Download iTunes 11.1

Apple magic is really working with all new iTunes 11.1 been introduced along with iOS 7. You can download iTunes 11.1 for both Windows and Mac OS that is fully loaded with exciting new features and may be the best way to take the entertainment to the next level. Apple fans are really thrilled with this new update due to the bunch of innovative features like Genius Shuffle, iTunes Radio, Podcast Stations and many such features that has made entertainment reachable. Here we have includes few of the features available in Apple iTunes 11.1

iTunes Radio

This is one of the most advanced features, as it will let you enjoy the music from different genres at the click of a button. You are entitled to discover music from about 250 radio stations that feature the music from various artists and genre. The music lovers can also add a station to this radio based on their favorite artist. Browsing music through these stations is quite easy and it will be absolutely ad-free once you have subscribed to iTunes Match.

iTunes Radio

Genius Shuffle

This is another intelligent feature offered by iTunes 11.1 for its users. Genius Shuffle is the miraculous form of enjoying music as it plays the music of similar genre to woo the listeners. If you don’t find its selection going well then click it again, it will come out with another magical combination of music.

Podcast Stations

Apple believes in innovation and this is very well apparent with this feature. You may create the stations depending on your subscribed podcasts. Apple intelligence will update this Podcast station automatically with the latest episodes.

iOS 7 Effect

iTunes  11.1 offers the ultimate music experience and when it has an added iOS  7 effect  then you can conveniently manage and organize your favorite movies and music on your device. The wonder device app would be conveniently sync on your iPod, iPad and iPhone with the advent of iOS 7. The combination of iOS 7 and iTunes 11.1 really works!

How to Download iTunes 11.1 for Windows and Mac

Applications with iTunes 11.1 are easy to learn and apply, but if you are still wondering about the downloading process then your search ends here. This thrilling feature is available for Windows and Mac both. All you have to do is go to the Download page of Apple iTunes and you will be easily guided throughout the process.

Wait and watch as you may get error initially as there is lot of traffic for this stunning App, but the downloading will become even quicker with a little reduction in traffic.

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