Are you good at playing online games? Do you know about the best money-making games? Or are you aware that there are many ways to earn money online by playing games without investment?

If your answers are a mixed bag of yes and no, then this article is just for you. As it introduces you to the best game apps to win real money. 

But before that, a Word of Serious Caution: These game apps that pay you real money, are addictive game sets. Plus can make you lose a lot of money unless you are a hardcore trained player of a certain game. Even if you pick PayPal games that pay real money, if you lose a game, you lose a certain amount of money with each play. So read each game application and its terms and conditions before you start playing even the best game apps to win real money and also check out the make-money ideas from Apps.

Best Game Apps To Win Real Money

We will share here the major features and some other details one by one. 

1. Mistplay

With the Android software Mistplay, you may play new games and gain points while doing so. Redeem points for free gift cards at well-known stores like – Amazon, Visa, XBox, Google Play, iTunes and more. On Mistplay, the games you see are selected based on your gaming preferences and routines. This indicates that Mistplay makes a great deal of an effort to choose games you’ll enjoy playing. You might be waiting for iOS Mistplay, however Mistplay is currently available on Google Play for Android devices. Download it for free and earn money online by playing games without investment. 

2. Bingo Cash 

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is an online bingo game run on the Skillz platform, which also powers Blackout Bingo and other free bingo games. The Google Play or iOS app store both offer free downloads of the game for Android and iOS devices. You’ll be paired with players of a similar skill level. Winners are the top 3 finishers! One of the most favourite in the masses among the best money-making games where you earn money online by playing games without investment.

3. Drop


This isn’t a game, game actually, but something more solid. Users of Drop, a coalition consumer loyalty programme, can accrue points by linking their debit or credit cards. Users can choose five incentive partners to earn points from, including Sephora, Starbucks, Uber, and Whole Foods Market. After a six-month private beta period, the programme launched in the Canadian market in August 2015 and later expanded to the American market in October 2017. In order to participate in the Drop Rewards programme, customers must download a companion app onto an iOS or Android device. The programme, according to Drop, was created as a tool for marketers to gain awareness among millennials. 

Join Drop today and start earning points by downloading the app. To unlock Drop Premium and earn more points, link your card to Drop. Continue to earn points by using the app to shop at your favourite companies, playing games, taking part in monthly point drops, and more.

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4. Lucktastic

Lucktastic is a scratch card and prize application accessible for iPhone and Android clients in the United States. It’s one of those game apps that pay you real money and claims to have paid out more than $3 million champs compensated with prizes and rewards.

Like utilizing random data applications to win cash — Lucktastic has two distinct monetary standards: money and chips. Cash can be reclaimed right away in the event that you have a dollar or more through three unique strategies, with more to come. Tokens are used to partake in sweepstakes and to win computerised gift vouchers, on the off chance that you have a great deal of them.

5. Swagbucks


Free gaming is one of the numerous ways you can earn with Swagbucks. By taking surveys, viewing movies, and engaging in other online activities, you can also earn Swagbucks. You can earn rewards wherever you go with the new Swagbucks mobile app and exchange them for gift cards or PayPal cash. It’s an app to earn money online by playing games without investment.

Another fantastic approach to benefit from rewards is to shop online via these best money making games. Grab your smartphone and start by looking at Swagbucks’ cashback offers. Click on them to start earning Swagbucks before you start shopping in the form of a portion of your purchase order. 

Almost every interest can be satisfied by choosing from a variety of free gift cards, including those from Visa, Walmart, and Target. Get a $5 bonus in addition.

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6. AppStation


A free Android software called Appstation gives users the opportunity to make money by completing surveys, playing games, and introducing friends. AppStation is one such among game apps that pay you real money. You may expect to earn between 30 and 70 coins per minute as you play the game. Your time will be compensated more generously the longer you play.

In exchange, you will gain points that may be used to purchase gift cards or PayPal cash. Among the best game apps to win real money, $10 is the minimum payout level at AppStation and that makes it very popular. But achieving that objective will probably take a long time. Despite the minimal earning potential, it might be a fun way to make a little cash via these PayPal games that pay real money.

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7. Yatzy Cash

Yatzy Cash

Want to play traditional dive games and win real money? Modern dice game – on Yatzy Cash, you may compete in large tournaments and head-to-head matchups to win real prizes like cash and merchandise.Yes, this is among the game apps that pay you real money! 

A 13-round version of your favourite old-school dice game is called Yatzy Cash. Do you feel fortunate? You receive 75 points if you roll a YATZY! To beat your opponent and win the game and prizes, score more points. Yatzy Cash provides a variety of bonuses to raise your score as well as anti-cheating technologies to provide a remarkably fair gameplay and matching experience. Additionally, it is asserted that PayPal withdrawals are 100 percent safe and secure. Thus, among the best game apps to win real money. 

8. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube

For those of us who love playing cards, Solitaire Cube is a fantastic method to challenge your card knowledge and maintain mental acuity. On both iOS and Android, it is free to download as one of the best money making games.

This game is ideal if you enjoy playing solitaire to pass the time and want to gain money. The game of solitaire cube is similar to traditional solitaire but is quicker and allows for multiplayer play. We adore how the Skillz-powered game matches you with other players who have skills similar to yours. Thus, it remains fair and interesting. 

Practice League and Pro League are the two game modes. Practice is pure practice and is remunerated with Z Coins. Pro enables you to play with actual money and even participate in competitions open to players older than 17. 

Simply use your Paypal account to cash out, thus among the choicest PayPal games that pay real money. 

9. Long Game

Long Game

Among the best money-making games, Long Game can be a good way to kill time, but it can also assist you in reaching your financial objectives. You must authenticate your identity and connect your bank account to the app before you can begin. The next step is to establish a savings objective, such as saving for a down payment on a car. Then choose the amount you want to have deducted from your account each payday.

You will receive coins to play games for cash prizes each time you deposit money into your account. You own the entire amount that you deposit into your in-app savings account. The FDIC has insured the account to provide additional security and peace of mind.


Whether you play the best money-making games or engage in tactics to earn money online by playing games without investment, you must always engage with the caution that it can be an addictive feature. And also that on one side you can win, on the other you may lose. Please play cautiously and balance out your finances. The purpose of the article is to showcase the best game apps to win real money, but also to assert being wise and cautious.


These money-making mobile apps are provided for your reference only. Kindly review their terms & condition before you start using them. We will not be responsible for any loss that may occur by using this information. It is just for information purposes.

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