Are you looking for a way to make money online? in this article, we will share 5 apps that pay you for doing a specific task in a legit way.

You can easily make money online if you choose the right and authentic medium. If you love exploring internet, there are tremendous opportunities for you to earn money through on iphone / android device by using apps. In this article, we will be discussing about one of those many methods.

Yes, it is about iphone and android mobile apps that pay users to use their application. Let’s talk how exactly it works!

Your mobile cost you pretty penny, but today in this world of technology there are many mobile apps in play store which pays you. Making money online has become a way for many people to earn some extra cash; there are people who spend their time in browsing different apple or android apps to earn money.

There are thousands of ways to make money online, and the best part is that you are earning money without investing anything and with fun, there are some advantages of earning money online like:

  • No investment
  • Time Flexibility
  • Less Effort or special skill required
  • Safe and easy
  • You can also learn extra skills while earning

The only condition is; you should choose right apple or android app which follows legit practice and pays on time. So, rather than wasting time playing games, let’s add some extra green to your digital wallet. Now let’s talk about ways you can make money through iphone or android apps, we have some apps like:

#1 Field Agents


Field Agent is an unique mobile application from where you can make money by doing small jobs which you are already doing. Here you can earn by doing jobs like going into retail shop to take a photo of display! visiting gas station to see the condition of building etc.

Download field agent app from Google Play Store, complete your agent profile where you will be asked some questions to fill information correctly. Now start finding jobs from the main navigation window. Check the job locations through map view and click or accept the jobs. You will get notification once you are selected for the job and upon selection, you will have to complete the job within given time frame. Here you should select the job near your locality to get it done quickly. Once the job is completed and reviewed by the poster, your earnings will be credited to your Field agent account which you can withdraw whenever you wish to.

Download App Here

Android iPhone

2. Surveys On The Go®

Survey on the Go is one of the leading app that pay you for doing small survey on all different topics which you choose. Available on both iOS and Android platform, this app (Android) is having over 1,000,000+ downloads with positive reviews and ratings on both the platforms.

How it works:

As you know that any company needs customer’s opinion either they are launching new products and business. Here you need to choose the survey and share your opinion and this android or iPhone app will pay you for them.

The best part of this app is, they are not paying in point but in cash means you will be earning real money for completing their surveys.

Note: Currently the surveys are only available in United states.

Download App Here (recommended for US users)

Android iPhone

#3 App Trailers


If you love exploring new apps and playing trivia games, this mobile application is best to make money online. App trailer mobile app is good for those who like to know about different apps. Here you can make money by watching trailers of new apps and in return you will get reward points, gift cards, or cash. So go to your play store and download this App Trailer mobile application, you will be asked to choose a username, password and enter your email id, once you are done with this you can start watching trailers of apps, you also earn if you refer a friend.

Download App Here

Android iPhone

#4 CheckPoints


CheckPoints is a free mobile application allows user to collect points when they watch videos, advertisements take quizzes, shop the web, complete offers, and perform searches. You can redeem your points for fabulous rewards like Amazon, Starbucks,Walmart and Home Depot gift cards. You can also have a chance to win big points by playing from bonus game or by downloading the checkpoint toolbar on your web browser and you can also earn by referring friends. CheckPoints app is available for both Android and iOS platform.

Download Here

Android iPhone

#5 EasyShift


EasyShift pays you cash to shop, eat, and explore in your city. For example you may be asked to check prices at a store or make sure an item is displayed properly. You need to just download this app and then easily sign up inside the app on your device. Once you join you need to share your location so the app can bring all the jobs near you. When you find the job and want to perform, you need to accept it. Now go to the store and restaurant and complete the job and submit the work through the app and then if your work is approved you will be paid within 48 hours.

Download Here

Android iPhone

So what you are waiting for? download these mobile app on your iphone or android device and start earning money online with less efforts and no investment.


These money making mobiles apps are provided for your reference only. Kindly review their terms & condition before you start using them. We will not be responsible for any loss may occur by using this information. It is just for information purpose.