SEMRush ScreenAre you associated with online marketing industry? this article is for anyone associated with online marketing industry and looking for solid tool to ease their routine job i.e competitor analysis, keyword research and lot many things.

Tools are the weapons of an online marketers that improves the productivity and ease the different routine job. In my 9 years of career, I have tested over 100s of tools and few of them I am still using on daily bases. SEMRush is one of such tools which is not only saving my lot of time but also gives great insight of competitors data and helping me to dig deeper into different metrics. Here is my detailed experience on how SEMRush is helping me in my routine job as an online marketing consultant.

SEMRush is a wonderful tool for the online marketers, in which one can easily find competitive keyword data of any website. One of the the best use of this tool is to target the most profitable niche that brings tons of traffic to their website, that’s why this is a most favorite tool for the bloggers, affiliate marketers and content marketing professionals.  It makes the marketer’s job easy to do a complete analysis of the competitor. With the help of this tool, one can easily do competitor research, keyword research, backlink analysis and offers different unique tools that helps in website audits and analysis. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect companion for the marketing professionals all around the world.

SEMrush can scout the competitor’s website and their keywords by organic and paid research. It can also find out the sources of the traffic, backlink data and many more from the single dashboard, in short, you will come to know each and everything of the competitor’s site. After recognizing the competitor’s keywords, you can easily understand the best traffic driving source and can plan your content market strategies accordingly. Marketers use SEMrush tool in their daily routine for the improved marketing prospects. It helps in the proper running of the marketing department.

Befor I demonstrate some unique benefits of this tool, let me tell you some simple steps to kick start with SEMrush:

  • Firstly, register at SEMrush directly visiting their online website. Here you can make a free account or the pro account depending upon your requirement. With the free account, you will be able to know only few keywords and the limited access to other functions. To get the complete access of the SEMrush, prefer Pro account.
  • After creating the account, you can access the SEMrush dashboard and can access the data depending upon your account type.
  • Now sign in and enter the competitor’s domain into the text field and start exploring the huge data you can hardly find with other tools.

See below screenshot shows basic interface of SEMRush once you insert the domain name to analyze the data.

Semrush dashboard

Though SEMrush performs well for both the accounts, free and pro but it will work best with a PRO account because it provides the complete report of the competitor website. For beginners; I recommend starts with free account and once you became familiar with all the features of SEMrush tool, you can easily upgrade your account.

Now you are well aware about the SEMrush tool and how this tool can be used. Now let us understand about the various features of the SEMrush report page:

  • Keyword: Keywords is the most important thing that one must want to know. In the SEMrush report page, you can see which Keyword is getting high traffic and for which pages.
  • Position: The position of home or internal page of inserted domain for the keyword in selected search engine.
  • Volume: Volume implies the frequency of similar queries for the same keywords is being triggered on selected search engine. It short, it shows how many times the particular keyword has been search by users over a period of time.
  • CPC: CPC means the average Cost per click for the particular keyword in paid search advertisement.
  • URL: The url of website which is currently ranked on particular position in search engine.
  • Com: Com refers to the advertiser’s competition for that keyword. Competition check is one the foremost task for any search engine marketing tool. Higher the number means high competition and lower the number means lesser competition for that keyword.
  • Results: The result shows the number of pages crawled/indexed by search engine for that particular keyword. This can help you to understand the competition for particular keyword in organic search traffic.
  • Trend: To get the profitable keyword, make sure that the trend for that keyword is not fading and this can be done by analyzing the last 12 months traffic trend.

If you are unable to get the exact keyword, then look at the left sidebar where you can get different options to get other information about domain. Checkout below screenshot containing data from SEMRush for one of my domain.

SEMRush Keywords

I have been using this tool since long and based on my experience here i have filtered few of the best features of this unique tool.

Advantages of SEMRush Tool

  • With this tool you can track the huge amount of organic data of the competitors on Google and Bing. Currently, SEMRush offers data from most of the Google country specific search engines where as for Bing, it offers US data only. You can search for data based on your geographic target location. This is one of the best tool for local search marketers too.
  • SEMrush tool is also helpful in identifying whether a specific keyword will be successful or not for a particular domain. It will allow you to measure the worth of the domain and the popularity of a product, service and a page based on competition and CPC value of the keywords it ranking for.
  • With this tool you can compare any website from the millions of other domains. Two websites having the same keywords can also be compared. It indicates the ranking of each domain for the numbers of keywords.
  • You can easily help you to understand the reason of the flaws in rankings and create the precise tactics for own SEO strategies based on different metrics it provides.
  • SEMrush allows you to review your competitor’s ad data by using the detailed and pin-point exact ad data.
  • With the SEMrush, you can illustrate actual spending of various domains on ads and on each individual keyword.
  • With the help of SEMrush ad data, you can easily make a distinction about which products are successful and which are not. You can also track the actual advertising budgets.
  • SEMrush will also help in planning your inventory as well as budget.
  • It provides detailed backlinks analysis report categorized by dofollow and nofollow attributes.

These are some common advantages but you can use this tools for different purpose and requirements. Marketers can draw the effective tactics by utilizing the data and resources provided by this tool. The charts of the SEMrush make you able to design various metrics and with the help of these metrics you can compare several sites together. These metrics cover the information regarding the keywords, ads traffic, number of ads, ads traffic prices, SE traffic and SE traffic price. With the help of SEMrush charts, you can easily discover trends as well as variance.

And the most important benefits of this tool is, you can download all the data for further analysis and future use. It provides option to download report as CSV, Excel or CSV Semicolon format. SEMrush team constantly working on including new tools for detailed analysis and some of the recent additions are:

  • Position traffic tool
  • Keyword difficulty
  • And site-audit (which is in beta now)

Here are the screenshot of different tools and its reports

Organic Competitors Data

This report provides a list of organic competitor’s list based on common organic keywords they are ranking for.

organic competitors

Paid Search Data

This is one of the best feature of this tool to understand the paid marketing strategies of particular website. See below screenshot of paid marketing history of one of the leading brand in Yoga Community.

semrush paid

Below screenshot shows detailed paid keyword analysis of a website.


SEMRush Product Listing Ads Report

If you are an ecommerce advertiser then you must know the importance of product listing ads. With PLA ads you can display your products on search engines along with images & price. But here the biggest headache for advertisers is the competitor’s pricing as they have to track competitor’s product price manually. If you want to save lot of time for it then you must go with SEMRush tool.

Fortunately now SEMRush provides PLA reports too. With the help of this tool advertisers can explore 3 new important reporting features – PLA Positions, PLA Competitors and PLA Copies.

PLA Positions Report

pla positions

PLA positions report allows advertisers to track competitor’s products with all required important attributes like keyword, volume, landing page, product title and the most important product price. Using this report one can also create ad groups for search campaigns based on landing page and keyword analysis.

This data also provides you the insights of how aggressively your competitors are using PLA network for search engine. This feature can be very helpful for your competitor research process.

PLA Competitor’s Report

pla competitors

Most ecommerce advertisers only know their direct competitors and focuses on them. But what about other competitors who targets same products on search engines besides your ads?  Well, PLA Competitor’s report provides you the complete list of competitors who also advertise on PLA network along with your ads. Cool isn’t it? This report might help you to discover new opportunity for your business to stand out in the audience.

PLA Ad Copies Report

pla copies

This one is an awesome feature from SEMRush as you can see the product ad copies of your competitors. These Ad Copies presents product Images, product titles, and number of keywords on which their products are showing on the PLA Network.

This insight can give you the idea whether your competitor using more keywords per product or not and on the bases of that you can expand your keyword list too.

Display Advertising

Google Display Network is one of the huge part of search advertising and millions of advertisers using this in an effective way. This network offers millions of websites where advertisers can show their Ads for their products and services.

display demo ad

SEMRush recently launched its Display Advertising (BETA) feature for advertisers where they can see best performing advertiser’s sites along with text and media ads. This feature also allows you to discover landing pages and placements where competitors are using their ads. In this report media ads also helps you to discover new ideas of banner designs, call to actions, fonts and many more things which can attract more audience to engage with ads. Finding prospective customers is always hard for ecommerce business and this report will definitely helps them to find where their target audiences are roaming.

So, avail the benefits of SEMrush and take your keyword research to the next level. It will be helpful in building the reliable campaign for your website. As we all know the more potential keywords can generate more traffic and more traffic can generate more money. SEMrush tool helps in recognizing the competitor’s keyword, so that you can steal that keyword and make an effective keyword that can result more traffic for any site and generate more money.

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