We are receiving many emails asking about how to tell if your iPhone is unlocked or not? The reason is; people when buying a second hand iPhone, end-up paying for locked iPhone and has to pay career or iPhone repairing store to get it unlocked. This is the reason, it is very important for you to check whether the iPhone is unlocked or not before you used phone. In this article, we will talk about 3 simple methods. Before we share the methods, let me briefly explain what is locked and unlocked iPhone?

The Apple iPhones are available in two modes: one is locked and the other is unlocked. It is vital to be able to know which type you have received. The unlocked iPhone can be utilized on any of the networks, but you can only use a locked phone on the network that the phone has been locked to.

The differences between locked and unlocked iPhones

The iPhones you buy from Apple Stores are the ones that you pay the full price are unlocked iPhone. The iPhones which are purchased from a carrier which usually come as a part of some ongoing network plan, stay locked. The time period for the iPhones to stay locked is usually between one and a half years to two years. A part of the cost of the device is covered by the cost of your carrier providers contract.

If you are thinking about how to tell if iphone is unlocked or not, you need to know right at the beginning that there is no way of knowing that by simply looking at the device. Apple never allows any other phone company to brand their devices. You will not get to see any other brand logo on the iPhones.

To make the thing of ‘how do I know if my iphone is unlocked’ even more confusing, there are some iPhones which are locked at the time of purchasing but they get unlocked later on when the actual owner of the phone pays for the initial contract.

Ways to Find Out If Your iPhone is Locked or Not

Similar to our previous edition of tricks on ‘ways to disable face unlock on iPhone X‘, here we add one more set of quick tricks on how to tell if your iphone is unlocked. Though there are no evident signs on the device that can suggest whether it is locked or unlocked, you can easily find this out without any hassle by using the following ways. You will have to use either a SIM card or the Settings app for this purpose.

Method #1: Through the Settings App

The simplest answer to how to tell if your iphone is unlocked is that you need to run a quick check through the Settings app. Begin by powering up your phone and accessing the cellular settings. You might need the passcode to your phone right here. Follow the steps below for checking in iOS if the iPhone is unlocked.

  • Go to settings and tap on mobile data
  • From there, go to Mobile Data Options. (In the earlier versions of the device’s software, you will only need to tap on Mobile/Cellular.) It will show cellular if the phone is set to American English.
  • Look for an option that says Mobile Data Network/ Cellular Data Network.

How to tell if Your iPhone is unlocked using Settings

The option of Mobile Data Network/ Cellular Data Network never appears on locked iPhones.

It is an option that indicates your phone is possibly unlocked. The method is not 100% percent effective but you still need to be sure to know if you are paying the right price. You can also use a SIM card to check whether it is unlocked or not. Read the next method to know about how to use SIM cards for that purpose.

Method #2: By Using a SIM Card

The best solution to the question is to have two SIM cards. Each of the cards must be from different networks. One of the SIM cards are the one that you own and the other is the one that will be there in your iPhone. Given below are the steps to know if your iPhone is locked:

  • Call someone using the SIM card used currently and ensure that the call connects.
  • Switch off your iPhone. Press the wake/sleep button and tap on the slide to Power Off option for switching off the phone.
  • Use a paper clip or a SIM card ejector tool (if you have it) to take the SIM card out from the phone.
  • Insert the new SIM card and press the wake/sleep button for switching on the iPhone.
  • Now, make another phone call. Note if the iPhone is able to connect the call using that new SIM card.

Your iPhone is locked if you notice any problem in connecting the call using the new SIM card.

You can always get carriers to unlock the iPhone or rely on the third-party services that do the work of checking it for you.

Method #3: Contacting your carrier

Contacting your carrier customer support is not much of a fast solution as the other options. It might take some time for the carrier to contact you. But if you are really keen about getting to know it, then you can contact your network provider and see if they can help you out.

Getting in touch with your carrier in this matter is a good move because they can provide you with the most authentic information about your device. Most of the network providers will only need you to tell them the IMEI number of the handset and they will inform you about the unlocked or locked feature of the iPhone. This makes it a highly reliable check of whether the phone is locked or unlocked.

You can also get independent services that run up a check on the IMEI number. Most of the carriers offer the services free of cost and you can inquire your network provider once about it. (Note – Make sure you know the charges of these services well before hiring them.)

So that were the top way on how to tell if the iPhone is unlocked. Did we miss out on any other top ways? Did these ways work perfectly for you? Let us know in the comments section below.