The popularity of the MI smartphone is huge, with every update it has improved better & better. Therefore every MIUI user is always wait to see new updates. Recently the latest MI User Interface has been released hence users starting to find MIUI 11 themes already. if you are one of them, then this article is perfect for you.

MIUI 11 Release Globally

Mi fans can stop waiting now as the latest version of the MIUI OS, MIUI 11 has hit the markets. MIUI is the User Interface of Xiaomi smart-phones. The MIUI 11 was released globally with the Mi 9 Pro and the Mi Mix 4. The Xiaomi team unveiled and showcased the same on 24th September 2019. The stable version of MIUI 11 was rolled out beginning from 22nd October, and the company has also released a list of Redmi devices that will be getting an update by the end of this year.

Latest Version of MIUI is

The latest version of the MIUI is, code named VINCE. It features a new ultra power saving mode, tons of new icons, a system-wide dark mode, and many more. This version also features the starting model of a cross-device sharing platform; on which Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are collaborating.

Remember MIUI 10?

Still, everyone remember & appreciated the MIUI 10 because of its friendly features. That includes features like AI portraits, speed optimization, camera that allows Paytm Scan QR code & pay, artificial intelligent voice assistant, AI Lab, MI browser that support progressive web apps, the new way to navigate, attractive UI designs, added old lite mode feature & many more great features. After the new updates, the craze of MIUI 10 themes has been increased; and users love to download various MIUI themes & also customized them to make their Mi phones more attractive.

MIUI  11 are Here!  MiUi 11 Features                          

The MIUI 11 is here! It is the most powerful and beautiful MIUI till date. Enthusiasts can download the global stable ROM for MIUI on MI Official website.

Top Features of MIUI 11

  • Clean Design/Dark Mode – MIUI 11 has reduced bloat-ware and a clean & upfront design with the introduction of a dark mode(system-wide)
  • Features new sound effects with Dolby
  • Unlocking – One can now unlock using the Fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock simultaneously, waking the phone via a voice command
  • Features private albums for videos
  • Introduction of an ultra power-saving mode
  • Storage Management – There is a local trash basket for images in MIUI 11. It also features automatic deletion of installed APKs
  • Inadvertent touch inputs have been reduced further
  • One can now view emergency contacts on the lock screen
  • New animations for charging and notifications
  • MIUI 11 has a stereo Bluetooth sound option for games
  • Features a child mode
  • Management of App permissions has been optimized in the newest version
  • Features an 18:9 ratio section for photos
  • Dual SIM Management – MIUI 11 has an option to make any SIM card a standard for certain contacts
  • The interface has many more icons and colours
  • The indication of the consumed data in hotspot mode is now more accurate
  • The “Snooze” button now comes with various notifications
  • Introduction of an “always-on” display that is customizable
  • Features a computer-level document viewer

Best Themes for MIUI 11 

Because of the MIUI 10 themes, many Mi users are very eager and excited to download MIUI 11 themes. Below are the some of the best themes people will loved to download & install :

1. Sleeping Charm 2-Deadly Charm – Maleficent MIUI Theme

Sleeping Charm 2-Deadly Charm - MiUi 11 Theme

This theme is about the newest release of the Maleficent franchise. Imbibed with the same, it is a must for the fans of Princess Aurora and her godmother. Sleeping Charm 2 is a dark theme and has great wallpapers of Maleficent (Angelina Jolie), Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning), and Queen Ingris (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Download Maleficent Theme

2. Light 11 – Bright MIUI 11 Theme for All Xiaomi Phone

Light 11 - Download MiUi Themes

Those who want a bright theme can go for the Light 11. It has an excellent widget for the time in digital form and also sports a notification widget for phone battery. The icons are also great with a lighter shade. All-inclusive, the theme is incredible.

Download Light 11 Theme

3. Dark Android – Best MIUI 11 Dark Theme

Dark Android - Download MiUi 11 Themes

Dark Android makes us look back to the good old times of one of the Play store editor’s choice unending games – Alto’s Adventure. This theme has a thrilling similarity to the game; the wallpaper with the mountain and the lighting. Dark Android has great icons and people who want to calm down every time they unlock their phones are advised to use this.

Download Dark Android Theme

4. ColorMi UI – Simple & Sober MIUI Theme

ColorMi UI - MiUi 11 Theme

This theme has a powerful yet simple interface. The wallpaper is filled with the royal blue color shaded down to pink starting near the bottom left. ColorMi UI has a great lock screen battery charge and state indicator with simple icons and nothing flashy. Those who want to use a simple theme for their phones can go for this. It is difficult to say that ColorMi UI is vibrant but it definitely has the leads. One can customize the background from blue-pink to any other color of their choice.

Download ColorMi UI Theme

5. Pure MIUI 11 Theme

Download Pure MiUi 11 Theme

Pure is one of those blurred out themes, where the main picture on the wallpaper is in focus, and the rest is blurred and out of focus. It is a light theme but has a tint of black around the corners of the screen on which it is being used. It features three to four beautiful wallpapers and a unique widget for time. The icons are also tasteful and the overall ambience of the theme is excellent.

Download Pure MIUI 11 Theme

6. Fantasy Starry Sky – Beautiful MIUI 11 Theme

Fantasy starry sky - MiUi 11 Themes

People who love astronomy and star-gazing have to use this theme at least once. The icons are shaded and have a black and white texture. The main wallpaper sports a beautiful cartoon picture of Saturn with other planets in the distance. Fantasy Starry Sky also has a unique battery notification widget for the home screen.

Download Fantasy Starry Sky Theme

7. Snow Mountain – Feel The Nature with New Dark MIUI Theme

Snow mountain - New MiUi 11 Theme

Snow Mountain is a perfect replica of the Polar sky with uncountable stars, numerous meteor showers, and auroras. It is best for those who want their phones to have a touch of the “nature” aspect. The theme is evenly dark with beautiful wallpaper of a mountain peak at night time with a star-filled sky and some shooting stars. The icons are unique and are in the form of outlines of their original counterparts.

Download Snow Mountain MIUI 11 Theme

8. Mariola – MIUI 10 & 11 Theme

MARIOLA - MiUi Theme

This is the official theme of the Poco F1 and the Mi Mix models. Now, MARIOLA can be definitely stated as a vibrant theme with lots of colors in the foreground with a dark or black background. The icons are of a typical MIUI style and the feel of the theme is quite good. People who like the stock Mi User Interface with the same type of wallpapers will definitely like this one.

Download Mariola Theme