LMS (Learning Management System) is a tool that is designed to fulfill the learning requirements of the dynamic corporate IT infrastructure. Its techniques of training and the results it desires have a say in this regard. An LMS helps you track your attempts in training. In a general scenario, you upload training materials on the platform. This lets remote users access them from wherever they are. Some systems even have authoring tools built into them. Thus you are able to develop training materials on your own without external assistance.

In simple words, an LMS is a large repository of tools designed for remote trainees.  If it is a self-hosted environment, the user should have the learning management software installed on his / her computer. People use LMS for two purposes:

  1. To attend online courses
  2. As a tool to circulate training materials within the company

In this article, we will talk about various learning management software along with their features and other advantages. But before that, lets have a look on few important points about LMS.

Tips For Buying Perfect Learning Management System: 

Don’t just buy any LMS, make sure you study all necessary points mentioned below:

Avoid Unwanted Features:

As I found that most learning management systems offers tons of features to cater the requirements of set of audiences. Don’t fall for manufacturer promotions and evaluate the features you want first. It may happen that you end up paying more where you can find best alternative offers all require features at highly competitive price.

Go for Ease of Integration:

The LMS you choose should integrate well with your current IT infrastructure. This makes learning easier since your staff doesn’t have to familiarize themselves with an entirely new environment. If you are using any particular CRM or project management system, you must check the compatibility or else you will have to invest money in integration.

Quality of Customer Service:

Timely support is the mandatory when you buy any LMS because, when your system facing issues, it not just stop the process but also hamper the entire system. Choose a company that offers technical support 24-7. This ensures that you are getting the help when you need it most.

Content Support Offered

Integrating third-party content into an LMS is not an easy job. Choose a company that is fully aware of the authoring tool it offers.


Go for the pricing model your budget allows. Vendors can base on numerous factors like the number of users, volume and additional features. Choose the right management software only after testing its free trial.

Support for Mobile Devices

Go for LMS software that offers mobile devise support. This ensures that those who prefer to use smartphones app for learning are not left out.

You should also inquire about updates. E-learning industry always remains dynamic. And you should get the most from the latest trends in the industry. Go for a company that offers new features and enhancements at regular intervals.

Other Tips

Finally, inquire about the security, scalability and reliability of the system. All these are going to have a lasting effect on your organization. Question your vendor in this regard before making that final commitment. And don’t forget to ask questions about the implementation time frame. It may depend on the internal mechanism of your organization. At times, implementation of LMS may take years. Be aware of all these and work accordingly.

List of Best Learning Management System for your consideration:

To automate the learning environment for your business / organization, investing in system is highly recommended. You will save hundreds and thousands of dollars when training your staff to get things done. Below is the list of LMS Software you can try in 2020:

1. TalentLMS – Cloud Based Online Learning Platform

Simple, affordable and reliable, this is an LMS millions love to have. It is ideal for every company irrespective of its size and costs just $59 per month. Customize the software as per your requirements; give your own theme or give your own domain name. You can even customize its design as per your tastes and preferences. The software also offers mobile apps for iPhone and Android.


2. Docebo Learning Platform – AI-Powered LSM Software

Designed for employee training in a corporate environment, Docebo features everything you would want in an LMS. The system offers mobile support, has a built-in authoring tool and features a content management system. This LMS functions on the basis of specifically designed artificial-intelligence algorithm. And it is hailed for its ability to align itself to the requirements of its users. You can use it both for your internal and external training requirements. You can try the free version and go for its paid variant only if you like it.


3. Learnupon – LMS for Corporate Learning

LearnUpon LMS Software

A system that facilitates asynchronous learning and blended learning, LearnUpon features a built-in authoring tool. It is SCORM-compliant and offers mobile support and gamification. The software even lets you scale your training. This helps you customize your training to fulfill the requirement of every single member in your team. $599 may appear high. But its feature for the extra money you spend. Go for the free version and get the paid one only if it meets your requirements.


4. SkyPrep – Award Winning Online LMS Software

The LMS automates every single aspect of your training initiative. It works with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Fully customizable, sleek and affordable, this LMS costs just $449 per month. The LMS lets your staff respond to the changing technologies in the field. The ability to customize brand-look, user-friendly interface and third-party integration set SkyPrep above its competition. Try the free version and get the paid one only if you are satisfied with what it offers.


5. Brightspace – Learning Management System for School

The LMS offers everything needed to learn; from kindergarten to corporate training. Choose your requirement and choose a version you need. Features like video calling, gamification, learner’s portal, eCommerce integration and mobile support make it a must-have for any organization. Test the free trial and go for the paid one only if you like the features.


6. Moodle – Free Learning Management System

Ideal for the VET sector, schools, universities and large-scale businesses, the LMS is an open source system. It works well with almost all popular platforms and has all the features required to train staff in the corporate world. Download, install it and modify it without spending a dime. The system also features plug-ins that you can use to enhance your teaching and learning experience.


7. GoSkills – Online Training Courses for Business

GoSkills Learn Management System

GoSkills stays with you at every step of learning. The software offers a fully customizable environment that integrates well with third-party content management. It keeps track of every new enrollment and automates marking attendance. The system even lets you create your own courses. GoSkills lets you respond to the differing training requirements of your employees. It lets you assign different courses to different teams. Tracking every team too here is a breeze.


Above is the list of learning management system we have picked for you. Choose according to your requirements & budgets. Let us know which one do you like most from the list. If we missed any LMS software, let us know in our comment box and we would love to include them in this list.