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We respect innovative and original ideas that encourage our readers to implement or learn from them. Our motive behind this website is to build a community of tech savvy people who want to stay connected with current market trends in the world. We are working hard to feed them with the best information that helps all to grow together. When it comes to guest articles, we are very strict in quality of content. Here we prepared a set of guidelines for guest author that will help you to built content get approved for publishing:

Guidelines for Guest Author

Fresh & Unique

We only accept content that uniquely written for our website and 100% original story. Please do not waste your time by sending copy / spinned / or re-written content. Our editors are very experienced and equipped with tools to capture such content in no time!


Our readers are from particular niche (technology, digital products, gadgets, digital marketing etc…) we only publish story that written by considering this “Persona”. Non-relevant content will be rejected without review!

Topic and Subject

To get faster approval, do prepare story that add great value in our blog. You can add data, insight, and proof of your claim, research, findings, news or updates that educate our readers.

Video, Images and Other Media

Add related media in your story and make sure that it does not violate copyrights of original owners. You will be responsible for any copyright in-fragmentation. You can find millions of image and media to use in your article under CC license on

Outgoing Links

We are very strict with our linking policy and rejects article that is solely written for generating back links. We respect Google webmaster guidelines and do not encourage any activities that violate their link building guidelines. Do place links that is necessary and important for citation. We do not allow self-promotion or self linking in article body.


Our editor will do final editing of the story and will do necessary change in Title, outbound links, media and resources. We may edit some portion of content to make them more resourceful. This does not mean we will repair or re-structure the article. If our editor will find more mistakes, we may reject the story.

Apart from these, do follow below important rules

  • Send at least 1000 words of story, we do not accept short stories
  • Send your author bio along with social media profile and one link back (only relevant theme of website) to your website (do not use optimized anchor text).
  • Send your article in Word Format only

If you think you can follow given guidelines and want to reach large audience DigiFloor, do send your story by email or using below contact form.

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