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7 Best TwitterFeed Alternatives to Auto Post on Social Media Channels Using RSS Feeds


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7 Best TwitterFeed Alternatives to Auto Post on Social Media Channels Using RSS Feeds

Its been long the TwitterFeed has been shut their doors and you must have started using different alternatives to manage your social media marketing. If you are still looking for best TwitterFeed alternative, this article is for you.

twitterfeedBeing a twitterfeed user since years, this was shocking news for me and I am sure you also had the same feeling. I tried finding the reason and with no hope, the tool will finally stop providing its services from 31st Oct.

The popularity of social networks for business has led to several social media management tools sprouting up to make the task simpler. Basically, they aim at making repetitive tasks easier by automating posts across all social networks. Twitterfeed, in this context is, or rather had been, a popular tool for businesses to automatically post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels simultaneously via RSS Feed. It not only allowed publishers distribute content but also track the post performance (reach, response, etc) using real time statistics.

However, shut down its services after 31st October and a lot of users who depended on the tool are now kind of stranded. Being one of them, I started searching for TwitterFeed alternatives to keep active my social media channels and the good news is that there are other alternatives that can do the same job as Twitterfeed. Let’s check out some of the best Twitterfeed Alternatives here.

Twitterfeed Alternatives

#1 ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is one of the best twitter marketing tools offers unique and amazing features that not only allows you to schedule your twitter updates but also offers various features like:

  • Follow and Unfollow twitter accounts depending upon your interest and based on their following
  • Offers twitter analytics to identify the best performing tweets.
  • It can provides you the time where most of your followers are active and allow you to schedule your tweet accordingly.
  • It allows you to manage multiple accounts at a time.

Apart from these, ManageFlitters offers many features you will definitely love using and can save your lot of time.

#2 SocialPilot


SocialPilot has been and still remains one of the most popular social scheduling and marketing tools for businesses and brands worldwide. The platform is designed to help marketers be more efficient in online marketing, especially through social media and save themselves a lot of money and time in the process.

SocialPilot’s bulk scheduling allows for scheduling of up to 500 posts across several social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Marketers will just need to upload a CSV file containing the post and the timing and SocialPilot takes care of the rest. The link shortening feature of SocialPilot too is relevant when trying to post longer URLs.

SocialPilot tool allows users to add & manage RSS feed directly from the dashboard. Users can also set the frequency of RSS feed for various blog’s depending on the number of articles they publish on their blogs. You can also stop feed automation at any time by just clicking on Active button.

#3 Buffer


As with SocialPilot, social media marketers can write a bunch of posts at one time and schedule them through Buffer to be posted throughout the day/week/month without extra intervention. In fact, Buffer was created to schedule Twitter updates through smarter sharing and since its launch; several features have been added to make it much more relevant for modern businesses.

Whether you have access to internet or not, Buffer allows for posts to be added in a queue and timely posts them in social profiles. Buffer scheduling is also compatible with mobile apps. Buffer also provides feed automation feature for awesome and business users. Users can add 15 feeds per connected social profile from Buffer dashboard.



This tool has been especially promising for individuals and businesses managing a blogging platform. With you can not only schedule posts but also have it shared across your social and blogging networks automatically. This helps increase the reach of the posts while keeping your platform active.

As an alternative to Twitterfeed, also shows the performance stats of tweets, shares and +1s.this information can be later analyzed to better your social strategies. claims to provide automation to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media sites using their RSS feeds feature. Users can add up to 5 feeds/site on this platform and can share on 3 social channels for free.



Twibble comes as another alternative by offering fast, easy and robust Twitter and RSS management across your social networks. The core advantage with Twibble is the ability to include RSS Feeds from any kind of source – Pinterest boards, YouTube channels, blogs, Etsy stories and much more.

Twibble makes RSS feeds to Twitter a lot more convenient by delivering intelligent automation. As the service claims, “you don’t even need to know the RSS URL”.


IFTTT is another web based service that enables users in creating conditional statements that trigger posts based on feeds in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. For example, if a certain user includes a hash tag that you have defined, his feed would be collected and added to your library or posted onto your networks.

IFTTT is especially useful when you are trying to bring together all photo feeds across the globe into a single platform. Of course, the photos collected should have the hash tag you have defined.

#7 Engator

Engator, like others in this list, too makes auto submission of posts / RSS Feed to twitter easier. The process is really fast and you will not have to worry about manual feed integration.

Engator allows for as many as 100 RSS feeds to be scheduled to be posted onto your twitter account at one time. This does give a comfortable time frame for social media marketers.

# Hootsuite

Hootsuite too supports automatic bog content distribution across social networks through RSS feeds. It even offers the convenience of automatic shortening of links using services like and to make the post relevant for Twitter.

Hootsuite scheduling will automatically take up blog posts and new updates and shortens the URL to be sent as a tweet. You also have the option to filter out posts by defining specific keywords.


Automation of RSS feeds makes perfect sense when you are trying to run a business and keep it active in the dozens of social network you cater to. These tools will saves a lot of time and there is always something more productive you can do as compared to these repetitive tasks! Some of the features are paid and you can always try them before making your purchase decision.

Jignesh gohel is a Google Adwords certified professional and digital marketing consultant having over 10 years of experience. He loves writing about gadgets, pay per click advertisement and online marketing. Connect with him here at Linkedin - Jignesh Gohel

  • dlvrit

    Jignesh, Thanks for mentioning dlvr! Have you checked out our curation features?

    Best regards,
    Bill Flitter
    Founder, dlvr(dot)it

    • Thank you for your feedback, I will soon check your curation feature.

  • Thanks for mentioning Twibble

    • Happy to help Marc, I am sure you our readers will love using Twibble.

      • Hah, for some reason the “!” at the end of my comment was deleted; made my “thank you” comment sound very unfriendly. 🙂 Cheers Jignesh!

        • Hi Marc, your comment was updated because it was containing link about your services and we don’t allow self promotional comment.

          Marc, we are very startup friendly and always encourage and help them to get maximum exposure. Let me know if I could be of any help with your startup.

          • Jignesh, happy to chat further if you’d like, feel free to email me: [firstname] at [twibble][dot][io] 🙂

          • Thank you, will stay in touch.

  • One more point: I can’t speak highly enough about Buffer and the team over there as well. In fact, they wrote one of the first reviews about us just months after we launched! — https://blog(dot)bufferapp(dot)com/time-saving-social-media-tools — The point is, this isn’t a winner takes all game, and there’s plenty Buffer can do that we certainly can’t (yet!), but at least for the fastest and simplest RSS-to-Twitter management platform with analytics and color-coded hashtag testing (via HashTest(dot)io), we think we’re pretty cool. 🙂 Meanwhile, our thoughts go out to the Twitterfeed team; from one founder to another, it’s never something to celebrate, the premature shut down of another startup:

    • I am completely agree with your views as each startup has its own challenges and we should never celebrate the failure of other startup. Our best wishes is there for Tweeterfeed team.

  • Jim Starkweather

    Since the publishers are watching this article (and you only seemed to list apps that are pay services), I would like to raise an issue. Yes I understand you can’t do this for free. You have expenses, overhead, employees, etc. But what you are selling is really software. Software albeit that would need to run on a computer that is online and capable of doing these serer exchanges, but software non-the-less. That said. You are OVER charging for this service. $10, $50, $150! per month?!?! That is lunacy. All you are going to end up doing here is making another larger company that could do this for $1.00 a month (Google for example) build a feature like this into Google Apps and you are toast. Seriously… rethink your pricing models. From what was free not that long ago to $120 annually is a big, big increase in overhead for website owners. So yeah we will be the ones driving a cheaper alternative that will eventually make it hard for you to convince non-tech savy companies it’s worth spending $10-$100 a month for this stuff. It’s a simple data exchange. Not an e-commerce solution.

    • Thank you Jim for your feedback and I really appreciate you views. As already said, if you know any free services, I would love to list them in this article as all publishers can not afford big money.

      Awaiting your feedback.

  • Some days before I got an email from rssflare. First, it looks good, but they have no imprint and at the moment they only work together with Twitter.

    Many years I used twitterfeeed for my nearly 70 FB Pages and 10 Twitter-Accounts – If you find a professional alternative for a maximum of 30 Euros a year and unlimited use – please inform me!


    • Thank you for sharing your views Ingrid,
      I studied your requirement and found that most of the tools from the list offers different packages but when It comes to unlimited use, it will be difficult to find one at given price. The reason is; most of the tools restrict usage to restrict spam and you will find some limit in their package. I am in talk with few of the tools owner from the list and will let you know incase if they can offer customized solution for you.

  • Jill Potenti

    Thanks for this list! I liked Twitterfeed – it was so easy to set it and forget it.

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