More than 91% of people in the United States own a cell phone, out of which 68.4% is a smart phone. The trend is similar in other parts of the world too. Mobile devices have been able to penetrate even the poorest economies and in 2019, manufacturers expect to sell over 2.7 billion smartphone across the globe. As of 2018, there are more than 2.32 billion smart phones users in the world and it has simultaneously increased the potential of mobile apps business.

Well, you too can grab this opportunity to make a mark, but creating a mobile app can be very expensive if you build one from scratch. That is why we recommend using a mobile app source codes templates to develop an iOS or android apps, follow these 7 steps to become the Mogul of your industry!

Step 1 – Research (Solve some problem with your app innovation)

The first step to success with a mobile app is to understand your market, demographics, competition & mobile app category. Your app needs to either be a solution for an unresolved problem or bring in a change of trend. Successful entrepreneurs always come up with ideas that none have been able to conceive, but to do so, you need to have information by your side. HiFive stories is one of such example depict innovative idea in video stories. It is after understanding your market can you think of finding and offering a solution/trend. After you have come up with something, decide on a theme that best suits the app.

popular app categories apple

In May, 2018 Statista launched one report of popular Apple App Store categories mention above. In this report Games was the premier category with 24.93% and we don’t have any doubt about it. You can get better idea for your mobile app from above categories. In past 1 to 2 years, we have also observed that Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality apps and games was in top trend and app users really loved it. Pokemon Go is the biggest example of this mobile app category and recently launched on Apple Watch as well.

Here I am strongly recommend using developing unique app idea rather than cloning already published app. You can easily create module / small part of your app with the help of open source app source code or using app template from marketplaces. Once the blue print of your app idea is ready, start searching for the best app template for your platform. Make sure you choose the platform i.e iOS, Android, Unity etc.. properly or hire someone who can do this job for you.

Step 2 – Buying an Working App Template Source Code


Now, coming up with a completely new app, that has been written from scratch will take up a lot of time and will also eat up a lot of money. Most apps also often require a high level of programming experience. A great alternative is to seek app templates and work on customizing / re-skinning it for your specific project. While there are several marketplace offering source codes and templates for popular app categories, you will need to cautious. Not all source codes are perfect and may result in harming your credibility. A popular and safe choice in this case would be Codester. Codester is a marketplace for developers for buying and selling of ready-to-use app and web development assets, including scripts, templates, themes, app source codes, code snippets, plugins and much more.

On Codester you can find app templates for many platforms like Android, iOS, Ionic, Unity, Buildbox, Corona and more.

Step 3: Proper Launch

Before you begin publishing and distributing your app on the app stores, you will need to doubly ensure that they are ready. Go with a beta testing phase, wipe out any bugs and glitches and prepare all kinds of promotional materials necessary to take your app to the maximum number of audience. The launch and the promotion need to be carried on simultaneously for the best results.

Step 4: Marketing like a Pro


Mobile apps are certainly the key to gaining the much required attention in the market but getting ready with one is not the end of your worries. Remember that the mobile app is not supposes to just be an extension of your website and should be useful in some unique ways. Get creative and put you brand name in front of all the attention. Some next gen ways to spread the word would include marketing through QR Codes, Mobile Advertising (PPC Campaigns), social media advertising, guest blogging about your new app and even hiring mobile app marketing agencies to add to the success. One of the best ways to achieve quick downloads has been an Facebook app install campaign wherein users are prompted to download and install the app in exchange of virtual currency or other benefits.

Step 5: Focus on Customer Reviews

Once you have launched an app and are taking steps for its promotion, it is also necessary that you track the success of these campaigns. By monitoring download rates, customer ratings, reviews and other feedback, you can choose to quickly respond and/or make a change in the campaign to beef up the process.

Step 6: Monetization

make-money-from-appMobile apps are a great way to reach out and spread a brand name. However, they can also be strategic tool for revenue generation. If you have played games like Angry Birds or Temple Run on your smart phone, you already know how the user is prompted to spend currency with in-app purchases. Well, you too can offer something similar and reap measurable success for your efforts. There are plenty of ways and platforms to monetize mobile application to generate revenue from it.

Step 7: Repetition

Once you have come up with an app, it will not be an investment that will earn your money for a lifetime. You will need to continuously invest in updates, new features and add-ons to keep the app relevant to your user group. Successful developers always come with more than one app and keep on deploying new app ideas into the app marketplace to stay ahead. Nothing is really ever enough when the opportunities are so huge!

Be smart and strategic about whatever you do. With so many distribution channels available and a huge user base to cater to, you are never really out of competition. Smart phone users keep searching for apps that best suit their needs and you could be the one developing it. It is also necessary to note that more than 90% of apps fail within 30 days of their launch. The reasons are many, ranging from low relevance to poor quality of content.  Well, as an aspiring app developer and earn from it, you will need to be different and persistent. For everything else, there’s a way out!

Using App templates drastically reduces development time and allows you to launch more apps in a short period of time. This will drastically increase your chance to success. What are waiting for, start browsing app templates now!

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