Are you looking to buy an SSL certificate for your online store? Confused by seeing various SSL certificate providers selling same SSL at very huge price difference? Are you looking for trusted SSL certificate sellers who sells genuine SSL at cheap price? This article is for you.

Nowadays everything is happening online including shopping to paying bills, everything can be done online. Internet has made our life a lot easier and hassle free. But there is a big question when you purchase something online or pay your bills or share any confidential information online and that is, is your data safe? The answer to your question is, nowadays almost every website has an SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is used to keep the connection encrypted and secure. It secures any information like credit card details, passwords, etc. that is passed by a browser to a server. If you want to know if a website is secure or not then look at the URL of the website and if it begins with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ then it means that the site is secured.

Benefits of having an SSL certificate:

  • It helps you to secure the browser – server communication which is encrypted by very secure algorithm
  • It can helps you to gain your customer’s trust
  • It can help your website to gain better organic search rankings in Google

Conducting business over internet is risky so it is important to have a SSL certificate. Here in this article we have mentioned some of most reliable and trustworthy SSL providers and authorised re-sellers from where you can get the SSL certificate for your website.

The best SSL certificate providers are:

Best SSL Certificate ProvidersPrice / Year Starts From 
More Info
SSL2Buy$9More Info
GoDaddy$63.99More Info
Comodo$88More Info
GeoTrust$149More Info
DigiCert$218More Info
GlobalSign$249More Info
AlphsSSL$49More Info
RapidSSL$17.95More Info

Here are the authorised re-sellers of SSL Certificate from where you can buy at a cheaper rate:

These are the best SSL providers and authorised re-sellers from which you can buy a SSL certificate to secure your website. Choosing a best SSL certificate provider is all about reliability and trust.


It is an authorised reseller from where you can buy SSL certificate of leading authorities like Comodo, GlobalSign, GeoTrust, AlphaSSL, RapidSSL, etc. at a very low price. SSL2BUY offers 24/7 sales and technical support. There is no extra fees for account set-up, all you have to pay for is the certificate. It is one of the preferred option for buying SSL Certificates because you get all the branded SSL Certificates at one place. SSL2BUY is reliable, trustworthy, and also offers 30 days money back policy.


2) Namecheap:

Namecheap is also an authorised re-seller from where you can buy SSL Certificate of leading authorities at a cheaper rate. Buying a SSL certificate from Namecheap gives SSL Site Seal, which is a proof of security that is given by SSL certificate. Most of the SSL certificates available on Namecheap comes with 256-bit or 128-bit encryption that is also the industry standard for data protection. All the certificate that are on Namecheap are compatible with almost all the popular browsers. Apart from this, Namecheap is known for its excellent customer support and service.


The below list consist SSL certificate authority issues different types of SSL certificates:

1) Comodo:

Comodo is one of the largest and the most trusted commercial certificate authority. It is compatible with all popular browsers. Comodo is suitable for almost everything such as business, e-commerce, enterprise, etc. It offers 256 bit encryption that is trusted by all browsers. The best feature that Comodo provides is its excellent customer support that is available 24/7. It offers various SSL certificates such as DV, Wildcard SSL, Multi-domain, OV, EV, and many more. Comodo also gives 30 day trial of Domain validation certificate for free. However the validation can be time consuming if the information that is required for checking purpose is not available online.


For different SSL certificate the prices are different and are listed below,

  • DV Certificate – $79/year
  • OV Certificate – $143/year
  • EV Certificate – $199/year

For other wildcard and multi-domain certificates you can check their official website that is given below.


2) GeoTrust:

GeoTrust comes with 256 bit encryption to ensure the safety of your website. It offers various certificates like QuickSSL premium, True BusinessID, Wildcard, Multi-domain, SAN SSL, etc. that has different features. These certificates help your website to conduct secure online transactions and protects your website from phishing scams and security threats. Identity checks may take longer but these checks are thorough and detailed and are one of the main reason why GeoTrust is trusted and dependable. You can see GeoTrust SSL certificates in various fields and organisations such as healthcare, financial institutions, and government organisations.


  • True BusinessID – $218
  • True BusinessID Wildcard – $688/year
  • QuickSSL Premium – $149/year
  • QuickSSL Premium Wildcard – $745/year


3) Digicert:

Digicert is trusted and used by a lot of leading enterprises such as IBM, Facebook PayPal, etc. It provides a variety of SSL certificates like Wildcard, Extended Validation, Domain Validation, Organization Validation, etc. The certificate are issued within 1-3 days depending upon the type. It also offers excellent customer support that can be reached via phone call, email, or live chat. You can also see green address bar in the EV certificate.


  • Standard SSL – $218/year
  • EV SSL – $344/year
  • Multi-domain SSL – $412/year
  • Wildcard SSL – $688/year

You can learn more about the pricing and feature from the official website given below.


4) Godaddy:

People mostly know Godaddy as domain registration or web hosting company, but they also provide SSL certificates. Pricing is comparatively low as compared to other SSL Certificate providers. SSL Certificates that Godaddy offers comes with 2048-bit encryption technology. The feature that gives Godaddy an advantage over other SSL providers is its 24/7 support. Godaddy SSL certificates helps in securing sensitive information, credentials, transactions, etc. Renewal is more expensive than the fresh installation of a SSL certificate.


  • Single domain SSL – $63.99 / year
  • Wildcard SSL – $295.99 / year
  • Managed Wildcard SSL – $399.99 / Year
  • Multi-Domain DV – $160 / year
  • Multi-Domain OV – $240 / year


5) GlobalSign:

GlobalSign is an excellent choice for enterprise customers. It provides strong encryption by using SHA-256 and 2048 bit RSA keys and it makes sure that the browsing sessions and the confidential information of the visitors are safe. GlobalSign SSL certificate are compatible with all major browser and mobile devices. It provides amazing 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support. GlobalSign also has a certificate management platform that makes managing of multiple SSL certificate easier.


  • Extended Validation – $599/year
  • Organization Validated – $349/year
  • Domain Validated – $249/year


6) AlphaSSL:

AlphaSSL is the perfect choice if you are looking for cheap SSL certificates. The SSL certificates provided by AlphaSSL are value for money. The AlphaSSL certificates are issued by 2048 bit Globalsign Root Certificate, which is considered as one of the most trusted authorities. They are considered as the most advanced SSL certificate for anti-phishing checks in all applications. As a user you can secure both ‘www’ and ‘non-www’ with the help of AlphaSSL certificate.


  • AlphaSSL Certificate – $49/year
  • Wildcard SSL Certficate – $149/year

For more details on pricing visit their official website.


7) RapidSSL:

It is one of the inexpensive option among all SSL certificate providers. It is owned by GeoTrust that is also an SSL certificate provider. GeoTrust mainly focuses on large enterprises, whereas RapidSSL gives more attention on smaller businesses. However, when you will open the official website of RapidSSL you will see the option of upgrading your SSL certificate to GeoTrust. Along with 24/7 customer support it also has 30 day, 100% money back policy for every customer. It issues certificates with a 256-bit encryption key that makes your website secure. The drawback is that it has only Wildcard and Domain level validation options.


  • RapidSSL certificate – $17.95/year
  • Wildcard Certificate – $149/year


These were some of the best SSL certificate providers that ensures the safety of your website and also makes sure that the confidential and sensitive information is secure. However, you will notice a huge difference in price between certificate authority and re-sellers. The reason behind the price difference is that authorised re-sellers make bulk purchase. So you can get discount if you purchase from any authorised re-seller. Apart from discount, you will also get instant support while installing SSL certificate.