Who could have thought that the unmanned aerial vehicle, Drone would be making news all over! Drones, Drones, and Drones! The saga of drones is forever, but this year it is going to be the drone-age for sure. The best part of the controller is it can be controlled by the human operator or through autonomous onboard computers. Drones usage has significantly increased and does not limit to only military usage.

Such has been the success of the commercial use of drones in 2017 that Drone deploy sees more habitue of Drones in 2018. The industries have been benefited with an increase in Return on Investment, increase in efficiency of work, improved safety and cut down costs. The era of drones have just begun! here are ten predictions to reveal why it will be the year every business buys a drones in 2018.

#1 Good News For Real Estate

Dron for real estate use

Drones have been in use for aerial photography giving in the right angle to make it desirable for the clientele. It certainly draws the attention of the buyers. The view of the property is better viewed; the surroundings are better understood thus enabling quick decisions and deals. Drone are very helpful to real estate industry and this can be best bet for the real estate agent to showcase the beautiful aerial views to their client and can increase the sales of their properties.

#2 Drones Put To Agricultural Use

dron for agriculture use

The drones are put to use to help in crop production and monitoring the growth of the crops. Richer picture quality is received due to the advanced sensors and digital imaging capabilities. Thus, aspects of checking the health of the crops to the water supply and pesticide control everything can be monitored and understood in quick time. The crops are not hurt as no more walking through the fields, and at a glance, the crops are taken care of too. It aids a farmer to make decisions on crop rotation and mapping out their farm also. Therefore from compiling plant counts and analyzing the stand establishments to assessing crop damage and negotiating for the loss percentages, can be done flawlessly. All the decision regarding plan drainage or irrigation repair, keeping track of livestock or grazing patterns can be taken with facts in front. Drone is also helpful in land use research and can be effectively utilized to plan the crop for the specific land.

#3 Home Security Drones

Yes, drones can be helpful in securing your home and the surrounding. Recently I came across this amazing innovation by Sun Flower Lab offering complete home security drones solution. They have invented Sun Flower Home Awareness System which is advance enough to track strange movement around your home and notify drone to observe exact location and if require can notify you on timely manner. Here is the video depict how this home security drone system works.

#4 Engineering And Construction Industry Finds A Companion

dron use for contruction work

For proper surveillance of a project, drones will be used to give the exact insight of the work in progress. The need to see the sight personally lessens. It is safer, saves time, at the same time the purpose is solved. Engineering industry benefits eventually towards giving inefficient digital elevation models, 3D contour generation, thermographic images etc. Thus from generating accurate contour maps to repeating monitor, measuring distance, area, a volume of the area instantly to the creation of point clouds that are compatible with BIM software, drone land facilitates everything readily. The decision making on sharing maps to update stakeholders and align teams is dealt with precision.

#5 Drone Racing- The New Sport

An amateur sport that began in Australia in 2014 has become the favorites among-st many. Youngsters find their adrenaline rush with this motorsport. A drone racing sport that calls on participants to control their drones in full-size air racing is undoubtedly going to make all the news all over. The fun experience is the phenomenon. Gaming industry just got better with drones hitting the bulletin.

#6 Insurance Sector And Drone Relation

drone for insurance policy

The present-day insurance sector has started using drones for inspection and valuation purpose. The delicate areas can be tapped easily. The drone mapping too aids in safe capturing another site efficiently. The decision making is faster; time on visiting the site has refrained and analyses the field becomes simpler hence.

#7 Timely Police Help

drone for traffic use

The traffic police are on the go to use drones for the timely response. With the use of 4G technology, receiving the live feed of traffic, events and emergency incidents can be tapped quickly. Drones make the work easy for traffic police by giving real-time feed. Drones are very helpful to understand the clear view of traffic and can help to plan the better control system.

#8 Mining Industry Benefits From Drone’s Data Collection

Drone for mining industries

Through the usage of the unmanned aerial vehicle, reaching into remote locations is possible. The large volume of data can be tapped thereof. It helps in keeping an eye on the environmental safety compliance.Drones becoming an essential tool for data transformation, replace manual inspection in the most sensitive areas and also collecting critical information, while extremely reducing the time and manpower required.

#9 Drones Used For Automation

drone use for flight planning

For data transfer, analysis, adaptive flight planning, big companies rely on automated workflows and what better than drones. Thus, algorithms soon are going to be outdated with drone mapping and modeling doing all the needful. Gathering large data daily and generating aerial insights will be seen used by large-scale drone deployments. The skies are soon going to be filled in with the fleet of drones.

#10 Increase In In-House Drone Program

With the number of industries using drone departments for their divisions, the industry is going to witness improvement in in-house drone programs. It is going to benefit in some ways. Some of the most prominent challenges in agriculture and construction can be sorted with machine learning and artificial intelligence in the drone space.

In A Nutshell

For all the data analysis, the future of the industry is here with instant data insights. Drone lands are making all the advancement in edge computing. It is due to drone land that real-time drone data analysis is possible. Use of drones has played a vital role in decision making. Here one need to understand the legal constrain in respective country and can accordingly plan utilizing this great invention to ease and expand your business.

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