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Video Locker iPhone App to Protect Private Videos

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Video Locker iPhone App to Protect Private Videos

video locker iconEveryone has secrets. Smartphones today can be the book that your life is, with information like the places you have been, the people you have been with and the things you did. In this generation of selfies, every one of us has learnt to make good use of the smart phone camera and videos in this case are something that can be the story of your life. However, privacy can be a major concern in this case. Photos and videos that exist in the phone gallery is also accessible to anyone who uses your phone – it maybe your wife, your parents, your girlfriend, your kids, your colleagues and even your friends. User’s can use iProtect Album iPhone application to protect & secure private photographs. In most cases, you would be transferring the video file to your computer, lock it there and delete it from your phone. This however contradicts your option of looking back at those personal moments anytime and anywhere. Here comes an iPhone app that will actually keep your videos separate and secret from users who might be browsing through your phone.

The Video Locker iPhone App by Nitin Gohel extends privacy features that every iPhone user would have long waited for. The protective application allows users to lock videos such that they cannot be seen by others browsing the device gallery. This is quite important if you have private videos that you don’t want to be seen by friends, family members, kids and even your spouse. All the protected videos are added to a secret gallery that can only be unlocked using a secure PIN code.

video locker screensThe Video Locker app for iPhone has been intuitively developed and accompanies an easy to use interface. The platform is an excellent way to secure, manage and share personal videos. The interface also allows the user multiple view styles to categorize and store your videos. You may even choose to share these videos on WhatsApp and Facebook among your contacts.

video locker app guide copyVideo Locker Features

  • Secure private videos
  • Manage and categorize videos by folders
  • Highly user friendly
  • Secured by user generated PIN code
  • Multiple view style options
  • Easy sharing on WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Easy password recovery

Installing the Video Locker app saves you the trouble of awkward explanations. Now, you can make maximum use of your mobile and be carefree with your videos. Just mark on no one will ever know what you have been seeing or shooting.

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Nitin is an iOS application developer with over 4.5 years of experience in developing native application for iPhone, iPad and iMac devices. He loves writing about Apple products and shares his views on different aspect of it.

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