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7 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases & Cover to Protect Your Smartphone Now

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7 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases & Cover to Protect Your Smartphone Now

Are you Samsung galaxy S8 users? Looking for some of the most popular S8 cases and accessories? This article is for you.

So, recently Samsung has unveiled their flagship for the year 2017, and it pretty much didn’t blow anything except the market with the incredible specs and design. So, many of us have bought the device, and we pretty much are in love with the design of Samsung galaxy S8.


But, as the design follows the ‘bezel-less’ approach there are chances that the Galaxy S8 can receive serious damages even in a minor fall. So, what’s the best way to protect your new smartphone? Cases? Yes!

List of recommended Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

We are presenting the list of the best Samsung S8 Cases. Shall we begin?

The official Samsung S8 Cases

Let us talk about the official Samsung S8 cases first. Samsung has released their case line-up with the official release of their 2017 Galaxy S flagship. And as per the reviews about the design, people have found these cases as not so appealing to the eye, especially the blue and the white variant (the two piece case) displayed in the image. You can also get some of their cool cases which include a LED display and the Alcantara Case. All of these Samsung official cases are available at the Samsung stores, or you can buy them from the Samsung’s official website.

MNML Thin Galaxy S8 Case

MNMLThin-Galaxys8 -image-1

MNML claims to be the only smartphone case that is the thinnest that is available on the planet. Yes! With a 0.35 mm of overall thickness, this case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 has bare minimal design characteristics to it without any branding over the cover. You can get the case in several colours, such as clear black solid black, clear white, coral blue and red. Don’t worry, though the case is thin; you’ll get the same durability and prevention from the wear and tear because of accidental drops of your phone.

Zizo Bolt Galaxy S8 Case

Zizobolt-galaxys8-image-1Let’s talk about some rugged smartphone cases for the Galaxy S8. Zizo Bolt comprises a TPU shell that acts as a perfect shock absorber with an impact resistant Polycarbonate. The case is MIL-STD 810G certified, which means that your smartphone is not being protected from impacts and shocks.

You can accessorise the Zizo bolt case by adding a belt clip holster, a kickstand and lanyard too. There are a few cool colour options available to pick from. You can get it in a combination of two separate colours, such as white/grey, black/neon green and desert tan/camo green.

Samsung Galaxy S8 LED View Cover


Back in the day, HTC has been releasing similar cases for their HTC line-up, they called them as ‘Dot View’ cases. HTC made use of the screen and presented it as a LED indicators using their covers. The LED view case for the Samsung S8 is another version of the Dot View case for the HTC devices. There are 54 special LED icons that light the cover up. The controls are limited though, and you don’t get full access with the cover ON.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S8 Case

SpigenNeo-galaxys8-image-1Spigen adds up another tough and rugged smartphone cover for the Galaxy S8 in our list. The case is again, MIL-STD 810G certified that means, your device can now absorb all sorts of mild to moderate impacts. You get a TPU covering over a polycarbonate frame that reinforces the overall structure of the case. The case is available in gunmetal, burgundy, arctic silver, coral blue, shiny black, violet and Niagara blue.

Tauri Wallet Galaxy S8 Case

Tauriwallet-Galaxys8-image-1Enough with the sturdy and rugged category let’s move on to the ‘multi function’ category. The Tauri Wallet case, as the name suggests have a built in the wallet where you can store a little cash and some cards. As per the built in the case is concerned, the wallet part is made from leather which gives the case a classy look. The remaining structure of the case is made from TPU that holds the phone firmly in place. You also get a magnetic strap to lock the wallet on the case.

Samsung Clear Cover

Samsung-cover-image-1Samsung has also released a clear case for their Galaxy S lineup this year. The overall thickness of the case is still 0.8 mm which is substantially thin. The good part about the case is that it doesn’t compromise on the design of the phone itself. The clear cover lets you see through so that you can appreciate the shines of the brand new S8 device. The only downside with such types of cover is that they are not so durable when it comes to handling shocks while you accidentally drop your phone, but can pretty much handle a few Knicks and knacks.

Final Words

Put on some cool covers on your brand new Samsung S8 smartphone and do share images with us. You can also add your favorite case on our list by sharing your thoughts in comment. We would love to review them for our blog and will publish in this list.

Sejal Parmar loves to explore the newly released Apps & Games. She blogs at Rule.FM and writes about latest Android Apps & Games.

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