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Top 9 Mobile Apps Marketplace to Buy and Sell Source Code

Mobile apps marketplaces


Top 9 Mobile Apps Marketplace to Buy and Sell Source Code

Mobile apps marketplaces

John & Thom are mobile app developers who wanted to start building their own app portfolio. Both started working at the same time and within one year; John is generating over $10K plus revenue where as Thom is struggling to earn $1000 a month. Why? There is no magic or any shortcuts in building profitable mobile app portfolio. Effective utilization of resources plays an important role and in John’s case, he did exactly the same.

Do you want to know how?

Rather then building apps from the scratch, John’s went to mobile app source code marketplaces to buy readymade iPhone & android app source code. He did extensive research on demand and accordingly bought the source codes. With minor customization and reskinning the app, he started launching app and at the same time, he also started selling his source code on these marketplaces. This strategy helped John to produce more applications within small timeframe and resulted in better ROI.

If you are mobile application developers or want to built profitable mobile app portfolio, buy or sell mobile app source codes to make money out of it. No matter whether you are iPhone or Android application developer; mobile app marketplaces are the blessing for app developer community. Lets see how?

Why to buy or sell app source code?

Mobile application development is considered as one of the most competitive market and it is challenging job for developers to fulfill the requirements of client. When it comes to meeting client’s deadlines, buying app source code from marketplaces can help you by offering ready made working modules to complete your iphone or android projects on time. Mobile application marketplaces also offers exciting opportunities to make extra money by selling mobile app source codes at reasonable prices. If you can develop unique and working source code, there are people who ready to buy them at competitive price.

Compiled list of Top Mobile App Marketplaces

Marketplace NamePlatform Support 
Sell My AppiOS, Android, Unity, BuildboxCheck
App N Game ReskinApp and Games Template (iOS, Android, Unity 3D source codes)Check
CodesterWeb, Mobile App Scipts & Source CodesCheck
FlippaWebsite, Source Code MarketplaceCheck
Code CanyonAll Types of Source Code MarketplaceCheck

As there are hundreds of app market places available online, it is difficult to choose the best one which offers trusted and reliable apps source code. To make your job easier, we did research by considering numbers of factors to prepare the list of top #9 mobile apps source code marketplaces which offers:

  • Huge collection of latest source codes for iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms
  • The original app source code as claimed by developers
  • Refund if you are not happy with the deployed code
  • Working source codes developed by experienced app developers
  • Customization and enhancement support by original developer
  • Having positive feedback from existing buyers
  • Compatible with latest iOS / Android or respective operating system

If you are newbie and want to learn mobile application development by exploring FREE source codes, don’t worry; few marketplaces listed here are also stocks huge collection of Free app source codes of working projects. Lets explore the all popular source code market places.

Popular Mobile Application Source Code Marketplaces

#1 SellMyApp

sellmyapp bannerSellmyapp is one of the oldest mobile application source code marketplaces having huge collection of source codes for Android & iOS in different niche. It provides excellent quality source codes and has a dedicated team of professionals that provide Reskin and coding services for the items purchased on the marketplace. With a buyer protection of 14 days for any purchase and a great support system this is by far one of the best choices for mobile source code shopping. They are also publishing useful content on their blog sharing tips on app development using these source code and how to guide for developers.


App n Game Reskin

AppNGameReskin is a rapidly growing App Source code Marketplace, has successfully establishing itself as a trusted place to buy and sell app source codes within small time span. We found that, experienced developers from across the world are joining AppnGameReskin due to various seller benefits introduced by this marketplace such as easy vendor registration, Weekly payments, featured promotion for each product, high commissions, vendor interview publishing on blog and Facebook paid campaigns, this is the reason AppnGameReskin has portfolio of great App & Game Templates. Vendors can sell App Templates, Game Templates, Graphic Assets & Quick Launch Apps.

They are offering 100% Unique App Launch services in the price of Reskin. Company has just launched this service on all source code templates, they will modify source code with new features addition for you such as Level Map orientation, UI & Flow of your App, Levels Design, Leader board or replacement of any existing feature with new feature in your App and will provide you a unique App in the price of Reskin. Because of all its unique features & benefits both for the app sellers & buyers, I have listed AppnGameReskin on 2nd rank in my list of Top 9 App source code marketplaces.

#3 Codester

Codester marketplace
Codester is not just selling mobile apps source code but also offers big platform for web application developers. It is one of the largest inventory for Scripts, Apps, plugins, themes, templates source codes. Codester is a marketplace where designers and developers can buy and sell PHP scripts, app source codes, themes, plugins and more. They have a separate section for mobile app source code categorized by iOS, Android, Unity, Corona and Tatanium source codes.


codecanyon Codecanyon is a popular market place owned by world’s popular brand Envato. You can buy as well as sell your app source codes at Envato market place and can earn huge commission too. Here you will get various components for the variety of languages and frameworks like PHP, Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET and many others.

There is a large collection of high quality mobile app source codes for all different platforms. Not only do they sell iOS app source codes or Android source codes, they also have many app source codes for SDK’s to build hybrid apps. You can find source codes built in Unity, Corona and Titanium platform to deploy for all different app stores with small customization.

#5 Flippa – An entrepreneur’s marketplace

flippa marketplace

Flippa is considered as world’s most popular website & domain market place and now has strong presence in mobile application source codes too. Flippa is true entrepreneur’s market place where you can buy or sell android & iOS application businesses and can make big money out of it. Showcase over thousands of applications; you will have vast option to choose from. The process is pretty simple; just list your functioning application along with download or earning statistics and your selling price. Buyers will check this information and may ask query directly from there or can bid their offer which can be accepted or rejected by seller.


sell my source codeSell My Source Code is world’s emerging marketplace from where you can buy and sell the source codes of Android, iOS, Windows platforms and best known for their 3D games source codes. This marketplace offers an exciting opportunity for the mobile application developers to get ready to use source codes. With this portal users can also download their required source codes at free of costs. With huge collection of source code, Sell My Source Code is also including more and unique application every day. As per recent updates, they are getting more popularity because of their unique application and support. If you are in need to customize existing source code or want to enhance the feature, they are having team of experience mobile apps developers who can make it possible at very competitive prices.

#7 is an unique mobile app marketplace which allows iOS and Android developers to sell and buy their source code and generate extra revenue from it. It is an emerging platform for app developers and investors to buy, sell, or license existing mobile apps/games. Here investors can easily find mobile apps source code for different category like Games, Entertainment, Finance & other utilities at best price.


Chupamobile is one of the leading marketplaces from where anyone can buy and sell professional Apps as well as games source codes at highly competitive price. This one-stop mobile apps source code marketplace offers you the largest library of ready to use apps that can help you to save upto 90% of the app development time and cost in order to launch your Android or iOS application. With this portal you can have your own app and can easily use them without any development skills. With over 3500+ app source codes & templates plus 15K+ user base, chupamobile is leading the mobile app source code industry. They also offers FREE learning tutorials for developers to sharpen their apps development skills.


apptopiaApptopia is a marketplace from where you will get most actionable mobile app data and insights into the industry so that you will be able to make your business decisions easily and quickly. They provide transparent app economy in order to make all the data available to many people.


appsfreshAppsfresh provides feature quality of iOS source codes for sale that are easy to reskin. These source codes are helpful in making money for your app flipping business. Their quality game source codes for the iOS platform are very popular. Appsfresh also offers app store optimization packages in order to improve your keywords and to get the high exposure to your app in the App Store.

GameGorillaz is quickly becoming a credible name as an asset marketplace catering iOS, Android app source codes. Even though the company opened its doors as a multi vendor platform at the beginning of 2016, they have been able to scale up rather quickly over 2000 assets. Their line of products range from source codes of various game development platforms such as Unity, Cocos, BuildBox etc. They also have sections for Game music and 2D game art. The primary success of GameGorillaz is due to the quality of products they get on board the platform. Vendors swear by them as they are the only marketplace which pays every week to the sellers.

From the buyer point of view, many large gaming studios trust GameGorillaz for source codes and support. So much so that some hit games recently released by a major player having an IPO, released a game made on top of the source code from this website. Plus prices of game source codes are easy on the pocket.

This is one marketplace you should have an eye on and we certainly recommend it.

sellmyappSellMyApp is the first choice for all the developers to sell or license their source codes. Their source codes are ready to use so you can quickly start your mobile development business. They promote your app with link-backs and provide Global App Marketing Exposure with free memberships. The mobile version of sellmyapp provides high flexibility.


AppResk is one of the emerging online marketplaces since 2011 working on mobile apps development & wide range of customers. AppResk have small innovative mobile game developers team which brings your ideas to real visual games. AppResk team works on different platforms like Graphics design, Game UI & Unity 3D and delivers absolutely amazing results. Users can buy source code for different platform from this marketplace along with Graphics reskin at very reasonable price with full support.

I tried my best to list the top marketplaces as per my knowledge and understanding, if you have any recommendation for this list; do write here by comment or drop me an email. I will review the marketplace and will include in this list.

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Jignesh gohel is a Google Adwords certified professional and digital marketing consultant having over 10 years of experience. He loves writing about gadgets, pay per click advertisement and online marketing. Connect with him here at Linkedin - Jignesh Gohel

  • Sid Matthew

    Thank you very much for featuring one of the unique market place Sell My Source Code. This market place provides unique and best range of mobile applications source code for Android , iOS and Unity 3D.

    • Thank you Sid for your below comment,

      Yes i reviewed your mobile apps source code marketplace and found it really interesting and helpful for readers of this blog. I really appreciate your hard work that can be helpful to developer community.

  • Brian

    Hi Jignesh
    This is a great article, but I am wondering if you could include my site in this ( Granted it is not as large as some of these others, but I am one of the pioneers in this space where as I was one of the first developers to license source code for the purpose of reskinning apps. Would love it if you would consider adding my site as well.


    • Thank you Brain for your feedback,
      I will definitely check the website you shared and if it is suitable for this post, will include them.

  • I Also Found an awesome website to Sell & Buy Mobile source code for all platforms!

    • Thank you Eddy, i will visit the website to review different features and module offered by Application4sale website.

  • Hi Jignesh, I’m Melissa from Chupamobile. Thanks for sharing 🙂 We work hard to provide the best service possible to our community and articles like this one make us super happy 🙂 All the best!

    • Thank you Melissa for your wonderful feedback about my article.
      I always love to share products that contribute towards to growth of community.

  • Nitesh

    New website for Buy and sell source code also available ( so please add this website here

    • Thank you Nitesh for sharing your website. I will review it and will add in list if it is suitable!

  • citkar

    You can see Top class market place — >> Codecanyon is separate market place by world’s popular brand Envato.

    Please Find Advance Point of sale

    • Hi Citkar,

      There is nothing related to mobile application source code!

      • @alxcancado

        Actually you can find a lot of mobile app source code in Codecanyon, most of them games and under 20$. Just look at the mobile category.

  • MaxHype

    Hello, I would be very proud if you could add to the list my new site Swift Game Source, an emerging marketplace for iOS games templates and frameworks
    Thank you
    Massimiliano Rossi

    • Thank you Max,

      I definitely review your website soon.

    • Roger Perry

      HI There Maxhype, Can we chat. Would like to learn more about Swift game source.

      • MaxHype

        Hi there, Swift Game Source is now SwiftAPPSource!

  • Ratan Deora

    just found this awesome place site they have a marketplace where they offer source code at very low price and reskin service at price 1/4 of the price offered in above sites

    • Thank you Ratan for your suggestion, we have reviewed the website and found that they does not offer source code. They only reskin the app!

  • Great article. I don’t want to be luring for a link, but codester should be great additional to this list ;-).

  • Fahad Ullah Khan

    hi very nice list, you can also add www(.)whitelightgame(.)com for buying quality unity game source codes

  • `great article

  • Benjamin Rodefer

    I am looking to buy a simple swipe unlock/passcode source code to add to the opening of my app and I don’t see one on your website. Ideally needs to be customizable, colors, background image, maybe change the button images, etc. Have you seen that out there? Thanks!

    • Jignesh Gohel

      Let me know if you are still looking for the source code.

  • Niks

    Chupamobile is a big scam. The quality of code is awful and they will never refund you despite their promises. Avoid this scammers!

    • Jignesh Gohel

      Thank you for your feedback about Chupamobile,

      Can you elaborate on the fact? it will help other members to take the decision on purchasing mobile apps source codes.

      • Niks

        Yeah. My story was simple. They state that have money back guarantee in cases when some feature is missing/not working however advertised. I bought a code of simple app (which loops video) and there was a bug in this one and only feature.

        Support was very rude and unfriendly even didn’t try to help me. I requested the refund 10 times explaining my issue and every time they had different excuse. Very stupid excuses.

        So I had to use bank’s chargeback program to get my money back and informed Visa, Mastercard and Stripe about this.

        And frankly the code I’ve bought was damn bad. I suppose that the guy who made it used some tutorials to create it. Imagine, he used images to make default system buttons on tvOS. Just default gray buttons…

        • Jignesh Gohel

          Thank you very much for sharing your story in more details and will really help us to list mobile apps marketplaces which really helps our users. We will check from our end and definitely take action.

    • paolo

      Hi Niks, this is Paolo co-founder at Chupamobile, could you kindly send me more information regarding your case? I’m more than happy to understood what happened. It’s very strange to hear that our support is rude, we always try to be as much supportive as possible and we are working very hard to improve day by day our service. We have thousands of customers who purchase templates every month and we are doing that since 4 years, I can ensure you we are not a scam and I’m here to understand what happened in order to solve your issue if something went wrong 🙂

      I’m really sorry to have found this comment so in late!

      • Thank you Paolo for sharing your feedback to Niks’s experience.

        • paolo

          You are welcome. We are serving thousands of indie devs and appreneurs every month and we really care about each of them 🙂

          We have the largest community in this market and it has been possible only because we try to be as much polite and supportive as possible. Anyway thank you again to having mentioned us on your article 🙂


          • I have been in industry since last 10 years and have worked with various source code sellers to promote their brand. I know about all hard work of ChupaMobile and this is the reason we have listed in this article.

            Keep rocking and let me know if I could be of any help.

          • @disqus_EM1WyZr6AV:disqus when are you going to have an affiliate program? I want to promote your products on one of our website.

      • Niks

        Hey, you can check it in your zendesk, by request #31063.

        • paolo

          OK, we’ll get back to you via email.

      • Drew Goodman

        Hey Paolo,
        I tried emailing you and messaging you on twitter. I paid for a re skin in march of 2015. It’s almost 2017 and it still isn’t finished. I have to email the developer 3+ times every time to get a response. It has been a terrible experience. This project has ate up my time for over a year and a half. Please contact me. zendesk id 8276,18926

  • ax8

    Ignore please. Dont corporate with this site. We give them our games, and they sell those for us. But in some reason, the transaciton was successfull but reversal after that. User may be downloaded our game, and they didnt give any money for us. They only told: Someone hack paypal account and “Unfortunately Codester is not responsible for any damage. We do our very best to prevent payment fraud. ”
    Yes the best is here. Their payment system had a problem and they let us accept this. Our games effort was lost and we didnt get any money. We gave those for them and they did that. I dont know may be, they have received money but didnt give it to me and told: Fail transaction:)

    • I am the Co-founder of Codester. We are very sorry for your bad experience with Codester, but Codester won’t ever take your money. We also have no records of our payment system failing.

      Like already mentioned, the reason for not receiving any money for a sale is somebody purchased your products using a stolen creditcard or hacked Paypal account. In such a case Codester does not receive any money. Nor will the seller the of the product.

      Payment fraud is a great problem for all digital marketplaces. You can ask any person who has ever sold code, themes or graphics. Whatever marketplace you sell on, you will encounter fraud sooner or later. We have invested in of the best antifraud systems and encounter one of the lowest fraud rates with 96% of attempts being blocked. Unfortunately that is still not 100% and it will not buy you anything if you are just that unlucky seller, but we are doing our very best to prevent it.

      • Jignesh Gohel

        Thank you Frederick for your reply to given query and sharing your pain. Yes, I have seen such incident earlier and I am sure OP will understand this too.

  • Dayna Jones

    Hello, will it be possible to add to the list – the first developers of opencart native mobile app by Exlcart(dot)com, an emerging marketplace software which even provides source code to its clients. Do take time to review this website along with demo.
    Thank you

  • prins prem

    Hi, is anyone can oder rate 1-10 the best site for buy and selling apps? i believe 1st one would be Envato Market.

    • Most of the name in list are ordered by their popularity and number of source codes they sells. As this is growing industry, you will find one marketplace over take others in-terms of numbers of codes they sells and number of customers they have.

  • Great listing –

  • John

    Hi, Your List is Good but you Forgot to add 6DollarApps(dot)com . Here you get high quality app templates/ source code starting at Just $6.

    I feel that this site is best among all in terms of price.

    • Thanks John for your feedback and we did not forgot but after a detailed research on marketplaces, we filtered out top among them. Wishing you all the very best for your marketplace and let me know if I could be of any help.

  • Pharid Ali

    Hi Jignesh
    This is a great article, Their is also new Buying and Selling SIte wenoise. This New Site is handle By Asoft INC. Look Once.


    • Wishing you all the very best for your website Pharid.

  • Drew Goodman

    Do not work with chupamobile! I paid for re skinning of an app service that cost over $2000 in March of 2015. The work was sub par and to this date has not been finished. I have to email them 3+ times each time to get any response. I tried to email managers and even contact the CEO through twitter and email and no one responded. Worst customer service experience I have ever experienced. Do NOT work with this company unless you like being ripped off!

    • We have already shared your concern with the Chupamobile team about your experience of purchase app source code from them. Hope you get satisfied resolution from the chupamobile.

  • Hi, We are new in the android development field and have developed our first application for selling full source code online. We have signed up and added our product to all went good. The app was showing pending status in Products section. However now i cant see it in my products it seems they have deleted it and i did receive any email regarding rejection or deletion. Can anybody tell me if i am the only one or any other also faced similar situation ? and whats going on there.

    Thank you!

    • Stav Zilbershtein

      Hi Awais, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will look into your situation to understand what caused your app to be deleted. there are several options for this to happen but I need to learn more in order to assist you. I will wait for your email.

      • Hi Stav
        Thank you for your response. I am sending an email regarding my issue.

        Please have a look at it.
        Thank you!

  • James Kyriakou

    Great list Jignesh. Do you have any ideas for the best places to buy and sell websites?

  • disqusUser911

    Chupamobile is a big scam, if you paid for something please report here, choose “internet fraud”

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