Are you a Gamer? If yes, then you must have heard about one of the most popular gaming platforms Xbox. First Xbox game console was originally launched in the year 2001 by Microsoft. Before launching its first-ever gaming console, Microsoft was only focused on creating computers and PC games. Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles can be connected to a television or any other display media for playing games with brilliant graphics.

Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles

The first Xbox that was launched had an Ethernet port and four controller ports that were used for multiplayer games. It also has a hard drive for saving the progress of the game. Later, in the year 2005 Xbox 360 was launched that had better graphics, memory, and CPU than the previous one. It also has a wireless controller system. Xbox 360 has an Ethernet port and two USB ports.

The Xbox 360 has three versions namely Xbox 360, Xbox 360 elite, and Xbox 360 arcade. In the year 2010, a new slim model of Xbox 360 was launched that was named Xbox 360 S. It has a powerful processor and motherboard that solved previous issues with Xbox 360. The final version of Xbox 360 was launched in the year 2013 and was known as Xbox 360 E. It was smaller and lighter than the previous version of Xbox 360. In the same year, Microsoft launched Xbox one, which is much faster and powerful than the previous Xbox gaming consoles. Xbox one also has two other versions namely Xbox one S and Xbox one X and were launched in the year 2016 and 2017 respectively. Xbox One X was the first Xbox console that provides realistic 4K gaming on 60 FPS. Microsoft Xbox series has completely revolutionized the gaming field.

about microsoft xbox gaming platforms

Microsoft is launching two new Xbox gaming console and they are named as the Xbox Series X and series S. The price is not yet announced but it is believed that Xbox series S will be Microsoft second cheaper next-gen Xbox. However, the price of Xbox series X will be higher than Series S. Xbox series X will give a tough competition to PS5 which will also be launching later this year. The storage space of the Xbox series X is going to be a huge upgrade to the previous versions. There is no official confirmation on both Xbox series X and Series S.

Microsoft Xbox: Series X & Series S

microsoft xbox series x and series s

Microsoft officially confirmed in December 2019 that Xbox series X will launch in holiday 2020. However, there is no official confirmation on Xbox series S but it was suggested that there are two consoles in development. First is Xbox series X and the other one is claimed to be the Xbox series S. The specifications of Series S are not revealed yet but according to rumors it will have 4 teraflops of GPU processing power, Ray-tracing support, SSD storage for the faster gaming experience, the resolution is believed to be 1440p, and games will run in 60 fps.

In July 2020, Xbox head, Phil Spencer said that there will be an even in August which caused speculation that the Xbox series S will be officially announced during that time. According to rumors Xbox series S will be a cheaper option to Xbox Series X.

There is going to be a big difference between the Xbox series X and series S. Xbox series S is for those people who do not spend a lot of money but still want to have a decent gaming experience. One of the major differences between them is going to be GPU. Series X will have 12 Teraflop of GPU processing power whereas it is rumored that Series S will have 4 Teraflop of GPU processing power, which is normally found in entry-level gaming consoles. There are various other differences between Xbox series S and other Xbox gaming consoles. Hence, it is certainly clear that series S is just the cheaper option for series X.

Microsoft Xbox accessories

Accessories are an important part of any gaming console and there is no shortage of Xbox accessories in the market. Xbox lives gold subscription is one of the most important accessories that any Xbox user must-have. Xbox game pass is also an amazing thing added by Microsoft. At a monthly rate, you get access to more than 200 games that you can play whenever you want with the help of an Xbox game pass. A wireless controller is the most lethal accessory that you must have. The wireless controller comes with a variety of colors and skins and you get a number of options to choose from. The play and charge kit is a very essential accessory for Xbox. Users can also have an Xbox gift card that they can exchange for anything on Microsoft store. Other important Microsoft Xbox accessories are gaming headsets and portable hard disks. All these accessories together with Xbox is heaven for gamers.

Best Gaming consoles in 2020

best gaming consoles 2020

There are numerous gaming consoles currently available in the market. There is a tough competition between Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Below is the list of some of the best gaming consoles that are available in the year 2020,

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4 pro
  • Xbox one X
  • PlayStation 4 Slim
  • Xbox one S

These are some of the best gaming consoles that are available in the market. Xbox provides better performance and amazing graphics when compared to PlayStation and other gaming consoles. The competition is pretty close between Xbox and PlayStation. Also, the controls of Xbox are much better and responsive. Xbox one gamepad comes with Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with PCs. Xbox also comes with the premium service Xbox live gold. This allows users to play games online and also provides access to various other features.

Sony also offers a premium service that is named PlayStation plus but Xbox live gold is comparatively much better than PlayStation plus. Users get 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player in Xbox One X and you won’t find that in other gaming consoles. This gives the gamer’s surreal experience of gaming. All these features make Xbox amazing and unique than other gaming consoles currently available in the market.


Microsoft has redefined the gaming experience by launching Xbox in the year 2001. Microsoft has not looked back till date and it continuously provides tough competition to other gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo switch, etc. with Xbox. With the powerful performance and amazing graphics Xbox continues to be the preferred option over other gaming consoles that are currently available in the market.