hendo hoverboardIf i will tell you that, i have seen a person floating in air on Howerboards; what will be your expression? you will think that i am gone made or what! We have seen such things in moviews but in reality, it is difficult to believe that something like this could be seen in real world. But now, with dreams turning into reality, Hendo has come up with the first real hover-board of the world along with the hover developer kit. The present hoverboard by Hendo has the capacity of standing at a distance of 1 inch from the ground. The experience of standing on the hoverboard and feeling the anti-gravity effect is surely a thing that all are looking forward to. The Kickstarter Community is working incessantly towards the goal and just waiting to provide the finishing touches to the Hendo Hoverboard.

The current Hendo Hoverboard is undergoing various kinds of changes and experiments. The engineering team which is working behind the project is providing hard labor behind the project by changing designs one after the other. The current model of the hoverboard is the 18th prototype, though more advances are being made with each passing week. One needs to step on the hoverboard by putting one step on the same at a time. After putting both the feet on the hoverboard, the whole body weight gets transferred to the board. The next moment brings in an amazing feeling of weightlessness – a slight bounce is felt and it seems that one is bouncing on air. The frictionless feeling is something that cannot be put into words; it just needs to be felt! 2014 year is full of invention. Just few days back DigiFloor published article on amazing invention Solowheel – A Revolutionary Invention.

Features of the Hendo Hoverboard

Mentioned below are interesting features of the Hendo Hoverboard:

  • Ride height – The ride height provided by the Hendo Hoverboard is 1 inch. If you are planning to take on hoverramps, this is the best height for the same.
  • Total control – Riding on hoverboards needs balancing. The hoverboard integrates fantastically with the natural movements of the body.
  • Simple design – The design of the hoverboard is simple yet very strong. The elegance is not hampered by the powerful design.
  • Easy gliding – Riding on the hoverboard will give a smooth ride, smoother than driving on wheels.
  • Safety – The hoverboard comes with many safeguards. Some of them include automatic powerdown as well as interference free surface for riding.

Hendo Hoverboard Video

Working of the Hendo Hoverboard

The hover engines that are installed below the hoverboard are the main source of energy for the machine. There are four hover engines that come in disc shape. An opposite magnetic field is created on the surface below the hoverboard and that gives a levitating effect to the machine. This is the reason that the board rises up the ground. The hoverboard intends to be self-propelled, but the same action can be used to drive the hoverboard in the forward direction.

hendo hoverboard designThe surface substrate is a non-ferromagnetic conductor. Various kinds of metals are used for the same. Simple metallic sheets are used for the conductor. However, engineers are working on developing new combinations of metals so that the working capacity of the hoverboard is increased and new technology can be implemented. The costing factor also needs to be taken into consideration.

According to you, what will be the real world impact of this Hendo Howerboard? Do you think that the technology used in this product can also encourage the innovation in other industry? Share your though?