Have you subscribed to YouTube Premium? If not then, you can try 1 month free trial to experience YouTube Premium content. Everyone is familiar with YouTube, probably the most popular streaming platform today. YouTube can also be termed as the hub of content and creativity. YouTube is a creative platform and users can create their own channels. It allows users to create their own unique content and upload it. YouTube also has a version named YouTube kids. It is specifically designed for kids that are 3-8 years old. This eventually helps parents as well as kids to find the content suitable for kids easily because YouTube offers a large pool of videos everyday. YouTube also offers paid service that is known as YouTube Premium.

Youtube premium

YouTube Premium was formerly known as YouTube Red. It provides a lot of features compared to the free YouTube. Some of the major features of YouTube Premium are that you can see videos without ads. Users can download the videos on their mobile phones and watch it when YouTube is offline. With YouTube Premium users also get access to YouTube originals. YouTube originals include exclusive shows that are produced by the YouTube streaming service and it also includes access to YouTube music. It has a lot of features hence it is completely justified to buy YouTube Premium because the price is also not very high and everyone can afford it easily.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Red is now known as YouTube Premium and it is a subscription service. It was introduced in the year 2015. YouTube Red disables all the ads that you see generally see on YouTube. YouTube Red also has other major benefits like saving the videos and watching them offline. You can watch these videos for up to 30 days without any internet connection. It also allows users to listen to YouTube videos even when the screen is off. YouTube Red gave access to members’ only original shows and movies. The users who got the monthly subscription of YouTube Red also got the free monthly subscription of Google Play Music included in the fees of YouTube Red subscription. This was one of the major advantages of buying YouTube Red.

Youtube red family plan

These were all the features that came with the subscription of YouTube Red. However, in the year 2018, YouTube Red was changed to YouTube Premium. The price of subscription was increased and users were able to watch ad-free content and videos on various YouTube platforms like YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Gaming. Users also get the Google play music subscription along with the YouTube premium subscription without paying any extra money.

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music is an app that is specifically designed for music by YouTube. Users can easily find albums and songs in this application. There is also a trending section from where you can find some new songs. This app allows its users to enjoy ad-free music. You can also enjoy the songs offline and even when the screen is turned off. Although it is a music app if you want to watch the video of any song then you can also switch to the video mode and enjoy both audio and video at the same time. Features of YouTube Music Premium are almost the same as the YouTube Premium.

YouTube music premium also has an audio-only mode. In this mode, only audio will play and it will not load any video. This is very helpful when there are connectivity and video playback issues. These were some of the features of this app that users can enjoy if they get the subscription.

YouTube Originals


YouTube originals are another platform like YouTube music that provides original content from some of its successful creators or partners. It is just like Netflix and Amazon and it includes various movies or shows of different genres. Many of the YouTube originals series are available on free. The series available on YouTube will contain ads that will eventually ruin the whole user experience. Users who have the YouTube premium subscription can watch the latest episodes of YouTube originals right when they premiere. You get a lot of options to choose from YouTube originals because there are so many TV shows and series. YouTube originals are included in the YouTube Premium subscription, so, you don’t have to pay extra for YouTube originals. Here we have mentioned some of the best YouTube originals TV shows that users can see,

  • Origin (2018)
  • Step Up: High Water (2018)
  • Impulse (2018)
  • Kedi (2017)
  • Ryan Hansen Solves Crime on Television (2017)
  • Wayne (2019)
  • Youth and Consequences (2018)
  • Kevin Hart: What the Fit (2018)
  • Cobra Kai (2018)
  • Single by 30 (2016)

These were some of the best YouTube originals that you can watch. Apart from the series and movies, there are also various documentaries that are quite interesting. Overall, It is full of amazing content and users can easily watch it by just getting a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube Red family plan and benefits

There is a free one month trial period that users can enjoy and after that, the cost of YouTube premium is $11.99 per month. There is also a YouTube Red family plan in which you can add up to 5 family members to the premium subscription. The cost of the YouTube Premium Family Plan is $17.99. This is a perfect option if you have a big family because the overall cost is low compared to buying individual plans for every member of the family.

If you are looking to buy the YouTube music premium subscription then you can buy that at the price of $9.99 per month.

The major advantage of YouTube premium is that you get a free trial month where you can actually see the difference between normal YouTube and YouTube premium. You can enjoy ad free videos and content. You also get access to YouTube originals that has numerous TV shows and series. After the trial period, if you find the YouTube premium effective then you can buy it. The YouTube Premium is not very costly and everyone can afford it easily. YouTube has huge presence and very big user base all over the world. The introduction of YouTube Premium and YouTube music premium at such an affordable rates has provided very tough competition to its competitors like Spotify, JioSaavn, etc. Similarly, YouTube originals that is included in YouTube premium subscription is giving competition to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Overall, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium are the perfect ways to enjoy hassle and ad-free music and videos whenever you want.

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