technology cover pageToday is the last day of 2013, the year which gave lots of opportunities and taught some important lessons. The year will be remembered for breakthrough products, gadgets and launch of smart phones with amazing new features. We also seen some socking announcement of business partnership like Microsoft acquired Nokia. Lets welcome 2014 by remembering such great technology news of 2013.

Launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

iphone 5c 5sIn 2013, we seen many companies launched new smartphones with some new and advanced feature. In September 2013 Apple launched its much awaited 2 smart phones named iPhone 5C & 5S worldwide with some advanced features backed by ios 7. As usual, Apple got tremendous response to their iPhone 5s and 5c launch event that was covered by leading tech blogs, news channels and online media.

Microsoft Acquired Nokia at $7.2 Billion

microsoft acquired nokiaWhat was the reaction of Microsoft & Nokia lovers after this historical news of 2013? it is still a big mystery. Microsoft Corporation acquires more than 160 firms since 1987 and the first acquisition was Forethought (Known as MS Power Point) on June 29, 1987. Yammer, Skype, Hotmail these are the big acquisitions of Microsoft till date. But the big news which shocked the entire world was the acquisition of Finland giant company Nokia (Mobile Hardware Division) at $7.2 Billion by Microsoft. Some more deals like stakes and license patents of Nokia also was in this list.

Samsung Launched Much Awaited Galaxy Series Smart Phones S4 & Note 3 with Galaxy Gear

samsung galaxy s4 note3 gearSamsung is the reason why iPhone and other smart phones company feels very uncomfortable. Samsung launched one of its best smart phone series next model Samsung Galaxy S4 & Galaxy Note 3 with some advanced features. Samsung also revealed Galaxy Gear Smart Watch which is compatible with galaxy note 3 in 2013. The launch created BUZZ in all around the world. Apart from that Samsung also launched Galaxy Note 10.1 android based tablet in 2013 and revealed Samsung designer accessories too.  So 2013 is the year of Samsung smart phones & gadgets.

Sony Launched 8th Generation PlayStation 4 (PS4)

sony playstation 4Sony launched advanced 8th generation (PS4)  playstation 4 in November 2013. Sony first launched PlayStation in North America, Europe, Australia and some other countries in 2013 and they will launch it in Asia/Pacific countries in 2014. As of Dec 2013 Sony records over 2.1 million consoles have been sold and it was record selling ever. The PS4 is available at $399 in the US and £349 in the UK. Sony PlayStation is very popular all around the world and with PS4, Sony holds its reputation and giving tough competition to Nintendo & Xbox.

Blackberry Loosing Market Share in Smartphone World

blackberryBlackberry is one of the leading smart phones producing company in the world. But in 2013 Blackberry faced very tough competition with other smart phone companies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia and many more. 2013 was the complete disaster for blackberry; it lost large number of its users and profit too. Fairfax Financial acquires Blackberry for $4.7 Billion in 2013 that was the big news. Blackberry is very well known for its security features and as a result popular personalities like US president also uses Blackberry smartphones.

According to you, which was the greatest tech news in 2013? Share your experience by comments!