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Image Credit : Flicker – Rdecom

As the popular saying says “Better late than never”, Apple has made a late move but seems to have decided to enter the big screen Smartphone mania reported by Bloomberg. Apple that has earlier ruled the Smartphone industry by its really ‘smart’ phone and not just with the big screen has felt the need for offering big screen along with the smartness. The technology giant would be entering this industry with the two big screen phone6 reported by Bloomberg last week. The news has also been covered by WSJ blog.

The sources have also revealed that Apple big screen phones will actually be the curved screen phones. The technology used by Apple would be OLED and not the LCD technology. Here OLED stands for organic light emitting diode. The technology leader has till date opposed the OLED technology and has always preferred LCD. OLED has been the speciality of Samsung, one of its greatest Smartphone competitors but the changing times and the preferences of the users has given the way to OLED for upcoming Apple iPhone6 as well. Its been few days Samsung has launched curved smartphone and another major blow by Samsung was its announcement for launching the foldable Smartphone by 2014-2015 and this has evoked Apple to come out with its plans for curved Smartphone. Apple has already patented its curved screen technology long back even before it got its due success in the invention.

This new curved screen display phone to be introduced by Apple would probably be the iPhone 6 and would shake the Smartphone market. The display size of this Apple iPhone would be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches as reported by Bloomberg. These displays would be the largest amongst all other iPhone handsets offered till date. The OLED technology which was originally developed by US in conjunction with Kodak was later mastered by Samsung. Kodak licensed the technology and was charging premium for the same and this made Samsung to invent the OLED alternative in its own labs and later mastered the technology to the extent that it started using it in the display for Smartphone, TV etc.

Apple with its iPhone 6 has now entered the race for offering largest and latest displays and this will surely make Samsung invest more on its research team for new technology. Let this race for innovation go on as whoever be the winner, the final beneficiary would be the end user who will be able to try hands on new and never imagined technology with these technology pioneers geared up for innovations.

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