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Google Search Result Shows Different UI in India and US


Google Search Result Shows Different UI in India and US

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Recently I was comparing Google search result in India and US and found that the UI of Google search result is different in both the countries. Here is the screenshot of both the results:

Google Search Experiment

It seems that Google is experimenting with their UI in US and soon we may see same UI in different countries Google search result. The major change in layout is Underline, US Google search showing result without underline in Title. At first glance, it looks messy as compare to existing design.

Have you seen this difference in Google search result design? Share your thoughts about this experiment of Google.

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Jignesh gohel is a Google Adwords certified professional and digital marketing consultant having over 10 years of experience. He loves writing about gadgets, pay per click advertisement and online marketing. Connect with him here at Linkedin - Jignesh Gohel

  • The most dangerous difference is that they have dropped keyword matching (highlighting) in the US version. Does that mean that now they will COMPLETELY remove EMD matching? Hmmm

    • Jignesh

      Mitesh, i don’t think it is eliminated! if you check in screenshot, the keyword i used to search is still highlighted. have you seen other version of Google search result User Interface? do share with us.

  • Did you notice one more thing ?

    Both are having same Title Tag, that might be the reason, ideally it should have different title tags on each page.

    • Jignesh

      The screenshot containing Google search result for “Yoga poses” keyword. As far as i know, the title of search result for same keyword should be same right? i am not sure whether it was different in different countries. can you please elaborate?

  • Bug….. Bug….

    • Jignesh

      I don’t think it is bug Bhavesh,

      They must be testing with new User Interface in different region of the world. I also found such result in Google UK search!

  • Apparently they’re testing out a new UI on their US website to check if it works fine so they can then roll it out to the rest of the world.

    These little changes really make a big difference!

    Thanks Jignesh for noticing this and letting us know about it 🙂

    • Jignesh

      Very true Mahesh,

      I also observe the same testing on Google search result of different countries like UK, AUS even today. Frankly speaking, i like the current user interface as compare to this new one 🙂

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