John is a big fan of watches and he is having great collection of it. Now he want to revise his collection that should also include smartwatches in to it. John is confuse whether he should buy smartwatches or not? What should be the best possible criteria he should consider before he made his first smartwatch purchase? As technology is vary rapidly evolving and hence, he don’t watch to buy a smartwatch which he can not keep in his collection for a longer time. If you are the one who is looking to buy smartwatch, you should check this article before you buy one.

Most people by now are big fans of smartwatches, but does that automatically mean you should be too? It’s sometimes difficult to know if a gadget is actually that good, or if there is just way too much hype surrounding it. Smartwatches – the Apple Watch in particular– get a lot of attention and have unquestionably been ingrained into the minds of the general public as a must-have gadget. Despite that, do you really want one?

To help you understand whether you’d be a good fit for a smartwatch, then read this useful little guide.

1. Are you very forgetful?

Most smartwatch’s battery stays for around 18 hours with moderate use, which means you’ll probably need to take it off when you get home and charge it for the necessary 2+ hours. If often you forget your charger on trips or even have trouble remembering to charge your phone, then we think: don’t get a smartwatch.

I have seen many people stopped using smartwatch only because they don’t have a time to keep charging it again and again. If you are also thinking the same, don’t buy.

2. Do you care about fitness?

Most of what drives the sales of smartwatches is the built-in fitness tracking features. The watches can track heart rates, count steps, give reminders when you’ve been idle for too long, and many more wonderful features to get you moving. If this sounds like something that will boost your motivation, then it will be a good idea to get a smartwatch.

The recent smartwatch launched by Apple is able to give ECG report with detailed analysis and option to get the report in PDF format. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Are you more old-school with your style?

If you look at your clothing and furniture and see that you own nothing from H&M or IKEA, then you’re probably an old-school person. Wearing retro shirts, jackets, and sunglasses, for example, indicates that you prefer fashion from the past, which means a brand new smartwatch might clash terribly with your style. It might be best to not get a smartwatch but instead look at older brands if you need a new watch. A Swiss company like Tag Heuer, for instance, has been around since 1860, so look online for a vintage model.

And yes, keep your eye open for upcoming launch as you will also see many smartwatch maker will also start offering such vintage design to fulfill your need. Stay tuned!

4. Do you hate constantly looking at your phone?

When your smartwatch is synched to your phone, you can answer/make calls, check and reply to messages, and see the general notifications that your phone would receive, albeit on your wrist. Getting these notifications might still be a bit intrusive, but if you think that you waste time playing on your phone all day, then getting a smartwatch might help you out.

5. Do you want to be “that person”?

Despite being around for a few years and selling incredibly well, smartwatches are still the new kid on the block. Mechanical watches have been around for centuries, but the moment you put on a smartwatch and wear it to work, be prepared for raised eyebrows and some questions! You’ll probably get asked about all the fitness you’re now doing, jokes about “Does it also come with a clock?” and of course questions about why you even need it when you already have a smartphone.

If you can shrug these off and provide answers to assuage your colleagues, then happy days, but if not, we recommend not getting a smartwatch.