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Wonder how a social media post go viral? well, there is no rocket science behind it. In this article, i am going to show an easy way to get your social media post viral without spending your much time and money.

Social media marketing automation is an emerging industry where you can effectively manage your campaign by using various automation tools available in market.  In this article, i am sharing detailed review of the most popular tool which is famously known as Viral Autobots.

What is Viral Autobots?

Viral Autobots is cloud based web software that helps find and schedule the most viral content on popular social media networks. The software allows you to generate the more customer engagement in the form of likes and shares on your fan pages and groups by posting good content on these pages. The content is the most liked and shared content from around the world and includes videos, images and other content that people engage in watching and the content thus becomes viral over the internet. This saves your cost of posting ads and increases the visibility and brand recall of your brand through the posting of these suggested viral images/videos are from all over the world.

The Features:

Viral Autobots offers various features and keep updating their software to enhance the user experience. Here are few of the popular features they offers.

  • Viral Autobots tool helps you increase the visibility of your Facebook fan pages and groups by:
  • Instantly finding the most liked, shared and viral content on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube
  • Editing the description of the above found content to make it fit to be posted on the user’s website instead of sharing it and letting used for your business
  • Let’s you post updates on your websites instantly and also lets you schedule these posts instantly
  • Let’s Your Facebook fan page be seen by millions of users and increase traffic
  • Let’s the user see the top viral pages by simply typing in the keywords

The software lets you easily find the most viral content on the net and also lets you edit and post it for generating business or monetizing these pages with better visibility and traffic. The software automates the users fan pages and lets them drive in traffic so that the visitors subsequently click on other links next to the viral content and increases their brand’s visibility. Once the user has visited your Facebook fan page, they are likely to be suggested by Facebook to these visitors whenever they visit Facebook next and increases the user’s brand recall. The more the people engage with these posts, the more likely that Facebook will suggest it to other people which will ultimate surge the user traffic to these pages.

The Working

Here is a brief description of the working of the Viral Autobots software:

Step 1– The page finder tool lets the users search Fan pages in any niche category that they wish to post

Step 2-The discover button helps find viral posts from all over the world on the searched topic. The filter button also lets users search these posts and select the most appropriate images/videos based on the number of likes and shares.

Step 3– The posts thus found can be downloaded just by clicking a button and it can also be saved for posting it later on your fan page or group. These posts can also be posted directly by using the application by Viral Autobots.

The system lets you download the viral content and post this to any of the pages and groups you are admin of. One thing to remember is that the tool does not let make you share or repost the original content but makes you download and post the content as your own. The major difference between the two is that while sharing, the link to the original content is shown while Viral Autobots lets you post the content after downloading it so that it looks like a part of your page.

There are some additional and interesting features of Viral Autobots tool:

  • First is the Twitter Trends feature that allows you to search any location on the Google map and lets you search the trending twitter topics in that particular location.
  • Second is the YouTube trends feature that lets you select the viral and trending videos in the selected countries.

Based on various reviews of this software, it works well with the users and they also have some tutorial videos for new users that work well and provide guidelines that are clear and informative. Although some users have complained about its download feature that does not work well sometimes and makes it difficult for users to upload content on their page still most Viral Autobots users were satisfied with it. Also, some users were not satisfied with the support provided by the team in case of a problem.

In general, this is a useful tool also lets you use Facebook in the most intelligent way due to its ‘Affinity’ feature wherein the visitor to Facebook are guided towards your page or group simply best on the high number of visitors. Viral Autobots is very easy to use and is beneficial for those wanting better traffic and visibility for their brand. They also provide a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied and the package costs around $97 plus that includes the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter packages.

Over to you:

According to you, which is the best social media automation tool in the market? I would love to hear your views.

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