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20 Best OTT Platforms for Online Video Streaming in 2023

Best OTT Platforms

In the last few years, over-the-top (OTT) services transformed from niche streaming options to the most popular platform. With increased domination and penetration of smart devices like smart TVs and smartphones, streaming videos have taken over broadcast TV. With flexibility in packages, lower costs, availability of devices, and high-speed internet, OTT services have become the topmost revenue collector.

The media revenue from OTT platforms will surpass $210 billion by 2026. (Source: Digital TV Research). While streaming videos, 65% of it is on TV apps and mobile apps. There are many OTT platforms available on the internet which provide free and paid versions of online streaming.

What is an OTT service?

OTT is an acronym for Over-the-top media services that stream videos, movies, series, etc directly to the viewers on their devices, such as phones, tablets, TV through the Internet. The platform is a detour from the existing controller or distributors of content such as cables, broadcast, and satellite television. 

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Top 20 OTT Platforms Services

Below we list the top OTT streaming services based on their advanced features, Subscription counts, Content variety & UX:

1. Netflix – Popular OTT Platform:

Netflix image

In August 1997, Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings founded Netflix in Scotts Valley, California, USA and later it was launched worldwide.

Netflix offers a variety of original series and movies as well as classic and cult movies released through the year globally, in multiple languages. 

Netflix subscription:

  • $6.99 – This plan is for single screen Usage, watch it on any device.
  • $15.49- You can buy this plan and it gives access to two screens and allows you to watch on any screen, simultaneously.
  • $22.99 – It gives access to 4 screens simultaneously. You can cancel the plan you buy at any time if you want to discontinue the service.

Netflix has been quite popular over the years now in USA, Europe and India as well, as it introduces more regional content streaming amazing content and we hope it will continue to do.

2. Max – OTT Platform for the US:

 Max - OTT Platform for the US

Max is the best OTT platform for video streaming which streams content, especially from Warner Media. Max offers all the celebrated shows that are Warner Media exclusives. The subscription gives access to popular franchises. You can also get access to the premiering movies without any additional cost. This service comes in two pricing models.

Viewers need to pay extra to get access to downloads and Ad-free content. Max has the latest movies at home and limited sports content. Max offers 4K streaming with gives HD delivery of content. Its highlights are the premiere of New Films without additional Cost with a wide variety of Original franchises and shows.

3. CBS All Access – For USA:

CBS All Access

You can access CBS content with Paramount+. OTT streaming channel offers affordable prices. It also holds an On-Demand library with classic shows and news. Subscription to CBS All provides access to numerous shows from the CBS On-Demand catalogue. You can also get live content from their channel.

It has CBS shows at attractive costs and for multiple platforms. Paramount+ is very affordable, but there are extra costs for Ad-free content. It offers Live TV services, offline downloads, HD quality, and more. Prime benefits of CBS all access if the availability of multiple devices, affordable with a balanced display of sports and content

4. Pluto TV – Live Streaming Platform:

Pluto TV - Live Streaming Platform

One of the most reliable OTT streaming services, Pluto-TV is great for the viewers of traditional cable television. The main advantage of Pluto TV is its ad-supported features with more than 190 unique streaming channels. It has numerous on-demand movies, a range of content, and much more. The original entertainment includes over-the-top shows that users can’t find on cable TV.

The choice of channels with additional programs is another advantage of Pluto TV. Its accessibility and unlimited concurrent streaming make this service one of the most suitable alternatives for traditional TV. The benefits include exclusive shows, availability on many devices from Chromecast to Roku, and the best alternative to traditional sets.

5. Tubi – Online Streaming:


One of the top streaming services in the list of OTT platforms, Tubi has 20,000+ movies and numerous TV series. It is one of the best free OTT platforms with many popular films in its library. Tubi started to stream top flicks and TV shows online increasing its popularity.

The streaming service is popular as it showcases classic films with ultra HD streaming. It also relies on an ad-based monetization model. You will have to deal with ads occasionally. The main advantages are access to movies, TV shows, and Tubi Originals. It doesn’t need any subscription. 

6. MX Player OTT:

MX Player OTT

This is an Indian video-on-demand platform and streaming service by MX Media & Entertainment. The platform has more than 280 million users. The service is available on the web, Android, and iOS.

MX Player OTT App. It has a powerful video player with all-format audio, subtitle support, and hardware acceleration. The streaming library has 150,000 hours and 12 languages. MX operates on an ad-supported model. It also offers online streaming of Movies, TV Shows, Music & Web Series in HD Quality. 

7. ESPN+:


This is the first dedicated OTT streaming for sports, and it is unique as it focuses on Live video streaming of different sports events. Subscription has a category of sports streaming content and sports series.

Subscribers get a range of sports, including boxing, wrestling, basketball, and soccer. It has an attractive package rate. Users can also avail of it with Disney+ for nominal prices. ESPN+ Live shows have advertisements, and it offers a bundle deal with Disney+ and Hulu for non-sports-related content.

8. Starz:


Starz used to be a television network. The content from this network is now streamed on the OTT streaming service. The users must log in to Starz to create an account with television providers. The users without a cable or television subscription can also get an online subscription. The charges are also nominal at $3/month. Its main advantages are access to movies, and TV shows from Starz.

9. Peacock TV:

Peacock TV

This is an OTT streaming service from the popular NBC Universal. It has many advantages, 13,000 hours of free programs and exclusive shows, movies, live sports, originals, and much more. The US-based streaming app gives a premium upgrade for about $5. With premium plus, you can also avail more content with zero ads for $10 per month. It also offers new movie premiers after their theatrical releases are included for 45 days. You can try the free version by signing up with your email address. Peacock TV streams live games as well.

10. Vudu TV:

Vudu TV

This is the popular OTT media service that was launched in 2007 as a set-top box. It was called a Vudu box. This is an online video platform that offers digital movies in HD. It offers a home streaming experience like the theatrical experience and gives high consumer satisfaction.

The service offers 200,000+ new releases with a catalogue of classic movies, TV shows, and much more for rent or buy. The extensive collections are in 4K UHD titles. Vudu TV streams on Smart TVs, mobile, connected Devices & online. It also offers 1000+ titles for free watches without a subscription with a great OTT entertainment streaming network for big screens and at home.

11. Hulu:


The third highest OTT service in the United States, Hulu covers 11% of the global market share. The video streaming service is versatile with multiple pricing plans. It offers a Live TV package and gives access to dramas, comedy shows, blockbuster movies, and documentaries.

Hulu provides new episodes uploaded a day after the premiere. The popular OTT service has four pricing plans with options for multiple add-ons. The wrapped packages give viewers access to multiple contents. It’s cheaper subscription plans. The Ad-free content costs additional extra for the Live TV package. Users can also avail free trial of ESPN+ & Disney+

12. Disney+ Hotstar:

Disney+  Hotstar - OTT plaform

Hotstar OTT platform was launched in the year 2015 by Star India. This OTT service provider showcases a great assortment of Regional and Hollywood series and movies everywhere, anytime.

On 29th March 2020, Hotstar remarketed itself as Disney+Hotstar, so now the users have access to exclusive Disney+ content as well. 

Hotstart provides the most affordable pricing plans, have a look below

  • Premium Sevices for  Disney+Hotstar – $9.99 Monthly 

The content that is not Premium, you can view them for free and will include advertisements.

13. Amazon Prime:

amazon prime video ott platform

Another globally popular OTT platform is Prime Video by Amazon. Having an Amazon Prime membership has a lot of perks apart from captivating series, movies, and originals.

  • Free deliveries – be it overnight, release date or deliveries within two hours (address eligibility is important criteria)
  • Free Prime Music
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Instant access to Lightening deals
  • Free e-books and magazines
  • Free PC games

Subscribe to Amazon Prime:

  • $14.99/month
  • $139/ year

A 30 days free-trial period is available on signing up.

14. Zee5 OTT Service:

Zee5 OTT service

Another addition to the list of native OTT platform is Zee5, that was launched on 14 February 2018 run by Essel Group through its subsidiary Zee Entertainment Enterprises. 

The video content is available in 12 languages and you can select as many languages you want to. You also get access to live TV shows and channels with just a finger tap. The premium subscription removes advertisements and you also get to see and download exclusive content for viewing at your convenience.

Zee5 subscription plans

  1. All Access – Watch all hit movies, ZEE5 originals & exclusives, all ALTBalaji Shows, Kids shows, Live TV and TV shows before the telecast. 
  • $7.19 / 6 month’s
  • $14.38 / 12 months
  1. Club – Get access to TV shows before the telecast, Select ALT Balaji Shows, Select ZEE5 Originals, Select Movies, Kids, Live TV and Zindagi TV Shows.
  • $4.9 / Yearly

You can watch on 5 devices simultaneously.

15. JioCinema:

Jio Cinema Platfrom

A very close competitor of Disney+Hotstar is an Indian origin OTT streaming service JioCinema. It is owned by Viacom 18 and was launched in March 2016.

Jiocinema promises thrilling and attention-grabbing content that is available in regional and international languages. It also offers shows from entertainment channels such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Colors TV, Comedy Central, and much more. The platform has added subscription led video-on-demand (SVoD) model and it has advertising led video on demand (AVoD) platform too.

Jio Cinema pricing plans:

Jio Cinema Select – for exclusive and premium content, including Jio Cinema select Originals, ad-free access to international content, live events, and before TV launch of blockbuster reality shows.

  • $1.35 / Yearly

16. ALTBalaji:

ALT Balaji OTT service

ALTBalaji offers unlimited originals, premium shows along with music videos, comedy, and other shows that come with a premium subscription. ALTBalaji is a subscription-based video-on-demand service that offers Indian shows. The subscription-based platform is owned by Balaji Telefilms Ltd.

ALTBalaji streams TV shows and movies by Balaji telefilms. The service is affordable with unlimited hours of streaming at prices as minimal as INR 100 per month. The channel is also available in the form of OTT apps and offers digital entertainment with its original OTT content. Its main advantages are access to movies, TV shows, and Balaji Originals.

17. SonyLiv:

SonyLiv OTT platforms

Here is an OTT service provider by Sony Pictures Pvt.Ltd, Sony LIV, released on 22nd January 2013.

Sony LIV offers both entertainment and sports and also includes international and regional content, i.e web-series, movies, shows and much more. It also bought the rights to live-stream cricket matches, which again led to an increase in the subscription.

SonyLiv subscription plans

By paying, you get access to all the original and unique content Sony LIV has in store for you.

Premium subscription:

  • $1.99 / month
  • $8.39 for six months
  • $11.98 / year

18. Eros Now:

Eros Now OTT services

Eros International PLC launched their OTT service, Eros Now in the year 2012. You can watch unlimited regional language (available in 10 languages) movies and series and in HD and the originals as well. Not just limited to movies and shows, this OTT platform lets you listen to official soundtracks from the blockbuster Bollywood movies, so there is everything for everyone.

Pricing plan

Unlocks access to all the unique content.

  • Monthly for $0.70
  • Quarterly for $1.00
  • Yearly for $5.33

19. Viu:

Viu on demand video

Viu is a Hong Kong based OTT service provider and a subsidiary of PCCW and was launched in October 2015. It provides the newest premium Korean dramas, a variety of other shows, and Asian programs anytime anywhere for free of charge in regional and international languages. There are a number of top-notch options on Viu and the original production of VIU available at a pocket-friendly price.

Although it captivated the attention of many viewers across the nation making a huge fanbase for K-Dramas, given the heavy competition, it was not doing well in comparison to other OTT platforms.

Viu pricing module

With Viu Premium, you can enjoy a variety of exclusive privileges. Download unlimited series for offline streaming, watch the newest shows within eight hours after original telecast and watch episodes at High Definition (HD) or on your TV.

  • $0.07 / day
  • $4.00 / 6 months

20.Vi Movies:

Vi Movies & Tv paltfrom

Vi is a one-stop video on demand platform for everyone to stream favorite content online; be it Live TV, popular online series, latest movies, or trending music. The app offers access to Shermaroo’s & Lionsgate Play content library, HD quality Live TV channels, news channels, seamless streaming of blockbuster Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

This OTT service is available to all active Vi subscribers who have a valid and current recharge pack. The app is available in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, a total of 9 languages.


The recent years have been unpleasant for most of the industry verticals. Yet it has proved to be a highly profitable year for OTT platforms. The service is well-chosen by people across the globe. So, if you want to choose a good OTT platform for your entertainment, you can pick one of the above. There are expectations of many such platforms in the future with more bright content. It is expected to grow in the future years as well. The right platform will provide the right entertainment for you.

Comment below your favorite OTT platform and series or movies you loved watching on them, and if you have suggestions for the above list, feel free to mention them.


What is OTT streaming?

OTT streaming refers to the delivery of video content over the internet directly to viewers bypassing traditional cable or satellite television services.

What is OTT full form?

OTT stands for “Over-The-Top,” indicating the distribution of content over the Internet without the involvement of traditional broadcasters or service providers.

Which is better OTT or TV?

The choice between OTT and TV depends on personal preferences, with OTT offering on-demand content and flexibility, while TV provides scheduled programming and live broadcasts.

Why is OTT the best?

OTT is considered advantageous for its convenience, flexibility, and a vast library of on-demand content, allowing viewers to watch what they want, when they want.

How does an OTT platform work?

An OTT platform operates by delivering content through the internet, utilizing streaming technology to provide on-demand access to a wide range of videos, movies, and TV shows across various devices.