MI user interface is getting good popularity amongst smartphone users and the MIUI 10 themes are the latest addition for the MIUI lover. If you are looking for best themes for MIUI, this article is for you.

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Lei Jun founded Xiaomi in the year of 2010, with the aim of providing high quality technology in every hand. They serve the countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Brazil, and expanding more globally. Besides making handsets, they also produce smart TVs, smart devices, notebooks, audio devices, charging devices and power banks. The brand is now capturing the market globally and known for its budget supplies. Before we start sharing MIUI 10 themes, let me briefly tell you about MIUI.

What is MIUI?

MIUI stands for MI User Interface which is a firmware developed by Xiaomi, inspired from Android operating system by Google . The attractive feature of MIUI is their theming support. Yes, MIUI themes are the great way to have an amazing user interface on your android smartphone.

If you are an Xiaomi users and want to have a user interface of Samsung, Sony, HTC, BLU, OnePlus or Nexus, you can have it with MIUI 10 themes. You just need to find the list of theme and can use as per your choice.

Latest versions of MIUI is

After the launch of MIUI 9, Xiaomi has already rolled out another successful Android ROM update with the name MIUI 10 v10.2.2.0 in the months of July 2018. This latest version of MIUI provides various newer features for its users those are tempting and are making Xiaomi to be known as an economical OS in the common hands.

Remember MIUI9?

MIUI 9 was a great update in itself. You might remember the newer features that were introduced in this version and how it was a wonderful surprise for the users. We were never so friendly with the then launched features like Smart Assistance, Smart App Launcher, advanced Image Search, System Optimizations, Quick Reply and Notification management, Home Screen Enhancements, Lock Screen Enhancements, Security App Enhancements, Split Screen Multitasking, Animations across UI, Enchanting Themes, MIUI Lab and what not! The experience itself is relishing. Now Xiaomi has another gift for its users.

MIUI10 is here!

Let me tell you the version MIUI 10 has much more to offer. You can appreciate them once you use it yourself.

Top Features of MIUI 10

MIUI 10 offers great features which includes but not limited to:

  • AI Portraits
  • Speed optimization
  • Android P-inspired Volume controls
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode
  • Progressive Web Apps support for MI browser
  • Modified Recent Apps Menu
  • Bezel-less phones support
  • One tap control for Mi Ecosystem devices
  • Camera allowing Paytm QR Code scanning and Pay
  • Nature-inspired notification audio
  • Quick menus in Messages
  • Redesigned quick settings and notifications shade
  • Autofill support
  • AI Voice Assistant
  • MIUI Lab

You must be very much convinced about the usefulness and the advancement of the newer version for the phone till now. So now it’s the time to focus on the inside look of the phone. Don’t you want your phone to look attractive from inside as it is from the outside?

So, you now will be looking for best theme for MIUI 10, right? Don’t worry, we have got your back. Below is a detailed list of the best themes shortlisted right for you.

7 Best Themes for MIUI 10

#1 Droid Q

Droid Q MIUI 10 Theme

If you an android lover and want your Xioami phone to have a look of a classic android running phone, then this theme is surely the best theme for miui 10 that you can choose. It beautifies the basic blue and white theme in a very classy way. This Android Q theme is designed by AlexWOLF DOG.

Download Droid Q Theme

#2 iPhone iOS 12.1Download MIUI 10 iOS Theme

As the name itself suggests, this theme makes your phone look like an iOS device. So this is the best theme for miui 10 for the people desiring iOS. The added features includes Fixed Reply message from notification, Designed Music App, Added ‘Clear button’ Design, Added digital battery percentage and Redesigned Status bar toggle color.

Download MIUI 10 iOS Theme

#3 Samsung

Samsung MIUI 10 Theme

So the Samsung desiring ones too have a solution here. This theme is purely based on Samsung Galaxy S9. The pinching features you can enjoy are Samsung Lock-screen UI, Samsung Icon SystemUI (Signal Icon, WiFi Icon etc), Samsung S9 features, Samsung Icon UI on some app, Samsung Toggle Icons, Samsung Wallpaper and Lock-screen and Samsung Live Wallpaper.

#4 High Life and Ocean Breeze

High Life and Ocean Breeze MIUI 10 Theme

This MIUI 10 themes are inherited from MIUI 7. If you are looking for best theme for MIUI 10, then these themes are surely not going to disappoint you. If your phone has 18:9 displays, then you will be privileged enough to use these themes. These themes come in a mind boggling black- white and blue- white combination.

Download Ocean Breeze Theme

#5 Pocophone F1

Pocophone F1 MIUI 10 Theme

Looking for MIUI theme that will make your device look like pocophone? The Poco F1 theme probably got its name from the newly launched Poco handset, and seems to be a sweet dedication to this newcomer. It is a great miui 10 theme that is minimalistic yet  can calm your eyes.

#6 Dark MIUI 10 Theme

Dark MIUI 10 Theme

If you want best MIUI 10 themes in dark layouts, then this theme might please you with its shades of black in grey scale. This theme seems to be perfect when you are carrying a black backed Xiaomi handset.This truely is one of the best theme for miui 10.

Download Dark MIUI 10 Theme

#7 Oxygen OS theme

Oxygen OS One Plus 6 MIUI 10 Theme

This theme resemble the unique one plus look. If you want to cherish the looks of One plus phone in your Xiaomi phone, then this is the perfect theme to mark up to your expectations. Since we know that besides Xiaomi phones, One plus phones are the other popular ones among the users, so the worldwide vol. of this theme will be huge.

Bottom Line

I am sure after reading this you must be sure about your choice for a particular theme. So what are you waiting for?? Take your phone and start downloading your favorite theme you make your screen look cooler than before!

Note: MIUI Forum links are not working anymore so, we have updated this article. We will update the links back once the forum is live.

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