Pokemon go is by far the most searched and enjoyable augmented reality game developed by Niantic for phone iOS and android devices. If you are regular user of Pokemon Go, you must have receive GPS Signal Not Found error while playing around. If you don’t know how to fix this problem, this article is for you.

gps signal not found

Before I take you through the resolution, let me briefly discuss the PokeMon Go game. It is a game where Pokémon a trained virtual creations comes on the mobile screen. The Pokémon Go comes as if it was for real in the real world of the player with the help of mobile phone’s GPS feature to detect, seize and act. Many of you have already mastered the ways of luring a Pokémon with great ease. This game is a real success in its terms but there are few issues are also associated with it.

Some problems that you may face while playing Pokémon Go

  • It could drain on the battery.
  • Random crashing
  • Server error
  • GPS signal not found error

Among the above, the most annoying part is when you do not find the GPS signal not found error. Let me take you through the solution.

How to fix GPS signal not found in Pokémon Go on your iPhone?

Generally, you can resolve this issue by doing small fixes like moving to other location or turn on / off phone. Here are few quick fixes like this to resolve this error:

  • Move outdoors – This helps if you are playing indoors as you can see if your GPS satellite is able to locate your current location. Once the device started receiving proper GPS signal, it may resolve the issue without doing further fixes.
  • Turn on/off – If you are playing game in outdoor and receiving this error, all you do is turn on/off Wi-Fi or your mobile data couple of times. You may find no network, never mind go to the settings, then Wi-Fi and toggle off/on.
  • Airplane mode – You simply keep your iPhone or iPad in airplane mode.
  • Mobile Data off – Switching off the mobile data few times is a great tip to fix this problem as well.
  • Turn off/on location services – Turning off location service is a good way to fix this error but it require you to follow some simple steps mentioned below.

Turn off / on location services on your iPhone:

location setting iphone

#1 Go to settings on your iPhone or iPad device.
#2 Then on Privacy and tap on it
#3 Now go to location services and turn the switch off and then on again.

  • Time-off from the game – Sometimes it just best to leave the game and take time-off. Then open it again. For some reason, this trick works at times. All you do is tap the Home button and leave the game. In the meanwhile you could use any other app. After couple of minutes try opening Pokémon Go again, it should work.
  • Take a forceful quit and re-start it – Before you quit make sure, you have saved all your data. This can cause loss of immediate data. But how does it matter? As far as the problem is fixed, happiness of playing Pokémon Go goes on. So here’s how you do
    1. Bring the multitasking screen by double tapping the Home button
    2. Swipe the Pokémon Go
    3. You can now swipe up the app, this will quit the game.
    4. You are now good to re-launch the app again and play eventfully.
  • Reset your network settings – Beware that you are in every possibility of losing the network settings of your device as now everything will be reset. This is what you do in this case-
    1. Go to the settings on your iPhone or ipad device
    2. Click on General
    3. Now as you go down, you will find Reset button. Tap on reset now.
    4. You will find the Reset Network Settings, tap on it and confirm the resetting.

I am sure this will resolve the issue associated with GPS signal not found while playing Pokemon go on your iOS device. If the issue still persist, kindly uninstall game and try re-installing the same. You can also get the help from official iPhone repair center if the issue is associated with hardware.

If you are an Android phone user and facing the same issue, here is the way to fix it.

Fix Pokémon Go GPS signal not found on Android devices

Here are few steps you should follow on your Android device to resolve this issue:

  • The foremost thing in android devices are that the GPS radios are switched off as it saves the life of the battery. Thus it is imperative that you turn on the GPS signal for that. This should apply to any Android 5.0 Lollipop devices or higher than that.
    1. Go to the settings and tap the Quick Settings
    2. Now to the Privacy and Safety and click on it.
    3. Click on the Location icon, the toggle must be switched on in this case.
    4. You will be in Location mode once you click on the locating method.
    5. You now go to High accuracy by clicking GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile network.
    6. Irrespective whether you are in a connected network or no, make sure you have turned on the Wi-Fi to play the game.
  • Outdoors – The best option is also to go to your nearby restaurants, café, or libraries where accessibility to Wi-Fi is easy. The feel of playing there obviously won’t be great but to come out of your boredom, this is a good option.

If you are still facing the same error, better you show your smartphone to local service station to get better help.

Happy playing

You may earn awards on traveling straight lines for eggs. You are thrilled to see the way your phone pings to the game again and again. However the consecutive pings have to be less than 6.5 mph or else there is every chance of the egg distance increasing. There is no happiness but to play your favorite Pokémon Go. Happy playing!