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Apple iOS 7 – The Latest Buzz Amongst the Gadget Enthusiasts


Apple iOS 7 – The Latest Buzz Amongst the Gadget Enthusiasts

Apple iOS 7 Features

Apple and its innovations have always created a big buzz amongst the gadget enthusiasts. The latest addition to Apple family is iOS 7, the one of the most talked about operating systems launched by Apple few days back. While most of the technology lovers are ready to welcome this advanced mobile operating system, there are still many who are apprehensive about this technical evolution. Latest Apple smartphone like iPhone 5C and 5S will equipped with this latest OS. The features of this latest Apple iOS 7 operating system have already started getting its share of appreciation, but we still feel that a brief insight into these wonder features may really help.

How Apple iOS 7 is superior?

There are many features that make this hottest apple operating system superior than others, but there are few that we felt worth mentioning.


multitasking in ios7

Multitasking is the key to success and ios7 will support you streamline your tasks in an intelligent fashion. Ios7 has an intelligent multitasking feature, which keeps your update ready when you are most likely to browse through them. Your tentative timings of browsing various apps is studied by this smart system and it’s ready with the updates to save your time. The human touch indeed!

Control Center

control center in ios7

Powerful Apple control center is just a swipe away with this fantastic operating system. You may get the quick access to various tasks like airplane mode on/off, play or pause the song, brightness control, Wi-Fi control and all that you want to do at a single click.

Notification Center

notification center ios7

The Apple notification center is your personal assistant. You can just check this one area and you have it all. You may check the events, to-do list, birthdays, mails and messages, all at this one place. Do you still need a personal assistant?


airdrops in ios7

Are you sick of sharing your photos or other data through email? Ios7 has the solution ready for you. The latest Airdrop feature helps you share your data just by selecting the person and the rest would be taken care of. No difficult steps require for activation, as your iPhone will do it for you using wi-fi and Bluetooth. Isn’t it smart?


camera in ios7

You must trust your camera for its intelligent features like square photos and filters. If you are in hurry then you can also click the picture and apply these clever features later for an instant photo correction.

There are many new features to flaunt and experience, but their operation is almost similar to the earlier ones and that will give you the full control over this most recent and advanced operating system from day one.  You can find detailed information about iOS7 features at Apple official website.

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