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Oldest Registered User on Facebook Edythe Kirchmaier Turned 106


Oldest Registered User on Facebook Edythe Kirchmaier Turned 106

106 years old facebook user

Oldest Registered User of Facebook Edythe Kirchmaier celebrated her 106th birthday last week. Kirchmaier becomes facebok’s senior most member last year in 2013 when friends from medical aid charity Direct Relief signed her up for an account on her 105th birthday.

According to ABC News, Kirchmaier is also an oldest license holder driver in California and oldest living graduate personality of University of Chicago. You must be surprised to know that, when she was signing up for her Facebook account, she could not able to enter her birth year 1908. It actually took one month to verify her age and fixed this issue for site’s engineer. After this process, she became oldest registered user on Facebook.

Kirchmaier born in the era of telegraphs and candle stick telephones, she said that in today’s social media world she must have to check Facebook activities daily. She also raise awareness for volunteerism of one charity club Direct Relief. Golden ager Kirchmaier admires her Facebook relationship but still believes in power of pen and paper. Every Tuesday from past 41 years she goes to the Direct Relief office and writes hand written thank you card for donors.

Kirchmaier has more than 45K followers on her personal Facebook profile. The fan page of Direct Relief which was set up last year almost got 1,30,000 likes. One can visit the Direct Relief facebook fan page and donate something as well as sign up for the volunteer. 

“I never thought we would hit 105,000 likes, but we did. I have been volunteering here for 40 years and it feeds my soul,” she said.

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