Sam is a huge fan of watches and he has a beautiful collection of them. After knowing through his friends and relatives, he came to know about the upcoming smartwatches. He was very excited to get more information related to the best smart watches in 2022, but he is confused whether he should buy a smartwatch or not and what should be the best possible criteria he should consider before he made his first smartwatch purchase. As technology is very rapidly evolving and hence he doesn’t want to buy a smartwatch which he can not keep in his collection for a longer time. If you are the one who is looking to buy a smartwatch, you should check this smartwatch buying guide article before you buy one.


Most people by now are big fans of smartwatches, but does that automatically mean you should be too? It’s sometimes difficult to know if a gadget is actually that good or if there is just way too much hype surrounding it. Smartwatches – the Apple Watch in particular– get a lot of attention and have unquestionably been ingrained into the minds of the general public as a must-have gadget. Despite that, do you really want one?

Smartwatch Buying Guide: What To Know Before Buying A Smartwatch

To help you understand whether you’d be a good fit for a smartwatch and smartwatch worth buying, then read this useful little smart watch buyers guide.

1. Battery life & Charging

When it comes to smartwatches, battery life remains the most popular and important factor that most users consider, but still there is an area of improvement in this feature recently. Some smartwatches need to be recharged on a daily basis, while others can last for 2-3 days. It is meaningless to buy a smartwatch if it requires to be recharged frequently. Nowadays, there are many smartwatches supporting faster and immediate charging. You have to make sure to double check the battery life of any smartwatch you are planning to purchase.

Either an USB cable or wireless charging dock is used for charging in most of the smartwatches. Some latest models also have solar charging available, which can be a more convenient option.

Most smartwatch’s battery stays for around 18 hours with moderate use, which means you’ll probably need to take it off when you get home and charge it for the necessary 2+ hours. If often you forget your charger on trips or even have trouble remembering to charge your phone, then we think: don’t get a smartwatch.

I have seen many people stop using smartwatches only because they don’t have the time to keep charging it again and again. If you are also thinking the same, don’t buy.

2. Fitness Tracking Features

Most of what drives the sales of smartwatches is the built-in fitness tracking features. The watches can track heart rates, count steps, give reminders when you’ve been idle for too long, and many more wonderful features to get you moving. If you’re searching for a smartwatch to help you stay fit and active, you will have to keep in mind that the smartwatch you are planning to buy has all the features. Nowadays, the smartwatches are launched with several features including heart rate monitoring, pedometers, blood pressure monitors, sleep monitors, voice command, ECG, SpO2, GPS tracking. If this sounds like something that will boost your motivation, then it will be a good idea to get a smartwatch.

The recent smartwatch launched by Apple is able to give ECG report with detailed analysis and option to get the report in PDF format. Isn’t it amazing?

3. OLED vs LCD Display

With the latest brands coming in smartwatches, the display has become an important factor in purchasing a new smartwatch. Most of the smartphones have an AMOLED display in premium smartwatches like Apple and Samsung and a colorful LCD screen to view images, applications and other content in broader colors. You can buy affordable smartwatches from different companies like Oppo, Xiami, RealMe, Vivo and these companies use LCD screens in their smartwatches. The AMOLED would provide better display effect; however, LCD would be better in cost saving and lifetime.

4. Water Resistance

If you participate more frequently in water activities like swimming, surfing, or spending a weekend at the beach, a water-resistant smartwatch can be one of your best gadgets. It prevents water such as splashing during rain or facewash and sweating. Nowadays modern smartwatches are manufactured with 30M to 50M water resistance, which protects the smartwatch from the basic water related issue.

5. App Availability and Selections

Before starting off with the app availability and selection, nowadays many smartwatches come with their own OS and app store, while others depend on applications from your Smartphone’s app store. Smartwatch has the capacity to execute a large number of apps designed for it. You can install apps like WhatsApp, FitPro, Google Fit, Spotify, Uber, Skype, Google Pay, Fitbit pay, Garmin pay, NFC customized for the smartwatch platforms.

6. Swappable Watch Bands

There are various design options available with different colors. You should check that the smartwatch band’s buckle and clasp would be easy to swap and use and make sure it would be feasible for you to get the replacement bands. You can personalize your smartwatch from modifying the watch model to changing the band.

7. Built-in GPS

Smartwatch gadgets are useful to track your activity and can also be utilized to track your current location. You will need a built-in GPS if you want to use your smartwatch to navigate to a destination. You can buy a list of latest smartwatches with built-in GPS.

Built-in GPS facility is most important. It keeps a track of your stats as accurately as possible.

8. Brand and Pricing

Nowadays most smartwatches are available at a price between $100 all the way up to $1600 for the latest ones. You’ll buy most smartwatches between $200 and $500 range on the basis of features and accessories.

You should consider above-mentioned important things while buying a latest smartwatch. Buying a well-known brand smartwatch can give a better user experience rather than purchasing one from a generic brand. The above article will definitely answer most of the queries that are occurred mostly before buying a new smartwatch.

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