Are you looking to create unique video stories like never before? I have a great news for you. Its been long I was working on one unique concept to create video stories and finally I made it. The answer is; HiFive Stories.

HiFive stories is by far the most productive way to showcase a series of clips combine in single video story along with some amazing features. Now you can share your travel stories, festivities, functions and more by just using this video editor app available at FREE of cost. Let us have a look what makes HiFive stories app that special?

The Idea

The HiFive stories app makes it simpler to build up the video story with an uncluttered builder format with undoubtedly best visual effect. The main idea of HiFive stories was to have a wonderful story telling tool for iOS & Android devices. This app is available on iTunes and App store around the world and the size is also not much- 59.5 MB. It offers easy ways to create different clips and when you are making the story; you can add wonderful background music available in app library.

The process to create video stories

  • First you need to click on Create story button where you need to give name to your app story. Once it is done, the app start recording your first clip when you hit your palm to front camera of your smartphone. Similarly, on hitting again on the front camera with your palm your clip is ready and will be saved to your app.
  •  Once you are ready with multiple such clips, you can combine them with just single button and follow the process.
  • You can easily share this video story with your friends on social media or can also download the same into your mobile phone memory.

Benefits of using HiFive Story app

  • You are getting a FREE story teller tool for yourself.
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • It is a hassle-free app where storing, sharing, playing and deleting is done in a jiffy.
  • You can express your feeling in unique ways by creating a video stories with awesome background.

The only drawback of this app is to start creating your first story. You will need some time to understand how it shoot clips and how you can use its feature to combine them into story. Besides it essentially uses the front camera. Therefore, most of the story-telling is going to be with you in it on the front row. And this is the selling point of this app which showcase you with amazing background!


There is absolutely no reason why one shouldn’t opt for this fabulous video story app. It makes life simpler, larger than life and simply awesome. It can be used for many purpose and the best part is, it does not require video editing software to cut clips or to add background music. All can be done from this single app without using complex software. It will not only save your time but also will save your money while creating video stories.

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Nitin is an iOS application developer with over 4.5 years of experience in developing native application for iPhone, iPad and iMac devices. He loves writing about Apple products and shares his views on different aspect of it.