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7 Time Management Tools and Applications for New Year’s Resolution Success


7 Time Management Tools and Applications for New Year’s Resolution Success

Your new year’s resolution will not work unless you properly manage your time throughout the year. In this article, we will talk about such 7 time management applications those will help you to keep your New Year’s resolution.

There are many of such time management applications available in market but one has to consider various important points before downloading / buying any of such applications. Here are few important factors you should consider in time management applications you must consider:

  • It must offer mobile applications that will help you to user while not on your desk
  • It should have easy to use interface
  • It should support communication with internal calendar
  • Reminder is an important part of such app and hence, it must provide you timely reminder.

Apart from these, there are various factors you must consider before you download such applications. Here is the list our favorite apps you should try now:

#1 Trello

Trello is my personal favorite tool which helps me to manage many things in a single interface. For example, while managing content publishing for DigiFloor, we uses Trello which not only streamlined the process but also help in collaboration between team members. See the below screenshot from Trello interface, where you can arrange different cards as per your process and can accordingly add task / notes, deadline and various other details.

#2 Apple Screen Time Feature – for iOS users

Apple has recently launched the new feature “Screen Time” in iOS 12 which allows you to see the time you are spending on your device. It is great way to identify where exactly your time is spending and once you identified the non productive hours, you can easily eliminate the same by uninstalling app or by not accessing the same on regular bases.

#3 TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is one of the leading name when it comes to time management and tracking activities. Generally, this app is being used by an organizations to track their employee’s time and activities but this can be also helpful if you want to track your own time. It offers various features like time use track, chat monitoring, screen capturing, reporting and multiple device support. All this features will make your time management activities even more easier.

#4 RescueTime

RescueTime is another great time management software offers two plans. One is lite version which is FREE to use and another is premium version which can cost you around $4.5 per month. This application is ideal for the individual who want to track their activities. You can understand the utilization of your time from RescueTime reports.

#5 Remindo – Event Reminder

remindo app

This is our favorite event reminder application that will help you to organize all important events so that you will not skip important events to attend. Checkout all important feature at Google Play store now.

#6 Focus Booster – pomodoro technique

Focus booster is very unique time management application that is build on pomodoro technique. It is a technique developed by  by Francesco Cirillo in late 1980 which include an unique method of dividing entire task into small interval i.e 25 minutes. If you are not aware about Pomodoro technique, checkout detailed explanation at Wiki page.

#7 Mind42

This is another app helps you to boost your focus on important task. Yes, this is very unique application developed based on mind mapping principle.

Final words:

It is always challenging to focus on particular thing in this fast moving world where there are various distractions like social media, video games etc. If you find it difficult to manage your time, these time management application can be best solution to understand your working habits and will improve your productive at large extant.

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