Blogging started in the year 1999 and by the mid-2000s it started getting momentum. As of today, there are more than 600 million blogs in the world. If you are planning to start your own blog, we will advise you to do detailed research on the best blogging ideas and discover your blog niche. First, let’s get more details about the blog niche to bring more clarity on this topic.

What is blogging niche?

To put it in simple words, a blogging niche is categorizing and streamlining your blog idea. Firstly, ask yourself, what would you like to share with the world? Secondly, what are you passionate about, is it technology, beauty, health, and lifestyle, or you have interesting humor stories to share. Get the drift?

In a much broader term and aspect, a blog niche is a key to your blog’s success. It will help you ascertain your target audience, determine blog articles, and helps you streamline and strategize your business and marketing activities for your blog.

For instance, you are not blogging for a complete FMCG consumer base. You are blogging for an audience who have “specific consumer habits/pattern”, a niche. Picking a niche also cuts competition, please ensure you do not choose a niche that has reached market saturation.

How to choose the best blog niche?

As mentioned above, for the blog niche you have to strike a balance between lesser competition and being able to reap monetary benefits. Here are some tried and tested tips for you to help pick a blog niche.

Follow your passion

It is always said, do what you love. This is again a thorough process, do not choose a niche based on market trends or you particularly don’t have much knowledge or are enthusiastic about it. You have to be very certain about your interest because that is what you are going to write about for weeks, months, and years to come. And if you do not pick something that amuses you, after a while, you might lose interest and may end up discontinuing the blog altogether.

Brainstorm, make lists, come up with as many topics as possible. By putting your ideas in a list you will have the simultaneous realization of what will work and what won’t.

For Example, Liza is passionate about cinema, she can pen down blog niche on the basis of genres, directors, or actors. Will it be about world cinema or just Hollywood. Penning down your thoughts will clear your head and help you in making decisions.

Market analysis

Since we have to strike a balance so that your blogs earn money, market analysis is very important. It will give you insight into your competition, and note that not all competition is bad. You can use Google Trends to determine how a particular topic is trending.

Market analysis

The graph shows how popular a particular topic is over a period of time, you can trace years of data for that particular topic. You can add multiple topics for comparison. Looking at the trends you can leave topics that have seen a decline in interest in recent years.

This will help you know what the audience is interested in and build your niche based on it.


Now that you have narrowed to your niche, make sure it proves to be profitable. Passion along with cash inflow will motivate you further to make your blog a success. Here are a few ways to ensure you have a monthly income or ways to monetize your blog.

  • Affiliate marketing: A process where you can earn commissions on the sale by promoting or advertising the products and services of other people.
  • Own products: Sell your own products or merchandise on your blog.
  • Sponsored content: Getting paid by posting reviews and promoting other products related to your niche.

You can also offer consultation and training in your niche to the budding readers, that too will be a great way of earning.

Most profitable blog niche ideas

Let’s have a look at the most successful blog niche ideas and recount what sets them apart. This will help you to pick the most suitable niche based on your expertise.

1) Science


Science is a very broad concept that covers a lot of areas that are mainly focused on the study and behavior of nature. It will attract a lot of students and curious readers. Science blogs usually attract a lot of traffic because it is very interesting, and readers always want to learn and know about something interesting.

The science blogs keep the readers glued to the blog as it provides new information to its readers. Some of the areas or topics that you can cover in science blogs are environment, physics, geography, energy, chemistry, etc. Science blogs can provide a detailed idea or analytical insights and it keeps you updated regarding any scientific invention or nature.

2) Drawing/Painting


It is one of the cheapest ways of starting a blog that allows you to show your creativity and imagination power to the world. Withdrawing and painting blogs you can teach the audience about the drawing or painting and you can also promote the products that are created by you. Selling the drawings and paintings created by bloggers is one of the ways to make money. This type of blog has limitless possibilities as you can draw about anything.

Drawing and painting is an easy option for bloggers who possess creative abilities. You can attract more audience by showing tutorials and this can also lead to increased sales of your work. Bloggers can also review the products that they use for drawing and painting purposes.

3) Self-Improvement

It is one of the best blog niches because it has a direct impact on the reader’s lifestyle. The self-improvement blogs can provide some very important information and it can instantly affect the lifestyle of the readers. Once you share the techniques about self-improvement then other people can learn from you. If your self-improvement blog becomes popular then you may get some brand sponsorship and it is one of the ways to generate income.

In self-improvement blogs, you can cover various topics like fashion, health, beauty, life hacks, travel, culture, professional development, personal growth, nutrition, fitness, etc. It is one of the most amazing niches and as a blogger, you can do a lot of new things in this field.

4) Entrepreneurship

It is a very interesting niche because a lot of people are interested in knowing the concepts behind entrepreneurship and what it takes to become successful. With an entrepreneurship blog, you can share your experience and tell people what you went through. This will make your blog interesting and it will attract a lot of audiences. Check out in below image about traffic details of a popular Entrepreneurship blog.


The other thing that you can do with an entrepreneurship blog is that you can share some amazing advice and knowledge with the people. You can also talk about the latest happenings in this field or tech trends. As an entrepreneurship blogger, you can generate income with the help of ads.

5) Education

The educational blogs can be very helpful for teachers as well as students. You can teach about various courses online or you can talk about current topics to educate the readers. There are a lot of things that you can do with an educational blog like teacher blogs, tutoring blogs, blogs that offer advice to students related to school & higher education, blogs regarding technology, etc.


As an educational blogger, you can offer tips to do better in school or review some schools. This will help you get a bigger audience, and you can make money with the help of ads or by selling some study materials or products related to that.

6) Music

As a music blogger, you can write or share thoughts about different artists, instruments, and new technologies that are being introduced in the music industry or you can write about any specific genre like EDM, Rock, jazz, etc. that you are interested in.

In your blogs, you can include interviews with different bands, artists, or musicians. You can write about music history or some interesting facts about different artists. Try to be creative and consistent as it can be very helpful to attract more audience.

7) Automotive

In the automotive industry, new products are launching every year and the technologies used in this field are also continuously evolving. In automotive blogs, you can include information about auto reviews, anything new in the automotive industry, technologies used, etc.

The vehicle and tool reviews can be very informative to the readers and it can help you gain a significant amount of audience. You can also do product comparisons. As an automotive blogger, you can earn money from ads or by posting affiliate links.

8) Start-ups

Start-up blogs are the perfect place if you want to stay updated about recent developments and learn about new start-up ideas. A start-up blog can include a lot of things like in-depth analysis about any business or start-up, industry trends, start-up guide, various tools that you can use in start-up, etc.

In a start-up blog, you can write about the topics based on your expertise. For example, your start-up blog can be about software start-ups, technology start-ups, marketing techniques, etc.

9) Politics

A lot of researchers and adults are interested in politics. You can write an unlimited amount of content in politics as it is a broad concept. In a political blog, you can share your political beliefs and thoughts but if you want to be successful as a political blogger then you should have a good understanding of politics and you should be able to take criticism.

Always make sure that the information you provide is correct. Political bloggers can make money from ad networks or by renting ad spaces to other businesses.

10) Photography


Photography has become very popular recently. In a photography blog you can share your amazing photographs and to make it more interesting you can also share the story behind the photos. A photography blog should include a lot of images that instantly catches the eye of the readers.

There are a lot of things that you can talk about in a photography blog like different types of cameras, product reviews, equipment & software used in photography, etc. All these things can make your blog more interesting to the readers.

11) Food

Food is love, it truly is and for centuries it has brought people together and people who have a passion for cooking come up with food blogs. Today if you want to try a new recipe or cook an elaborate meal for a get-together, you first google the recipe. Below, we have mentioned statistics of Serious Seats which is a leading blog for food enthusiasts.


According to a survey in 2017, a food blogger has four times more traffic compared to other categories of blogs and they get around 24K unique monthly visitors. And over the years the number has definitely risen. 55% choose to make recipes from bloggers. Check the below image that shows traffic detail of the food blog. The competition is staggering, and food blogging is the outcome of passion for food and sharing. Begin small and then think big!

Here are Food Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Baking,
  • Cooking, 
  • Grilling
  • Wine Pairings
  • Organic
  • From Scratch, 
  • Food Photography, 
  • Healthy Eating
  • Food Videos

12) Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs draw inspiration from the blogger’s own life and personal interests. The bloggers share the aspect of their day to day lives. A lifestyle blogger will share fashion tips, makeup, and skincare routines, recipes they like, their favorite restaurants, salons, etc. All about a personal experience, and so many readers are drawn towards these.

Now, lifestyle is one of the best blog niche ideas and yet it is very comprehensive.  

Here are Interesting Lifestyle Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Fashion
  • Hobbies
  • Crafts & DIY
  • Gardening
  • Self Care

Within a year your blog can make $500-$1000 per month, by posting consistently and quality content, and eventually, the amount increases with time.

13) Health & Wellness

An aspect of our lives that we can’t overlook and have to consider on a serious note is health and wellness. We always need inspiration, and here is how health and wellness blogs play an important role.

The blogs supplement information, tips advice, and regimes from nutrition and fitness to spiritual and mental health and wellbeing. These resourceful websites can help you to boost overall well-being.

14) Digital Marketing

As per Statista, in the month of April’20, there were approximately 4.57 billion active internet users of which comprises 59 percent of the global population. 

Digital Marketing

Since more than half of the world population is online, that is where brands are and that is how Digital marketing is the key to success for organizations of all sizes.

Digital Marketing blogs are about different aspects of digital marketing that include copy-writing, content marketing, and social media.

15) Personal finance

Now, who doesn’t want to earn money? Personal finance blogs are all about making and saving money. That guides you on how to use your money and spend it intentionally and where to cut back expenses, a.k.a frugal living. 

If you want to stay on top of your finances or need some new inspiration to multiply your wealth, these blogs are the best, and money in this niche is great. The bloggers in this niche tend to earn money from ads and affiliate marketing, mostly.

Here are Interesting Personal Finance Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Retirement & investment
  • Loans- finance, home, vehicle
  • Banks and interest rates
  • Savings
  • Frugal living

16) Travel


There is no one who hasn’t been bitten by the wanderlust bug! And blogs of these kinds furnish a lot of good information. The bloggers give itineraries and reviews about hotels, and based on that readers can plan their traveling and stay.

Here are Travel Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Solo traveling
  • Women traveling
  • Hiking
  • Luxury travel
  • Couples

And many more, traveling thus makes to the list best blog niches. These blogs earn money through ads, affiliate programs, and even through commission.

17) Sports


Who doesn’t love sports? Hence the sport blogging niches are popular as well. The sports in itself is a very wide category and there are some sub-niches that attract readership and are profitable.

Here are Sports Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • The skillset required for Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, etc.
  • Your Favorite Team 
  • lesser Known Sports
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Sneakers and Shoes & Sports jerseys
  • YouTube Channel Based on your favorite team
  • Fitness and Training For A Specific Sports

Similarly to other blog niches, sports blogs can earn money through affiliate business and it is the best way to get your business on its feet and take it to new heights.up and running quickly or expand your existing business to new heights.

18) Technology & Gadgets

Technology & Gadgets

We live in a world surrounded by technology and gadgets. And today we make buying decisions for tech or gadgets based on reviews posted by bloggers. By starting a tech and gadget blog you share your expertise with the reader.

It is an important nice given today’s time and readers can find useful data through these blogs. Just like sports, tech and gadgets is an extensive topic.

Here are Interesting Technology Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Technology News
  • Tutorials
  • Gadgets-Unboxing, Reviews 
  • Mobile App 
  • Cater to specific gadgets- mobiles, speakers, earphones, etc.

19) Beauty

With time, beauty standards have changed a lot over time. And females all over the world are becoming well aware of how crucial it is to take care of their skin and body. The beauty blog category has become a great medium for sharing reviews for make-up and skincare products.

Today beauty bloggers make anywhere from $1000-$10,000 per month, and some established and beauty bloggers earn more than $100,000/month. 

Once you start having great readership, you start getting PR packages from brands for reviews, this is a common exercise by companies.

Here are Beauty Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Hair Care
  • Skin Care
  • Product reviews- skincare, make-up
  • Body Hair removal
  • DIY skincare

Again, affiliate marketing can help you monetize our beauty blog. Posting on Instagram and having a YouTube channel can again boost your monthly income.

20) Gaming

A survey reveals that there are 2.7 billion gamers and they are to spend $159.3 billion on games in the year 2020 and according to the forecast in 2021, the gaming industry will surpass the $200 billion mark.

Gaming is a popular category and now is the best time to have a gaming blog of your own. There are new gaming studios and they look out for collaboration with bloggers for news, new launches, feature updates, and reviews + monetization= WIN-WIN!

Here are Interesting Gaming Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Genre Game Reviews & News
  • Gaming Gadgets- Consoles, etc.
  • How to blogs+videos tutorial
  • Game streaming

Ways to Monetize Your Gaming Blogs

  • Gamification- Begin by adding a customer loyalty program that your readers can engage in to gain rewards and earn money through it.
  • Spend more on advertisements.
  • Use Google Adsense
  • Join Affiliate programs
  • Sell your products and services


If you follow a process and put your plan into action, it will get you good results. Focussing on blog niche and sub-niche will not only benefit you to put out variety and quality content but accommodate a solid readership.

We hope that this list for successful blog niche ideas is helpful in some way or another to assist you in beginning the blogging journey. Be real and transparent with our readers, nothing ever beats that.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for the blog niche ideas we will be more than happy to add them to the blog to make it as informative as possible.

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