Are you running a call center and finding it difficult to handle calls? Are you looking for cost-effective solutions that easily handle your call center’s day-to-day activities? This article is for you.

If your call center handles a lot of inbound or outbound calls, investing in call center software seems like a productive solution. Tailored to precise business needs, call center software offers higher flexibility and convenience in managing sales, handling customer support, reviewing transactions, support calls, information queries, productivity reporting, and a lot more. Overall, they are meant to improve the efficiency of your call center while attaching reporting features for easier employee/inventory management.

Best Small Business Call Center Software in 2023:

Here are some automated small business call center software solutions that will save you time and enhance productivity with little investment.

1. Bitrix24 – Small Business Call Center Software:

I will start my list with this one of the most popular FREE call center software. Yes, Bitrix24 offers their FREE plan which includes up to 12 users and 5GB of cloud storage. This plan comes with no strings attached and is FREE to anyone who wants to experience the call center software features without spending money. Here is the price of the different plan you can choose from:


2. Freshdesk – Cloud Software:


A helpdesk solution, Freshdesk offers flexible service management automation. The automation integrated with Freshdesk allows for processing a large volume of call requests while ensuring that there is no compromise on quality. Further, Freshdesk can be integrated with business solutions like e-commerce, CRM, invoicing, and more. It has also been integrated with Google analytic solutions, Google calendars, Google Contacts, and more.

Key Advantages of Freshdesk:

  • Works with popular channels like emails, chat, phone
  • Set up interactive voice response on multiple levels
  • Record unlimited calls for free
  • Extensive flexibility in reporting
  • Completely automated with internal game mechanics – employees competing for badges and points
  • Powerful ticketing
  • Self-service portal
  • Global customer support
  • Solve customer problems by adding team members to conferencing

Freshdesk is offered in a range of pricing starting from $19/month/agent, apart from the free trial with several active features.

3. Five9 – Contact Center Software:


Popular as one of the best contact center solutions, Five9 helps manage outbound, inbound and multi-channel centers. The best thing about Five9 it is the ability to supervise and monitor in real time. Features like call recording allow management to monitor calls while options like ‘whisper mode’ assist in employee training and on-job services. Overall, Five9 is perfect if your business is constantly changing.

Key Advantages of Five9:

  • Automated call distribution
  • Interactive voice response
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Power, predictive and progressive dialers to better manage outbound calls
  • Multi-channel contact center
  • Developer features for integration with business tools including ZenDesk, Oracle Cloud Service, Salesforce, and more
  • Custom integration

Five9 has not provided a pricing model on their website but you can easily get all the information about their pricing by connecting with them through their official website.

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4. inContact – Call Center Workforce Management Software:

Used by both startups and big call center businesses, inContact is more focused on customer satisfaction and quality analysis. An extensive reporting feature allows inContact to evaluate employee/agent performance. Further, the solution can be integrated into top business solutions including Oracle Service Cloud, SalesForce, CRM, and more. With the help of inContact cloud contact center software, you can connect with customers via inbound/outbound voice, voicemail, email, chat, social media, SMS, IVR, voice portal, self-service, and more.

inContact features

Key Advantages inContact:

  • Workforce optimization tools for performance analysis, performance evaluation, and interaction management
  • Multi-channel interaction via email, phone, social media, and more
  • Predictive dialers to allocate call volumes
  • Interactive Voice Response tools
  • Flexible training
  • Used by 200,000+ cloud contact center agents
  • Used by agents in over 100 countries

The pricing is based on services. However, there is a $2000 monthly minimum for all customers, regardless of agent numbers.

Get a Quote from inContact

5. Chasedata (Call Center Now) for Inbound / Outbound Call Center:


A web-based stand call center tool, Chasedata is perfect for inbound, outbound, and blended calling teams. Most of the features of Chasedata have been developed against customer feedback, including security, cataloging, and more. The service can be deployed both on the cloud and on-premise, making it fit for all kinds of calling teams.

Key Advantages of Chasedata:

  • Auto dialing, predictive dialing, previews
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Thorough cataloging and security for call reviews
  • Sync with CRM
  • In-App Messaging

Chasedata is offered from $89/month/agent for low-volume call centers while the enterprise package costs $169/month/user. ChaseData also allows agents to use it as a free trial before buying it.

6. Calabrio One Suite – Cloud-Based Call Center Software:

Calabrio One Suite
Calabrio One

Popular as Unified Workforce Optimization (UWO) software, Calabrio One Suite offers a variety of features including quality management, call recording, workforce management, VoC (voice of the customer) tool, and more. The platform is easy to use, lends a lot of support, and is fast to deploy.

Key Advantages of Calabrio One:

  • Blended call center
  • Escalation management
  • Requires little end-user training
  • Integrations including speech analysis, QM, and WFM

7. PrimoDialler – Advanced VOIP Dialler Cloud Contact Centre:

An all-in-one cloud call center solution, PrimoDialler offers the same benefits as a VOIP dialer that helps create a fully-fledged multi-channel call center. Easy to use, the platform is supported by one of the most responsive support teams. The tool is very cost-effective and highly efficient in integrations.

promodiallar features

Key Advantages of PrimoDialler:

  • Blended call center
  • Campaign/escalation management
  • IVR systems
  • Premise-based call center
  • Progressive dialing

PrimoDialler offers packages at zero license fees, setup costs, or monthly costs. You will just need to pay $0.03 / call in landline and mobile

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8. VICIdial – Open Source Small Business Call Center Software:

Basic call center software with predictive dialing capabilities, VICIdial seamlessly handles inbound, outbound, and blended call volumes along with web chat and inbound emails. Further, the management interface of VICIdial also offers real-time reporting and has a lot of agent and campaign options.

Key Advantages of VICIdial:

  • Outbound and agent-controlled predictive dialing and broadcasting
  • Remote operation
  • Three-way calling
  • Web configurable IVR
  • Compatible with VOIP trunks and Telco Lines

Along with a free version of the software, the standard pro version of the platform starts at $69.99/month.

Contact VICIDial for Software

9. xCALLY Shuttle – Call Center Management Software:

An all-purpose solution, xCALLY Shuttle offers multichannel calls for inbound, outbound, and blended call centers. It offers features like motion-unique technology that performs real-time reporting.

Key Advantages of xCALLY Shuttle:

  • Cally Square IVR Designer
  • Advanced contact management
  • Integration for voice, web, SMS, Email, and Fax
  • Campaign management
  • Progressive/predictive dialing
  • Queue management

The pricing xCALLY Shuttle comes in four packages – Plus, Omni-Gold, Dialer-Gold, and Ultimate, with differing feature ranges.

Contact xCALLY for a quote.

10. Dialpad – Small Business Call Center Software:


Being one of the best call center software, Dialpad makes your team and customer conversations as effective as possible. Providing features such as real-time transcription, sentiment analysis, live coaching, predictive CSAT and more enables you to maximize the impact of your conversations. Developed with cutting-edge communications Ai technology, Dialpad makes it simple for a workforce of any size to call, message, meet, and support customers through a single unified workspace interface.

Key Advantages of Dialpad:

  • Worldwide business communication is possible with AI-powered software.
  • Outbound sales with live coaching
  • Video meetings with built-in transcriptions
  • Smart business phone system
  • Cloud and virtual contact centers are available

The annual plan starts from just €20 per user/month.

11. Zendesk Talk – Call Recording Software for Call Center:


With Zendesk Talk, one of the best cloud-based call center software, you can deliver phone support applications right from within the same platform you use to manage other customer conversations – streamlining the process while increasing security, scalability and reliability. Moving your call center to the cloud helps you provide customers with an unparalleled level of personalized care.

Key Advantages of Zendesk Talk:

  • Real-time dashboard
  • Call recording
  • Interactive voice response
  • Call monitoring
  • Multi-channel support automated ticketing solution

Apart from its free trial version, the paid plan starts from USD 49 per agent per month.

12. CloudTalk – Best Cloud-Based Call Center Software:


With this call recording software for call centers, keeping all your calls organized and consistent is easier than ever. Whether you’re supporting clients or connecting multiple teams and branches, CloudTalk gets the job done quickly and seamlessly. Plus, it has advanced call center analytics so you’ll have real-time insight into their performance, ensuring top-notch customer service at every turn.

Key Advantages of CloudTalk:

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Quality assurance 
  • Call monitoring
  • Can be easily integrated into any CRM, helpdesk, or e-commerce tools
  • Secure operation
  • Workflow automation

Apart from its 14-day free trial version, CloudTalk paid plan starts from just 30 € per user/month.

13. LiveAgent – Call Recording Software for Call Center:


LiveAgent is one of the best live chat software and an industry leader by customers on prominent review portals. Implementing LiveAgent couldn’t be easier – get started engaging with your customers quickly through proactive communication and advanced chat features specifically designed for customer satisfaction.

Key Advantages of LiveAgent:

  • No setup fee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Automated ticket distribution
  • Multi-channel help desk

An all-inclusive omnichannel helpdesk with 180+ features costs just $49/agent/month.

14. TalkDesk – End-to-End Cloud-Based Contact Center Software:


TalkDesk, an inbound call center software, is designed to enable organizations to ditch tedious and out-of-date customer service techniques and instead unlock the power of great customer experiences. With its technical innovations, you get greater insights into customer behavior and preferences, and streamlined processes to ensure quick access to quality care.

Key Advantages of TalkDesk:

  • Fast and friction-free automation-first customer journey across multiple channels
  • Out-of-the-box helpdesk and CRM integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptability is commendable

The paid plan price starts from $75 per user per month.

15. CrazyCall – Best Call Center Software:


CrazyCall software makes it easier than ever for your customers to get in touch with you. By providing an Inbound Calls platform, Crazycall helps to ensure that no queries or customer satisfaction issues go unanswered. With features tailored to your individual needs as a 

business, you can quickly and efficiently reach hundreds of leads, onboard new agents and go global without any hassle.

Key Advantages of CrazyCall:

  • Auto dialer automates the process of making numerous calls 
  • Intelligent call scripts guide new hires
  • Provides in-detail report
  • Helps you reach anywhere in the world without spending any additional cost
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Reliable 24/7 support

The Standard plan costs $20/user/month.

16. CallShaper:


Callshaper is a must-have for any modern call center, allowing sales teams to run more efficiently than ever before. As a cloud based call center quality assurance software solution, Callshaper provides the ultimate in convenience; getting started is easy and intuitive, while ongoing maintenance and support are both hassle-free.

Key Advantages of CallShaper:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Scripting is tailored to customers’ needs
  • Efficient lead management
  • In-built  quality assurance safeguard
  • Predictive outbound dialer
  • It is compliant to Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and state regulations

The pricing is not mentioned in its official website. However, you can request a demo or call for a price. Just visit its official website to get all the necessary details.

17. Ytel – Best Call Center Software For Small Businesses:


Ytel’s Branded Caller ID calling and text messaging webphone offers a high level of security against unwarranted communication. You can now enjoy the convenience of calling and texting while having complete peace of mind knowing your personal details are secure. This powerful system protection makes Ytel ideal for businesses, giving users an unbeatable level of efficiency and safety and enabling them to handle their business needs quickly and safely.

Key Advantages of Ytel:

  • System protection against unwanted calls
  • Easy to integrate with any CRM
  • Businesses can easily add message and voice capabilities to any application of their choice
  • The business operation becomes seamless and the customer experience gets improved.

Get in touch with the Ytel team through the company’s official website to know about the pricing details.



There are various call center software options accessible in marketing that offer a wide range of capabilities at incredibly low prices. Which one you choose now is entirely up to you. Here, I firmly advise carefully examining the features and selecting the one that best fits your call center’s needs.

How does call center software work?

Call center software provides the necessary tools and features to help manage customer interactions. It enables organizations to handle large volumes of incoming calls, route them to the right agents, log customer information, record call transcripts and analyze data. Additionally, it provides a suite of automated services such as voice assistants, interactive voice response systems and real-time reporting capabilities that enable managers to monitor agent performance and make informed decisions.

What are the benefits of using call center software?

Call center software has numerous benefits, including improved customer service, increased efficiency, better organization and accessibility of data, and decreased operating costs. It also allows organizations to save time by automating mundane tasks such as dialing numbers or transferring customers between agents. Furthermore, call center software provides powerful analytics tools that give more insights into customer behavior without the need for manual tracking. In addition, it facilitates communication within a company by allowing collaboration between teams in real time.

What features should I look for in call center software?

When looking for call center software, some key features to keep in mind include an intuitive user interface, automation capabilities, reporting and analytics tools, integration with other systems (e.g., CRM), scalability options, real-time monitoring of calls/ agents/ performance metrics, and customer support. Additionally consider cloud-based or on-premise solutions depending on your specific need for data privacy or cost savings. Ultimately the best Call Center Software should be tailored to your unique business needs and provide reliable efficient operations.

How much does call center software cost?

The cost of call center software depends on the type of software and its features. Generally, it can range from free open-source options to enterprise-level solutions, which can cost thousands of dollars annually. For basic needs such as managing queues and customer queries, many cloud providers offer simple plans that start at around $30 per month with more advanced plans costing up to hundreds of dollars a month. Lastly, for complex setups, custom development may be required at an estimated cost of thousands or tens of thousands depending on the project’s complexity.

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