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LifeProof Review – Next Generation Smartphone Cases & Accessories

lifeproof review


LifeProof Review – Next Generation Smartphone Cases & Accessories

Review of: LifeProof

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On December 31, 2015
Last modified:January 8, 2016


LifeProof is a leading name in smartphone cases & accessories who constantly offering innovative solution in this segment.

According to study published by SquareTrade in September 2014;  showing that damaged iPhones have cost Americans $10.7 billion since their introduction in 2007 and around 15% of iPhone Owners Currently Using Phone with a Cracked Screen. This is the data is just for an iPhone devices, if you add the android and other smartphone data, the final figure will be much higher than this. What if you have a good quality of smartphone cases? You can definitely save your phone from some serious damages. This is the reason, we started studying some of the most popular smartphone cases manufacturer and trying to understand their products, its features to make your purchase decision easier. To start with, we have shortlisted LifeProof for our first smartphone case manufacturer review. Here we will share their various products and feature in more details.

Ever since the LifeProof cases have been launched back in 2011 they have been extremely popular with Apple, Samsung & Motorola devices users due to their superior quality cases. LifeProof cases offers some of the best qualities likes shockproof, fireproof, waterproof and scratch proof and can help to safeguard your smartphones, tablets and other devices from extreme conditions. Their popularity is evident from the multiple copycats they have attracted in the market. The Lifeproof cases have known to be shock proof to the extent that it also prevents the cause of device damage. In this article, we will share some of the best lifeproof cases and will provide best possible information about various accessories they offers.

lifeproof review

LifeProof Smartphone Cases Series

LifeProof sells the following 3 series of cases compatible with some of the most popular iOS and Android devices available in market. The Smartphone cases offered by LifeProof having different sets of advantages with your devices as explained here:

#1 FRE

lifeproof fre

The waterproof and drop-proof case comes with a built in scratch protector and is available for most Apple devices including iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and also for Samsung galaxy S6 and Motorola driod turbo smartphones. The FRE cases are available in different colors and prices depending upon smartphone model you choose.


lifeproof nuudThe sleeker cover is designed for most of the iOS devices like iPhone 5, 5C, 6, 6S, 6S plus (in development and will be soon available). Nudd smartphone cases are also waterproof and drop proof and adds just a little thickness to the sleek device. It is also available for Samsung Galaxy S4 and will soon be available for other devices. You can have various choices of colors and can purchase as per your requirement.


lifeproof fre powerAvailable only for iPhone 6 and 6S, this FRE Power case comes with a battery case to increase the battery life of your phone. It is the most superior among all the LifeProof cases available at slightly higher price as compare to other smartphone cases.

Although all the above LifeProof cases are available for iPhones and iPad, only the FRE cases are available for Samsung S4, S5 and S6 and for Motorola phones including DROID MAXX 2, DROID TURBO and DROID TURBO 2. Although the cases are scratch proof yet they do put on some smear due to their plastic body. There are also several accessories sold by LifeProof that include quick mount accessories, armbands, mounts, life jackets, iPad accessories and belt clips.

As we discussed some of the popular types of LifeProof cases and accessories, lets learn more about the quality, price and warranty of those products.


lifeproof quality

The cases are a huge help when you need to carry your phone in extreme weather conditions like mountains, in water, deserts and want to ensure that your phone does not bear the brunt of the harsh weather. They are also known to save your phone from extreme shock as well as save them if they drop down a slope. The FRE, NUUD and FRE POWER cases have different advantages for devices like protection from water, dirt, snow, dropping, scratch protection and screen less technology.

The cases are easy to put on or remove and protect all the sockets of your smartphone. As per LifeProof all the cases are factory water tested along with US Military standard drop and shock. Some LifeProof cases users also tests its strength by running car on it and their device don’t have a single scratch after the test. (As per information provided on LifeProof website).

Checkout below video depict the LifeProof iphone 5 case extreme test in which car run over the iphone 5 protected with case. See what happened next!


Each lifeproof cover, case or accessories has different prices based on type and quality of the product. The range starts with $79.99 for FRE case and goes up to $130 for the FRE Power cases which are best in the market for their waterproof battery case provides longer protection and added battery life. The NUUD case is available at a price of $89.99. The products have also been discounted on some e-commerce websites. Due to their better quality, all the LifeProof cases are known to be value for money products. At the time of writing this post, there is one offer promoted by LifeProof entitled “Save upto 25% + Free Express shipping”. You can get benefit from the offers to save some extra bucks on your cases.

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All the LifeProof cases come with a 1 year limited warranty that includes the warranty of just its cases and not the device which it protects. This includes the material and workmanship guarantee only and no other damage done to your device is covered under this. Kindly check LifeProof official website to learn more about warranty terms and condition before you made any purchase from them.

LifeProof is a leading name in smartphone cases & accessories who constantly offering innovative solution in this segment. If you are one of the Lifeproof case users, do share your experience here by comment.

Nitin is an iOS application developer with over 4.5 years of experience in developing native application for iPhone, iPad and iMac devices. He loves writing about Apple products and shares his views on different aspect of it.

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