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The best memories for most of us undoubtedly are travel memories. The sheer joy of sharing your solo or group journey with your friends is incomparable. Since nowadays people love to travel either alone or with a group of friends, hence means of sharing their trip are highly desired. Most people take varied routes during their trip either on a bike or car and they may take different stops for break. Each of this spots has its own importance but most travelers do not track their trip thinking they will not visit this place again. Also, there is a must pack list for most of travelers and the list includes things like smartphone, beachwear, sports shoes, travel gear, glasses, camera, activity/fitness tracker etc. each of which has its own importance.

Tracking a journey can be important for sharing the memories as well as for safety as if you have left something on the way, you may be able to track your route in a better way. Thus, a brand new travel android application is here called Bhomeo Android App, which has been designed to track your complete trip. You can also share your trip with your friends later on. This travel planner app can save all the nearby places of your travel destination, save trip routes, add stops, pause trip & save and stop.

Checkout Bhomeo – Your travel partner app features:

#1 Create Your Trip

The application will give your trip a name and description to start with and will measure your entire trip in kilometers. The app will help you add your vehicle (bike, car or any other) and help locate your current location and pin it on the map along with the starting time of your trip.

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The map will also suggest the best route, give the most accurate distance for the location, and keep mapping the route time.

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#2 Star your trip and it will track in background!

As you start your trip, the app will  help record the actual trip route and as you go further, will help explore the nearby places along your route like ATM, Petrol Pumps, Bank, and Hospitals etc. This feature of the Bhomeo app makes it very useful android app for travelers for sure.

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You will also be able to add your stoppages like hotel, restaurant and will be able to add pictures and other details of these places like phone number. When you are resting, you will be able to pause the trip that will help you track the trip in real time. Creative videos and travelogues can be the best way to share your travel stories and Bhomeo is one of such app that helps you to document your entire trip.

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The app will regularly update the total km that you have covered. The best part about the Bhomeo app is that it will run in the background so you do not need to worry about opening this app every time you take a trip. Even if you kill your app accidentally while during the trip then don’t worry it will resume your trip with current location.

#3 Other Important Features

Bhomeo travel application is highly secure, as it will not share any personal data. The users will be able to view their recent trips from menu and they can mark their favorite trips to view them later.

If you want to use a friend’s trip as a travel guide,then you can save their trip (your friend can send your complete trip details in Bhomeo app) and use it on your trip.

This application will be that it will use minimum battery compared to other heavy applications. Your saved trip can be shared with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Message or any other social media platform.

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Thus, Bhomeo is a perfect application for avid travelers as well as occasional traveler who want to preserve every memory of their precious trip.

Download Android App Here –

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