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Siri for Android – 6 Siri Alternative Apps (Free + Paid) for Android Phones


Being an iPhone app developer, iOS devices have a special space in my heart and I always enjoy playing with codes and working on some innovative ideas like HiFive stories, iProtect Album, etc. Recently I received a call from a friend using android device and asked me whether the SiRi app is available on Google play store! I said NO and the friend other side was very disappointed to know and asked, Why no SiRi for Android? I said, God knows but I promised him to share the best SiRi alternative apps for Android devices offers similar or even advance features. And from that day, I started doing my research to compile a list of App like SiRi for Android!

Do you also looking for such apps? or Are you an iOS users and planning to migrate on Android phones? Do you love using Siri like application and looking for best Siri alternatives that runs on your Android phone? This article is for you!

Today most of the latest version of iphone has a personal assistant, famously known as Siri. You want to know about certain movie timings, Siri searches things for you. Want to get reminded for a meeting at 12 noon; Siri creates a reminder for you by following your voice command. Thus, from setting alarms to creating events, to making reservations, you name it and Siri does it for you. So you see Siri is a built in artificial intelligent aide for iPhone users. Sadly, Siri is only available on iOS devices and if you want siri for android phone, you will have to look for its alternate applications. I am happy to share that, there are many app you can use as best Siri alternative for your android devices. It helps android users to use the natural throw of the voice to command to do a certain things as is demanded.

In the digital voice assistant market, although Siri is the leader, there are many alternatives that you can try out for android. Let us have a look at them:

Google Now Launcher

google now launcher

Working on the digital voice command is the all new Google Now launcher developed by Google. It works comfortably with devices having Android 4.1 or above. All you do is say ‘OK GOOGLE’ and ask for your requirement, say play a song of Westlife or Call Maria etc. With Google Now Launcher there can be a quick access to search from the Home screen. It can be used on android and iOS devices too. It specialized in giving all sorts of information comprising of birthday reminders, currency details, hotel reservations, nearby attractions and events, upcoming concerts, flight details, next appointment, public alerts, public transits, parking locations, weather forecasts, translation, sports related and research topic etc.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

dragon assistant

Another siri alternative is the personalized intelligent colleague who does exactly what you want on your android smartphone. Thus app works smart as no sooner the detection of auto mode is detected, the app senses it and switches to hands-free, eyes free access but at the same time connected. By giving you voice notifications of your social sites. If you would like to get up with somebody saying ‘hey beautiful’ or ‘hey handsome it’s time to get up’ Dragon Mobilen Assistant does it for you. Plus, be it the email writing, all you do is say it aloud and Dragon does it for you. It has a unique feature of sharing location. In a nutshell, whether to send messages, or setting up a calendar event or even finding addresses for you, play your favorite music, there is a whole lot more that Dragon can do it for you. The Dragon uses Nuance which has accurate voice recognition technology.

Microsoft Cortana- Digital assistant


Microsoft cortana is deputed to make things easier for you and one of the most popular siri substitute for android phones. Be it the time based reminders that it alerts you or the location based reminders that you got to be there, Cortana has made the task of a common man simple, stress free and error free too. It let you know what you have missed a call, if there is traffic on your normal route and much more. The surprising elements being it also let you know if you are around somewhere near your favorite artist or a restaurant or a recommendations that you wanted to be there. It is available in the languages such as English, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian. Etc.

Andy- Voice Assistant

andy assistant app

Call it a knowledge navigator or an intelligent personal assistant, Andy is more than happy to serve you with its voice control software. It can do everything that you can ask an assistant to do it for you, be it initiating a call or sending messages, asking for a weather forecast or any trigonometry answers, Andy does it phenomenally good. Best is apart from giving voice modulation answers, it also gives you additional attachments on the screen to make you understand the matter well. For instance, you want to know how the rocket functions, apart from the normal voice answers, there will be clipped images and videos attached to know exactly how it functions. To cut the long story short, get all the answers to every question of yours with Andy.

Top Assistant

Floating on your phone screen is Top Assistant. Set this app when the phone boots so that it becomes convenient to use. It helps you with your favorite applications, recent apps; any application information, accessing play store page of the current application, uninstalling the current application etc are some of the functions played by Top. There is also a virtual soft key with the Top Assistant which helps with the Home screen, Power button, Menu, Search button and back.

Robin- All Voice Assistant

robin all assistant

A personal assistant for android who is as smart as Robin is wanted by all. It is a big time savior when it comes to voice assistant on roads. Whether to text your friend who is waiting for you at the destination or want a local information of the place, be it GPS or about the speed breakers ahead, Robin does it effortlessly well. So when you are on the move, get yourself updated with the global news, your social media reports, traffic details, reminders, weather forecasts and more. When your mood is low asking Robin to share a joke, you ought to feel better. Therefore, communicate Robin with your phones through voice orders. However Robin understands only English.


In a world of today where everything seems to happen in a jiffy and fast, the advent of personal assistant like Siri or other apps for androids has turned out to be a boon. With the voice moderated apps, it has been a blessing for many of those who are on the run, who are visually impaired, who do not get time to sit and type it all. There are many alternatives for androids to use digital voice assistants; you must read the review and the compatibility of your phone too. Being smart is the in thing!

If you know about best Siri alternative apps for Android, do share them via comments or drop us an email. We will review them and will list in this article.