Many YouTube videos comes with CC license and allows you to download them for specific use. If you are also looking to download YouTube videos for your media content development, you should also familiar with many things. When creating such content, people face many challenges including incompatibility with their media players and not getting the highest quality audio. So rather than depending on MP3 or AAC file, they look for something that is capable of holding more reliability in the digital sounds. Unlike MP3 or AAC file, the perfect audio file format for content creators is WAV. Although an older format, WAV is a standard format that sounds great without high space requirements that are required for AIFF or FLAC files.

There are a few ways to convert YouTube videos to WAV file through online or offline tools. One way is to install a program on your computer and the other is by using online converter tools. But the method chosen depends on the frequency of conversion of YouTube content to WAV file. For the regular users, it is advised that they keep a desktop application on their PC which is a reliable way as opposed to web-based downloading methods. The application is not free of cost and the user might need to pay for downloading such applications. The occasional downloader can stick to online methods to convert WAV files from YouTube.

Let’s look at the various tools to download music files in WAV format from YouTube:

1. Wondershare Video Converter: Your Complete Video Toolbox

Wondershare Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter is free of cost and trusted tool that offers faster conversion, high-quality outputs and many extra features. It is considered one of the best converter tools as it can convert videos into WAV, AAC, MP3 or any other desirable format. The quality of the audio is never compromised while using this web-based tool and therefore it is one of the top tools used to download music files in WAV format from YouTube

2. Allavsoft Converter For Windows/Mac

Allavsoft Video Converter

Allavsoft is a professional YouTube to WAV Converter and Downloader. With this tool, one can easily convert and download YouTube to WAV and extract WAV from YouTube on Mac OS X or Windows computer. Besides extract WAV from YouTube, works as an audio extractor,It can extract many other formats also from Youtube such as MP3, AIFF, Apple Lossless, AAC, WMA, DTS, AC3 and so on. Besides converting YouTube to WAV, this tool also works as a professional streaming video downloader, it can easily save videos from most video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo, eHow, Facebook etc. to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, 3GP, etc.

3. SaveClipBro: Online Video Converter

Save Clipbro - Online Video Converter

SaveClipBro is a free online video downloader and converter that help users save videos from YouTube, as well as other platforms. They can be watched later on smartphone, notebook, iPhone, PlayStation, offline or on almost every other device.

4. Microsoft Playlist Downloader: Download Youtube Video/Playlist In A Single Click

Microsoft Playlist Downloader

PlayList Downloader provides free and unlimited access to music online and also helps download (MP3/MP4) Songs and music videos and Playlists & Channel Uploads/Videos from Youtube.

Before downloading and using the videos from YouTube, it is extremely important to gain permission from specific users who own the copyright of the content that you wish to download. Not doing this is a violation of the terms of service surrounding YouTube and the copyright status of that specific clip. Thus to avoid getting into legal gray areas, ensure that you gain permission before using any clip from YouTube. The site also has plenty of copyright-free content which can be used through WAV downloader tools.