Augmented Reality is now an integral part of different aspects of life. It is changing our perspective of viewing the world. It provides a new point of view to various industries and is helping them to become more efficient in their respective field of work. Augmented Reality apps for education are dynamic apps created by developers with the incorporation of the latest technology.

AR apps for education are becoming digitized and driven by technological innovations. The top AR apps are EdTech or education technology apps and this industry has been growing at the rate of almost 18% and is expected to reach $680 billion by 2027.

Need for AR Technology in Education Sector

Educators use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications at a large scale these days. The AR technology overlays the content that is used in these apps and it hasn’t been adequately used by the sector so far.

The use-cases Augmented Reality experiences within classroom content are developed by using AR technology that provides the students with a lot of assistance in terms of educational apps which are now being used inside the classroom scenario. With the use of Augmented Reality in the educational sector, the apps are designed ranging from beginner level to advanced AR practitioners to provide a modern way for students to learn. The main purpose to create augmented reality technology is to enhance students’ learning experience and possibly their engagement in all subjects including mathematics, astronomy, history, physics, chemistry, and more.

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Top 12 AR Apps Transforming Education

Here are some top AR Apps which transform education in various ways-

1. Experience Real History – Best AR Learning App

ERH is a popular app that generates historically accurate AR-based products. The app works in tandem with the reality boards to create historically accurate scenes which work in conjunction with the app. The huge product line that is powered by the AR experience gives the students a unique insight into the courses. The cards show significant figures and information from various time zones and periods, and when these cards are seen through the app, students learn about interactions.

2. Google Expeditions – Best Application to create Augmented Reality

This is a free mobile app for Android and iOS and it includes over 500 free expeditions in virtual reality. The 3D Augmented Reality app provides a mix between VR & AR. It allows educators to guide students through 3D objects. It points to interesting sites available for android and iOS phones. This AR app helps the students to take tours on a classroom desk.

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3. Anatomy 4D – Best Educational AR Software

This is an Android and iOS-based augmented reality app that is best suited for medical students. It helps the students to uncover the human body with the help of cutting-edge technology. The app covers all topics from the skeletal system to the digestive system. It provides a real experience of human bodies with the help of virtual reality. Students can learn to dissect. The app displays 3D models of the human body and is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

4. Curiscope – Cool Augmented Reality Application

The Curiscope app uses Virtuali-Tee, which is an augmented reality T-shirt that is embedded with code and is combined with the company’s app. It brings the science of anatomy to life for the students and it gives the students a look into the human body. The students can explore all these systems and develop their love for science. They can understand human anatomy on a deeper level with more detailed information.

5. Catchy Words AR – Best AR Tool for Future Online Classroom

This app is the latest and most advanced word game with augmented reality. The app provides immersive experiences to the students and lets them walk around in their schools and homes to catch letters without even touching the screen. As the letters are caught, these are arranged into one word and it helps the students to strengthen their word game. This is a perfect app for kids who struggle with spelling and helps them to learn in a fun way.

6. CoSpace – Education-Based Augmented Reality App

The education-based app offers basic and pro levels and the app lets educators make lessons for themselves for different subjects and grades. CoSpace is also a team messaging app that features video conferencing task management and screen sharing. No matter where everyone is located, the app provides different modes of communication. It allows for AR sophistication among novice coders and expert coders. You can build a 3D environment and view it in AR and VR.

7. Exoplanet

The Exoplanet app is a highly interactive and visual app that creates a catalog of all exoplanet systems (planets orbiting beyond our solar system). The fun and interactive app assist the students to discover various planetary systems. It features a sky map with a first-rate visual model of the Solar System. The application of Augmented Reality in education is updated by the developers regularly. Thus, the facts and information presented remain applicable to all planetary systems. 

8. Arloon Plants

This is an interactive app that lets the students zoom in, rotate, and get more information about plant ecosystems and classification systems. As students use the device camera to ensure it looks like an ecosystem and they can save the pictures of AR images. It helps the kids to get some context of these concepts as the terminology can be very complex. The text in the app is available in multiple languages including Spanish and English.

9. Animal Safari AR

This app helps the students to visualize going on a safari through AR. It is a great interactive and fun app for curious explorers from different age groups. The users can go on a virtual safari in their backyard and it has many educational features where you can place virtual animals anywhere as per your imagination. For young explorers, the app has educational and fun features. With AR, students can place virtual animals anywhere. 

10. Merge EDU – Best Augmented Reality App for Education

Merge is an educational AR app that uses the technology of spatial computing and it also uses Augmented Reality teaching which is not just limited to the classroom environment. It works using a headset and the MERGE cube that helps to create and deliver brilliant AR experiences for students from age 10 onwards. The students can touch and interact with the digital 3D content. It helps the students to understand augmented reality without spending much.

11. 3D Bear

This is one of the most popular Augmented Reality apps to use in the classroom and it lets educators create their own AR experiences. The 3D Bear helps educators to facilitate in-class and remote learning with the help of VR, AR, scanning, and 360-degree photos. It is done by placing the 3D models on reality which is not graded or subject-specific. It can be used for various disciplines in terms of professional development and workshops for higher education and corporate training. 

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12. Worldbrush

Through this app, the students can draw on the real world and share their creations. World Brush provides an AR experience. With this, the students paint the world for the rest to discover. The paintings are anonymous and visible where they are created. Users can like and dislike paintings that help them to hide or showcase their paintings. These paintings can be shared with a selective audience and can be hidden from a particular audience if needed.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an AR App for Classroom

Augmented Reality Education Apps

1. Achievement Goals 

An important requirement to develop a school improvement plan is deciding on goals.

2. Budget Considerations 

Another factor is you’re funding sources and the right AR technology ensures fewer costs. 

3. Reasonable Access 

Better access can be achieved with better infrastructure and connectivity.

4. Classroom Conditions 

The technical capacity of a classroom to provide 1 to 4 devices to the student is ideal.


Augmented Reality provides enormous untapped potential in the education sector. Although, AR app development might not be an easy task and it needs certain skills with hands-on experience to build superior products but with the current adoption of device technologies and advances in hardware, Augmented Reality has become more accessible. Thus, it is time that we take steps in this direction.


Why do we need augmented reality in education?

The augmented reality apps are designed ranging from beginner level to advanced AR practitioners to provide a modern way for students to learn.

What are the best augmented reality apps for the classroom?

1) Experience Real History
2) Google Expeditions
3) Anatomy 4D
4) Curiscope
5) Catchy Words AR
6) CoSpace
7) Exoplanet
8) Arloon Plants
9) Animal Safari AR
10) Merge EDU
11) 3D Bear
12) Worldbrush

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