About Us

DigiFloor is the platform that shares information about All-D (all digital). One day when I was busy in solving one minor issue, I spent around 12 hours to find the solution. Lots of blogs, lots of material and so many phone calls!! But I failed to get the solution. It took more than 2 days to get the solution after number of failed attempts. The problem was very minor and few small tweak were the solution.

This small incidence encouraged me to start a blog that shares such information. There are many people around the world facing similar problem and seeking help. This is how DigiFloor came into existence.

DigiFloor is committed to share:

  • Simple Solutions of Complex Problems
  • Fundamental of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Products Features and Information
  • Digital Industry News and Updates
  • And many more…

If you are one of them who believe in solving other’s problem, you are welcome to share your solution with our readers. Contact us now to share your ideas…