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Covid-19 CoronaVirus Tracker – Check Live Map of all Cases in the World

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Covid-19 CoronaVirus Tracker – Check Live Map of all Cases in the World

We are all aware of the Covid-19 also known as the SARS-COV-2 outbreak which is described as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Pandemic stands for a disease that is spread across a larger region. Yet, there is no clear evidence regarding its origin but it is believed that it originated from a research lab in China. Since it started, it has spread very rapidly all over the world. Because of this, Coronavirus has cause countries to go to a lockdown state.

Every school, colleges, malls, theatres are closed. Tourism and Hospitality sector has taken a major hit because of Coronavirus, as more and more people are preferring to stay inside rather than going out and exposing themselves to danger. Even the economic sectors including energy, industry and manufacturing, finance and banking, technology, etc have taken a considerable hit because of Coronavirus.

Presently as of 17th March, there are almost 182,560 cases of Coronavirus all over the world and the number is still increasing. From all these cases, around 81,000 are from China. It is not that bad as it seems because out of 182,560 cases, approximately 79,000 cases have been completely recovered and the treatment of 95,000 cases is still going on. 

Instead of panicking in this scenario, we must stay calm and do our bit in keeping ourselves and the people around us safe. Certain precautions are needed to be taken by us in order to stay safe. These precautions include,

  • Washing your hands at regular intervals
  • Maintaining proper distance from people who are coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid going out if you are sick
  • Cover your face while coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes

As of 17th March 2020, here is a list of 10 most affected countries by Coronavirus along with the approximate total number of cases:

  1. China – 81,000 cases
  2. Italy – 28,000 cases
  3. Iran – 15,000 cases
  4. Spain – 10,000 cases
  5. South Korea – 8,400 cases
  6. Germany – 7,300 cases
  7. France – 6,700 cases
  8. United States – 4,300 cases
  9. Switzerland – 2,400 cases
  10. United Kingdom – 1,600 cases

As the Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing, there are many websites that have taken an initiative to show the live data of the number of cases currently in the whole world. With the help of these websites, you can track the total number of Covid-19 cases along with the recovered cases and number of deaths. Recently, Microsoft bing has also launched a website to track the number of cases worldwide.

List of websites tracking Covid-19 cases all over the world:

#1 Bing – Microsoft Bing Coronavirus Tracking Map


#2 – One of the Best Tracker


#3 John Hopkins University – Covid 19 Dashboard


#4 Ncov2019 – All Covid-19 Information at One Place


#5 – Every Update on Coronavirus Outbreak in India

This site is temporary down. Further information will be provided as soon as the site goes live again.

#6 Worldometers – Real Time Statistics of Covid-19


#7 Google – All Covid-19 Information with Interactive Map


All these websites regularly update the data in order to provide the correct information. The source of this data is mainly from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

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