that will make your editing work easier than ever
  • No additional plugins are require
  • You can change colors and text available in this template

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Multi Video & Multi Text Logo Formation

Multi video multi text logo formation is an unique video presentation that includes animated text and images. It is one best selling list at VideoHive with over 2.7K downloads. You will have different functionality and can edit this after effect video to include in your corporate identity kit. This after effect template can definitely help you to create corporate videos, brand and product introduction videos and photo gallery too. Some of the most important feature of this logo animation video:

  • It is Full HD Resolution 1920×1080 video with best and world class quality
  • The colors and animation of the project is editable.
  • It is equipped with how to edit PDF guide that will help you to create presentation at your own
  • To edit this after effect video, you will require TRAPCODE FORM plugin v2.0.2 and above
  • This is compatible with Adobe After Effect CS4 or higher version.

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Photo And Typo Opener

photo typo after effects

If you are looking for unique video presentation that includes animated text and images, this can be your best choice. You will have 10 different text choices and 23 places to place your images or videos related to your presentation. This after effect template can definitely help you to create corporate videos, brand and product introduction videos and photo gallery too. Here is the list of features available in this template:

  • It includes 10 text places and 23 places for images or video.
  • The animation is around 50 seconds long and can be edited as per your requirement.
  • It also includes PDF help file and video tutorial to guide you on customization process.
  • This is compatible with Adobe After Effect CS4 or higher version and do not require additional plug-in.

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Waving 3D Logo Reveal

This waving 3D logo animation template is an after effect template that designed beautifully and the lenth of the logo template animation is 15 seconds. It is also available in high resolution.

  • 100% After Effects template only
  • Fast render time
  • Detailed video Tutorial included
  • Full HD resolution 1920*1080
  • Frame rate 30 fps perfect for video visibility.
  • The waving 3D logo reveal logo animation template has over 1930 downloads.

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Ribbon Logo animation template

Ribbon logo animation effect is resizable resolution as per requirement and After effects version, compatibles are CS4 and CS5 and if you need support to edit this template, there is direct contact them.

  • No extra puglins needed.
  • easily change color by using color picker.
  • it covers 3 render resolutions which are 1920, 1280 and 720.

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No one can beat the unique design and when it comes to branding, uniqueness is the key. If you are having limited budget and just launched your brand, these after effects logo animation can do the job at low cost. If you are looking for unique animation for your logo, it is better you visit these marketplaces to hire expert designer for your brand.

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