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9 Most Emerging Mobile Game Apps for Your iPhone & iPad Devices

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9 Most Emerging Mobile Game Apps for Your iPhone & iPad Devices

According to the latest Global Mobile Games Market Report, more than $99.6 million in revenues were generated by the gaming industry. However, more surprising is that fact that mobile app gaming contributed more than $36.9 billion to the numbers. This is close to about 37% of the total revenue. Another report from Newzoo suggest that mobile gaming is set to surpass all other kinds of legacy gaming including handheld consoles, traditional consoles and PC games. The popularity of mobile gaming app is best hinted when Nintendo too debuted the Miitomo (a mobile only game) in 2016. While this game is free to purchase, the revenue depends on in-app purchases and sponsored content.

Today, the mobile gaming industry has grown from a practically non-existent market to a booming business. More and more mobile game developers are coming up with graphic intensive games compatible with smaller screens and this has not only attracted casual gamers but serious professionals too. Online multiplayer games apps like Clash of Clans have certainly redefined the opportunities with smaller screens.

All the talk and popularity about mobile gaming is itself clue to the rising revenues from this industry. Even independent/freelance game developers can look up to mobile gaming as a highly lucrative opportunity. With little research and know how, this won’t be too difficult either. There have been several successful developers who opt to buy source codes for popular game genres and tweak the script to bring out a completely new environment. This has been a popular way of coming up with new games apps that have taken over the demographics and offered alternatives to popular titles. There are several marketplaces that sell these source codes!

Here are few most emerging mobile games apps from the iTunes store that have made place in new and noteworthy:

#1 – Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes Games

plants vs zombies heroes game

Developed by Electronic Arts, Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes Game is yet another successful addition to their series on Plants vs. Zombies. Revolving around a card game, the idea is about building your own team and confronting challenging opponents. A multiplayer online game, players can play along or opposite to their friends, making the platform highly addictive. Designed for both iPhones and iPad, the game revenue relies on in-app purchases.


#2 – Best Friends Forever

best fiends forever mobile game

A fun game, the play is about guiding a slug to beat up bad guys in his kingdom and build a family together. There’s everything to win, from souvenirs to strength. It’s the simple nature of the game that also makes it so addictive and effective for smaller screens. The game is available for free but contains in-app purchases.


#3 – Mini Metro

Mini Metro Mobile Game

An arcade game, the aim is to draw lines between stations and connect trains to maintain interrupted traffic throughout the city. With several maps and difficulty level, it’s a game that has sold more than 250,000 copies for desktop version and rated 4+ in iTunes store. If you had been a fan of SIM City or similar simulation games, you will like this too! Mini Metro is offered at just INR 300.


#4 – Eggggg – The Platform Puker

Eggggg - The Platform Puker Game

Another arcade game offered for INR 120, Eggggg is a platform game revolving around vomiting. Ridiculous as it may sound, the game offer a crazy and engaging experience wherein the main character in the game is to be guided to a destination while cyborg chickens are attacking with their eggs. The character, Gilbert, is allergic to eggs and will puke whenever an egg hits him! It could be fun for all kinds of audience!


#5 – Masky

Masky mobile game

Another arcade game, Masky revolves around dancing to the tunes of a costume ball. There are several powers to be harnessed and magic doors and moves to be unlocked. It’s a simple fun experience that can become addictive too. Masky targets all kinds of audiences, regardless of their age and gender. It is offered for free but again contains in-app purchases.


#6 – FIFA Mobile Football

FIFA Mobile Football Game

Developed by EA Sports, this would be a perfect game for any soccer fan. The game play is highly realistic and the controls make sure that it gets addictive with every match. You can choose to build yourself a complete in-game character and play with opponents online. The game is offered for free but there are several in-app purchases that bring in the revenues.


#7 – The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher Mobile Game

Another action packed game with heavy graphics; Bug Butcher is about killing bugs on an alien planet with the help of special powers and arsenal. As one continues with the game, the new scenarios and powers make it much more addictive. The Bug Butcher is offer at INR 250 and has been rated 12+.


#8 – Blade Sliders

Blade Sliders Game

A game revolving around swordsmanship, Blade Slider involves several interesting scenarios, powers and enemies to make it an interesting play. You can even put your achievements on ladder boards and compete with friends. This Blade Sliders game is developed by Zedarus Entertainment Ltd. The game is offered for free but again contains in-app purchases.


#9 – Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead - A Racing Game

This game is perfect for all racing fans. From monster trucks to racing bikes, there are a lot many vehicles you can use. Another special feature in this game is challenging friends in the same device. This game takes local multiplayer fun to a whole new level. You can also choose from several unique characters and be a celebrity in the game space! Drive Ahead is free to download but depends on in-app purchases.


All it takes for success and popularity is an idea! While most games are spread across some basic principle, it is the characters and scenes that make it different. Consequently, you will just need to add to or tweak the source code of an existing app to come up with a whole new environment. For example, all racing games would have a same basic script but with some tweaks and addition, you will be able to come up with a completely different story. Just ensure that you are working with a genuine source code from a reputed marketplace.

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