Updates: This article is updated based on Oct 2017 Google trend data on top 5 retail companies in USA. 

Festival season is nearby and you must have started making list of things you want to buy this holiday season. But the biggest question is; from where you should buy this season? Well, the question is very hard to answer but when it comes to customer trust and popularity, there are few online shopping websites in USA you should consider. In this article we will list most popular online shopping websites in USA to buy from.

Online Shopping

When somebody talks about the online retail business, there are certain names that always find a place in discussion. These names are of the top 5 retail companies that made their way to success with a specific planning and strategy. Their strategies may be different but their intentions were same and that were to conquer the world with their world class service. Recently we published a list of Top software technologies and now we come-up with the list of top 5 retail companies with the help of Google Trend. It will definitely help you to choose the best online retail company to buy your favourite products on this festival season. The stories behind the success of the top 5 retail companies are revealed here to help you plan your purchase.

Top 5 online retail companies in USA


Amazon.comAmazon.com is the world’s biggest online retailer that was started in 1994. This company was started by Mr. Jeff Bezos, who left his job as the Vice President of the popular Wall Street firm, D. E. Shaw & Co. This was the time when the blue print of the online retailing giant came into existence. After lot of brainstorming he decided his company to be an online bookstore which would cater the need for literature at very low price. It got is name from Amazon River and now flows its websites all over the world.

Amazon is in top 10 list since last 166 months in Google trend USA data and we are expecting it to stay on top for upcoming time as well. You will find almost all different categories of product at highly competitive price and prime membership will deliver your product within small timeframe.


WalMart.com LogoWalmart is another name that conquers the world with its retail business acumen. The company has chain of retail stores that are known for offering highly discounted products. The founder of the company is Mr. Sam Walton, who started this venture in 1969 and further got it listed on New York Stock Exchange in the year 1972. After continuous efforts put in by Walton family and their team, the store has now expanded its territory by establishing about 8,500 stores in almost 15 countries.

They on 2nd spot since long and constantly acquiring market with better customer supports. Walmart is also operating their business in offline retail and has very good market share as well.

Target Corporation

target corporationTarget Corporation was founded in 1902 and is now established as second largest retailer in United States after Walmart in the discounted products range. The company was started as Dayton Dry Goods Company and later changed to Target Corporation.

It is second largest discount store in USA after WalMart and offer very good services too. If you are planning to buy holiday gifts for your friends or family, Target can be one of the best options for you.

The Home Depot

The Home DepotThis retailing giant is all about home decor and renovation products offering variety of colors and theme. The store operates in United States along with many areas of Mexico, Canada and China. The company came into existence in 1978 and later after many amendments established a successful home decor chain in various locations of specified counties.

If you are planning to buy home improvement products this holiday season, Home Depot can be best option to go with.


Low’s is one of the most popular company in USA which is listed under fortune 500 list. It operates retail chain in USA and also sells products online through their online ecommerce websites.

They are offering huge discount on their inventory during black Friday and Christmas holiday. You need to keep checking their offers to get best possible discount this season.


Best Buy

best buyBest Buy is the popular name in the world of electronics retail. The store was first started as a specialty audio store in 1966 and was later re-branded in 1983. The company has established more than 1150 stores all over United States and has additional Best Buy Express stores located in various malls.

Earlier, Best buy was in top 5 list of most popular retails shopping companies but this time, it slipped on No 7 in Google trend list. It is in top 10 list since last 166 months and hence we recommend Best Buy to our readers for holiday shopping this season.

Final thought:

It is very crucial to choose vendor for holiday shopping as if you receive faulty products or late delivery, it may ruin your holidays. This list is compiled based on Google trend and includes most trusted retail and online shopping websites in USA. You can buy based on product category, discount and delivery time.