iOS 8Apple has just launched improved and innovative version of their operating system known as iOS 8 along with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and iWatch in recent Apple event held in Cupertino.  Several new tools integrated in iOS 8 will be extending the capabilities of game developers look forward to hard core reforms. The potential in the gaming application industry has largely remained untapped due to some technical and feasibility constraint. However, things are going to change and the world will see some great gaming application on newly launched iPhone and iOS 8 operating system. Here are few new features integrated in iOS 8 for better game development.

# CloudKit

CloudKit in iOS 8The new iCloud allows game developers to store more game data on the cloud. The platform is provided as a public storage unit for ladder-boards and similar gaming data. As such, CloudKit will allow developers give more attention to the client requirements instead of the server. Further, CloudKit is offered for free to developers, though with a limited speed and capacity.

# Metal

Metal in iOS 8Metal is the most important addition that game developers would look forward to. It has been specially designed to replace OpenGL and integrate A7 processing. Metal will be thoroughly enhancing the rendering efficiency, almost 10 times, and promoting the highest form of graphics integrations. Metal has been confirmed to be supported by Frostbite, CryEngine, Unreal Engine and Unity3D. Improved algorithms and better hardware will further extend the capabilities of Metal.

# Swift

swift languageSwift becomes the new programming language for iOS 8 game developers. Swift, as such is as simple and accessible as Python and reflects elements used in several other languages and with better efficiency. Further, developers can choose to instantly review the change in output of their Swift Code. Swift helps ease out the earlier baggage of Objective C.

# SceneKit

SceneKit in iOS 8 While Metal is going to leverage high end gaming, SceneKit will become the SDK for casual games in iOS 8. It integrates a 3D scene renderer that provides improved per-pixel physics field forces, inverse kinematics and light sources. Making a casual game has become easier and end users can expect a surprising improved in graphics as a result of SceneKit.

# SpriteKit

SpriteKit iOS 8SpriteKit will provide efficient way to develop games that consumes less battery life. Developers can see huge improvement and character motion, can easily add force field and generate new lighting effects. Apple also replaces the previously essential libraries and external frameworks like Coscos2D and replaced with SpriteKit – the first ever game engine built into the operating system SDK. While the capabilities of SpriteKit are largely limited to 2D game development, it certainly will make things easier and creative at the developer’s end. The SpriteKit will specifically integrate a full physics engine, particle systems and various features for animation.

ios 8 featuresThe iOS 8 will come preinstalled with all new Apple devices and will also be compatible with currently sold devices like iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air and 5th gen iPod Touch. Game lovers have a lot to look forward to!

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