Do you own a business and spending lot of time in resolving business tickets? Are you looking for reliable and best help desk support software for effectively managing your business ticketing process? Well, there are thousands of help desk chat ticket support software are available online but it is always a challenge task to find the one that best suited your requirement and budget. In this article, we have compared 10 of such ticketing support tools to make your decision easier.

What is Help Desk Ticketing Software?

The new era cannot survive without the help desk software. It is a help desk for sure where the clients are at ease to have a customer support system dealing with requests. Basically, the help desk software team come together and notifies you about the new ticket (it could be a problem or a questions, a request or simply greeting. It is a reported to help-desk by an agent in the form of an email.) After the ticket is received the technician takes over the ticket and forwards it to the help desk for further solutions. Apart from this, there are various features you can enjoy when you buy a help desk software. Before we take you through the comparison, here are few important features you should check before you buy one:

  • Automate – This is the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence where your help desk system must be equipped with ticket automation system to improve the efficiency and speedy processing of the support tickets.
  • Template Selection – Each business has specific needs and when it comes to Help desk support software, it must provide multiple editable ticket templates to choose from. It will save your lot of time while creating ticket templates for your customers to use them.
  • Ticket Status – Here, your support staff should be able to change the status of ticket with ease.
  • Catalogue / product / service integration – This one is a great feature when you are working with a company having large product catalogue. Here this feature will help you to directly co-ordinate with customer from your ticketing software and will save lot of time.

Apart from these, there are many features like Ticket tagging, similar tickets, personalized ticketing templates, customize ticket form, ticket distribution, performance analysis etc… you can choose the software by comparing various features along with your need.

Let us have a look at some of the best help desk systems which could help you aid in your business opportunities. Most of them offer free demo and trials along with some coupon codes. So these gives you an opportunity to try and then take a call.

10 Best Help Desk and Customer Ticketing Supports Software

This list is compiled by considering the features and pricing, you can choose the one based on your requirement:

#1 FreshDesk

FreshDesk customer support system offers various help desk support features catering all sizes of business. American Express, Harvard University, HP, DHL are few of the leading brand uses FreshDesk system. They are offering different pricing model which starts from Free plan to $109/month/agent plan. You can opt for any plan based on your business requirement. Here is the screenshot of FreshDesk pricing plans for your reference:

They have reduced the pricing of their ticketing software for Blossom ($19 to $15) and Garden ($35 to $29) plan where as Estate plan price is not changed. The price of their Forest plan has been revised to $109 from $89.

#2. Spiceworks IT Help Desk Software


For all the systems administrators and IT professionals, this is free cloud-based help desk software which helps in monitoring and resolving your client support issues. Spiceworks is a self-service portal. This is why it ease to submit tickets, its progress, provide customer support, assigning tickets to team members, answering to all the tickets issued by the customers.

  • The set up for this desk help is faster too. It helps tracking the tickets quickly too. It is accessible through mobile or tablet (iOS and Android) as well. All you do is download the Spiceworks Help Desk mobile application.

  • The basic version of this ticket support software is FREE to use but for advance usage, you can go for their paid version. The pricing of help-desk software Spiceworks completely depends upon the industry you are looking for, the size of employees, on the size of the enterprises etc.

You can download Spicework help desk application to directly manage your support system from your smartphone.

#3 Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the most trusted name when it comes to help desk software system. With tremendous features and advance technology, Zendesk can best bet for you to integrate with your support system.

  • In Zendesk, it helps prioritize and solve queries of the clients support tickets. It saves time on streamlining clientele support tickets as there is much of use of tools like triggers and automations. So in a nutshell it definitely aids in bridging the distances between businesses and their customers.

  • What’s more, the service desk at Zendesk is trustworthy and responsive. With use of this it helps measure the team’s performance as a whole. The USP of Zendesk is that without the use of SQL, one could make reports, dashboards, custom metrics presenting in the form of various styles and segments. It is uncomplicated as for an organization it becomes convenient to share the entire details within the customers, partners, management, and employees to get a first -hand experience of the customer related queries.

  • The pricing of this ranges anything from $5 under essential category to $199 when it comes to elite category. It includes email and social channels, web widget and as it proceeds towards Elite category, presence of unlimited light agents, advanced encryption and security, date center location etc.

#4 Kayako

Kayako is one of the fastest growing help desk software equipped with advance customer support features built by considering today’s business needs.

kayako software

  • Apart from the normal help desk facilities, Kayako brings all the emails, live chat conversations under one place. This helps in wasting no time in figuring out where other supports exist. Plus whether you are online or not, the queries of the clientele are handled with ease as if there is a live human chat. This enhances in increase in sales and engaging users with live chats.

  • It is one of the finest fields giving a continuous customer support through a number of channels. A powerful internal help-desk which aids in managing and assigning employees support under one roof.

  • The estimation could be anything around $9 per agent per month for an inbox category (small team). It involves shared email, chats, and social media under a concise system, basic help desk, insights, collision prevention etc. As you head further for a larger team, it could cost you from $59. It is termed as the Scale category where there is a progressive work flow tailor-made system, internal help center, shared organization, personalized roles and permissions, integration amongst the sales force etc.

#5 Happyfox


It promises to offer a less cumbersome support ticket system, knowledge based community forums etc. One of the best parts being to have HappyFox help desk you do not need a heavy server or traditional licensing. It can be set without all this and often referred as SaaS help desk. Therefore you have a lot on the infrastructure of the set up.

  • HappyFox is mobile friendly and can run very well on iOS and Android devices. It is done in a jiffy, tap on the ticket support system, you can do the needful by performing all ticket level actions. In a nutshell, be it the CRM, live chats, social, e-commerce, accounting, survey, zapier, project management etc. can be done under one roof.

  • It has a great capacity of recording history of all the conversations held with the clientele. It has a global desk which supports 35 languages making it easier to give upright services to the customers.

  • It is a well crafted server giving you the personalization, the look, the rules and regulations, corporate identity and much more.

  • The costing starts anywhere from $29 per staff per month which is called as the Mighty to Enterprise of $89. It includes the SSL security, knowledge based, multilingual support, iOS and Android applications etc.

#6 Hesk


  • This is one help desk which takes care of asset management and analytics along with service desk. Be it software receiving, organizing, tracking or resolving, HESK does it with ease, are quick and resolves every aspect of customer support issues whether a small team or a large.

  • HESK programs in a manner that the tickets of urgency, filtration of the same is done to ease the convenience of adaptability. It also helps in setting up staff accounts, restricting access and functionality, assigning tickets, adding notes, attaching files, changing status, tracking the time spent on every ticket, ticket templates, canned response, data fields as well is done here.

  • HESK website license costs from $39.95 whereas HESK advances licenses costs $99.95. It has the installations done for you. In case of advance licenses, there is a full one year email support as compared to website license for one month.

#7 Vivantio


  • The USP of Vivantio is that it includes self service designed portals, separate branded portals, mobile editions, SMS messaging, inbound and outbound email, helps capturing data, contacting customers, sending internal reminders and more.
  • Vivantio assists in work-flow, scheduling events, ticket routing, customer relations, asset discovery, email to ticket cycle etc. Thus, Vivantio can bring a lot more than just service desk, it helps organizing and automating the service desk stations.
  • The billing of this help-desk software could range from $60 to $90 each of them used for PRO (small team) and ITSM (large team) respectively.

#8 Zoho


  • Zoho has a server which makes the tickets automatically move to their respective groups. It helps the team go ahead with the updates without going back and refreshing the button. It works at a faster pace by advising on the answers and the queries in a jiffy. Quick links such as customer stories, compare editions, evaluation guidelines, scheduling a demo, requesting a quote etc.

  • Many a time, there have been instances, where two assistants of the help desk work on the same tickets much ignorant about the other one working on the same ticket. This is what Zoho has put a control on. It helps the agents at work simpler.

  • To sum up, Zoho is bolstering for ticketing system, call center software, agent productivity, company-wide collaborations, reporting and insights, held-desk essentials. It is an excellent resource for help center, administration Guide, Developer API, user community.

  • The fees of Zoho for enterprises is from $25 agent / month and $ 12 agent/month for professional category.

#9 SolarWinds Web Help Desk Software

SolarWinds Web Help Desk® software is a fastest growing name in ticketing tool which offers easy and powerful solutions to your help desk management. Their main feature is to automate ticketing, routing and to escalate the ticket to the right agent at right time. This not only reduce your time but also improve the effienceinty of the system.

Their pricing model is very simple as they charge as per the number of technician where as the end users are unlimited in all of their plan. Here is the brief about their plan:

#10 Live Agent (

live agent help desk support software

Live Agent is one of the fastest growing help desk software and live chat support product can help you to manage your support tickets without hassle. If you are a small and medium business, Live Agent help desk software is the best for you. Live Agent software offers 3 different pricing model in which:

  • The Ticket plan is available at $12/month/agent
  • Ticket plus chat plan available at $29/month/agent
  • All inclusive plan is available at $59/month/agent


You can find help desk software fits all sizes of organizations but the thing is; you need to identify your needs and accordingly choose the one. There is lot more apart from ticket solving and tracking when it comes to customer support. With a support team, helping businesses to overcome their issues is simpler manner. With a number of help-desk software available in the market, a review, trials is a must. Good luck and make your businesses the worth it is!

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