Do you spend most of your time on a mobile phone? Mobile phones are an essential part of our life. Normally, everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. Even kids have access to mobile phones. The reason behind such immense popularity of mobile phones is their features. Mobiles have made life much simpler. People can connect with each other all over the world with just one click using mobile phones. The use of mobile phones is continuously increasing. Earlier, mobile phones were very simple and came with only limited features but that changed with time. New mobile operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS were introduced.

Mainly there are three operating systems that are generally used in smartphones and that are Android, Windows, and iOS. The android operating system was launched in the year 2008, whereas, iOS was launched in the year 2007. Windows mobile phones were released in the year 2010 but they were not a huge success because there were many limitations of the windows operating system. Android and iOS have been a huge hit and they cover the majority of the market of smartphones. Android and iOS are the top operating system that is available in the smartphone market. iOS is created and developed by Apple only for its hardware. Whereas, Android is free and open-source software that is based on the modified version of the Linux Kernel.

iOS Operating System

ios operating system
Apple iOS

iOS is the second most installed operating system in the whole world. It was developed by Apple Inc. and it is only used in the devices launched by Apple. The first iOS version was developed and launched in the year 2007. At the annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020 event, Apple announced iOS 14. Since its release, iOS is used in various devices launched by Apple like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Home Pad, etc. iOS is more intuitive and has an excellent user interface. It provides high security and shields devices from viruses and malware. Third-party applications must be code signed with an Apple-issued certificate, this helps in keeping the device secure from external factors. On 16th September 2020, Apple released iOS 14. iOS 14 has a new app library view for organizing all the applications. You can add widgets to the home screen of your device. iOS 14 supports pictures in pictures and there is a new interface for Siri. These are some of the features of the new iOS 14 that have been launched recently.

Here, we have mentioned the detailed features of some of the recent launches and products of Apple.

(1) App Store & iTunes:

app store & iTunes
Apple Store

iTunes was announced in the year 2001. It is a media player and media library, and also works as a radio broadcaster. Initially, when it was launched it was just a normal music player but slowly it developed into a multimedia platform. To install the iTunes store you must have iOS version 9. iTunes for windows was launched in the year 2003 by Apple and it supports 32-bit and a 64-bit edition of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Vista.

Apple released the Microsoft Store version of iTunes in the year 2018. iTunes can be used if you want to import songs from CDs or hard drives. All those files that you have imported will get stored in the iTunes Library. You can easily search for the best songs that you like. It allows you to create a continuous playlist based on the songs you hear. There is also a lyrics view with the help of which you can view the lyrics of the song and if you don’t want to see the lyrics then you can turn it off. These are some of the important features of iTunes.

App Store is a platform that is developed by Apple Inc. for applications running on iOS and Mac OS. You can download the free iPhone applications that you require with the help of the App Store. Apple introduced the app store in the year 2008 with initially 500 applications. Currently, the app store has around 1.8 million applications. If a developer wants to publish an application on App Store then the developer has to pay a $99 yearly fee in order to access Apple’s developer program. Some of the popular applications with the highest number of downloads in the past year from the app store are YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Messenger, Gmail, Netflix, and Facebook.

(2) iPhone:


Apple announced the first generation iPhone in the year 2007. Since its launch, it has become a huge hit and has created a big audience for itself.  iPhone 12 is one of the most awaited products of the year. It is believed that there will be huge improvements in this device compared to its previous models, i.e., Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 8. It will offer 5G connectivity which means a good network and fast internet speed. iPhone 12 will come with Apple’s A14 Bionic processor and it will have a display of 120 Hz. The processor is perfect because 5G will eventually drain more battery and that is when the processor will eventually compensate for it. According to the rumors, it will come in 4 models that will have different screen sizes and battery capacities. These are some of the features of the iPhone 12 that will be launching in the coming time.

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(3) iPad:


iPad was first launched in the year 2010. You can connect the iPad with Wi-Fi and some models also offer cellular connectivity, which is a huge benefit. You can perform all basic tasks such as gaming, photos, music, videos, browsing, etc. iPad pro-2020 was recently launched in June. We might see a new iPad Air 4 in the latter part of the year 2020. The screen size of the new iPad Air 4 is considered to be around 10.8 inches. If rumors are to be believed then iPad Air 4 will have an A14x processor that will be based on an A14 Bionic chip. It is also said that iPad Air 4 will come with a face ID. 

(4) iPod:


iPod is a portable media player that is used by users for listening to songs. It was first launched in the year 2001. Some of the versions of the iPod can also be used as data storage devices. The interface of the iPod is very simple and elegant. You can also play video games on some versions of the iPod. Slowly more and more games were added to the newer models of iPods. Some of the games available on the iPod are Mahjong, Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Pac-Man, Tetris, etc. iTunes is compatible with iPod so you can download any songs that you like with the help of the iTunes store.

(5) iOS Accessories:

Accessories are very important as they make the device better and more efficient. Apple does not provide a headphone jack on the iPhone anymore. Air Pods can help you to solve the problem of the headphone jack. It has a battery life of up to 4.5 hours and it comes with wireless charging cases. Air Pods provide effortless audio and a seamless experience. One of the most important accessories that you must have with the iPhone is the silicon and leather case. These cases protect the device and also provide an elegant look. LifeProof iPhone case is also available offering shockproof, waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, and scratch-proof cases. Apart from this, there are various other important accessories like Mophie dual wireless charging pad, USB-C to lightning cable, etc. There are various other accessories that you shop by categories like Headphones and speakers, Health and fitness, Creativity, Photography, Home kit, etc.

(6) Apple TV:

Apple TV
Apple TV

Apple TV was launched in the year 2007. Apple 4 TV was released in 2017 and it came with an A10X Fusion chip. You can watch all the shows and movies in 4K HDR quality along with Dolby Atmos sound. It comes with all the applications like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. It comes with 32 to 64 GB of storage and also has deep Siri integration. You can enjoy the surreal experience of watching movies and shows with amazing sound quality and incredible details on the latest Apple 4K TV. It is believed that the new Apple TV will launch in the year 2021 and it will have A12X Bionic chip. These are some of the amazing apple products that are available in the market. All these products have amazing features and provide a great experience

Android Mobile Operating System:

Android mobile operating system

Android is very popular and the most installed operating system in the whole world followed by iOS. It was launched in the year 2008. The latest version of android which is android 11 was recently launched in September 2020. Android is free and open-source software and it is based on the modified version of Linux Kernel and other open-source software.

Android devices come with pre-installed Google applications like Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Play Music, etc. Users can also download and install third-party applications. If you want to install any application on android devices then you can download them with the help of the Google Play Store. Some of the amazing features of android 11 are message bubbles, redesigned notifications, a power menu with smart home controls, auto cloud backup, a media playback widget, screen recording, back gesture sensitivity, screen lock, etc.

Here, we have mentioned some of the top-selling mobile phones and devices that use android and are currently available in the market.

(1) Samsung:


Samsung is a South Korean company and it is one of the most successful brands in the field of mobile phones. The mobile phones launched by Samsung come in every price range so everyone can afford them. Samsung smartphones use the Android operating system and come with all the necessary features. It has given tough competition to other mobile phone companies like Nokia, Apple, Sony, LG, etc.

The best thing about Samsung is that in every price range you get numerous options. Some of the best Samsung smartphones currently available in the market are Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, etc.

(2) Nokia:


It is one of the oldest and the most trustworthy mobile phone brand in the whole world. Nokia was founded in the year 1865 in Finland. Nokia initially used the Windows operating system instead of android. This affected the market of Nokia because people preferred the android operating system over windows because it had a lot of features and was much easier to use. Because of the Windows operating system, Nokia failed to compete against leading smartphone companies at that time like Samsung, HTC, etc.

In 2016, HMD Global bought Nokia’s mobile phone division from Microsoft. Later, Nokia launched its first android mobile phone in 2017. Nokia is set to regain the trust of its customers once again by using the android operating system. Some of the best Nokia mobile phones that use the Android operating system currently available in the market are Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.2, Nokia 2.3, etc. Some of the latest Nokia mobile phones that were launched in the recent HMD Global event are Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia 5.3, and Nokia 1.3.

(3) Google Pixel:

Google Pixel
Google Pixel

The first generation of Pixel smartphones was launched by Google in the year 2016. Google initially launched Two devices known as Google Pixel and Pixel XL. In the year 2019, Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4XL were launched but they were recently discontinued in 2020 because Google is set to launch its new Pixel model named Google Pixel 4A. Google Pixel 4A comes with android 10.0 and offers premium features. It is considered one of the best mobile phones currently available in the market. Google Pixel is a perfect compact smartphone that has fast charging and a powerful processor

(4) Android TV:

Android TV
Android TV

Google replaced Google TV with Android TV. On Android TV you can access the Play Store for the best Android Smart TV apps to enjoy the large screen and install any application you want. It has Google cast support and it is easy to operate. Android TV also has the option of Google Assistant. Sony is the leading company when it comes to buying Android TVs. Some of the best android TV currently available in the market are Sony A9G, Sony X95G, OnePlus U1, TCL C815, Sony X95H, etc. Android TV gives you the surreal experience of watching movies and shows.

(5) Android accessories:

Accessories are very important as they make the device completely and provide you with an amazing experience. There are numerous android accessories currently available in the market. Out of all the accessories, some of the must-have android accessories are Power banks, Selfie sticks, Headphones, Cases, Screen protectors, Waterproof pouches, etc. These accessories keep your device safe and provide an amazing user experience.

Which is better – iOS or Android?

Both the android operating system and iOS operating systems offer different features. Here we have mentioned all the history and features of both the operating system along with the best brands and products. You can decide based on the points mentioned above which operating system is better for you.

FAQs on Android vs iOS Mobile Operating System:

What is the difference between Android and iOS?

Android is an open-source operating system developed by Google, while iOS is a proprietary operating system developed by Apple.

Which one is better: Android or iOS?

It depends on individual preferences. Some people prefer Android for its customization options, while others prefer iOS for its user-friendly interface and security features.

Can you use Google services on an iPhone?

Yes, you can use Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Drive on an iPhone.

Is it easy to switch from Android to iOS?

It can be a little challenging, as you have to adjust to a new operating system, but many users find the transition relatively easy.

Which operating system has a better app selection: Android or iOS?

Both Android and iOS have a large selection of apps, but iOS has a more selective app approval process, leading to a higher quality of apps.

Is it easy to transfer data from Android to iOS?

Yes, there are several apps and tools available that make it easy to transfer data from Android to iOS, such as Google Drive and iTunes.

Are there any compatibility issues between Android and iOS?

Yes, there can be compatibility issues between Android and iOS, such as with apps that are only available on one platform or with certain file types.

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