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Google Desktop Search Results Showing Website Details

google search result page


Google Desktop Search Results Showing Website Details

google search result pageGoogle, the world’s number #1 search engine is also famous for their innovative and user friendly UI that is periodically upgraded with more information and updates. Recently, Google has announced one more brilliant feature added in their Google desktop search results through knowledge graph. Here is the detailed blog post for your reference:  search blog of Google

Google now displaying more information about websites by clicking on arrow provided in their desktop search results. Google explaining in their blog post that the users can know more details about the websites/topics in search result by just clicking the name which appear next to your search result link. This additional feature only appears in desktop search result. The new links are small and in grey color and when you click on it then one pop up box will appear and in that you can see some small description about your search result.

This extra information of your search result only provided for those sites which are

“widely recognized as notable online, when there is enough information to show or when the content may be handy for you” Says Google.

It means that you will not see this link in your all search result. These all information is purely based on Google’s Knowledge Graph.

In this image you can see the search result of “Civil War Trust” and besides the link there is one name in the grey with down arrow key icon named “Civil War Trust”. When users click on that link one pop up box appears and in that users can see some description of the topic and some more results related to search result.

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