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The Fitbit Surge activity tracker is a true blue sports tracking wearable device offers all amazing features.

Do you love tracking your health and fitness activities? Are you looking for budget fitness tracker? Fitbit surge is the best fitness tracker for you available at just $235. If you are looking for more option, you can always refer to our fitbit fitness tracker comparison article where we have listed all different activity tracker from this brand. The price and product feature will be different and can help you to choose the best product that suits your requirement. Here I will be discussing about Fitbit surge feature in more details. Here we go!

The Fitbit Surge activity tracker is a true blue sports tracking wearable device offers all amazing features. It is suitable for cyclists, runners, gymnast and all those who love to work out. This is one of the most advanced fitness trackers from Fitbit and has mighty innovative features like optical heart rate sensor with a built-in GPS. It is also capable of tracking calories burned, steps, distance traveled, elevation and total active minutes through its digital compass, 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. It has thus aptly been dubbed by Fitbit as a ‘superwatch’.

fitbit surge ultimate fitness super watch

Here are the 6 unique features of this advanced wearable tracker would force you to go and grab it:

#1: Attractive Design :

fitbit surge ultimate fitness super watch designThe device has essentially been designed to look like a fitness device. It consists of a flexible elastomer material and a surgical grade stainless steel buckle. It has been designed to provide super comfortable wear ability and is also highly secure. Because of this unique and light weight design, you can easily wear it during your exercise.

#2: Display :

Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super WatchThe tracker has a touch screen monochrome 1.25-inch LCD display with different home screens and menus. There is a button for switching between daily stats and function screens. The display is easy to navigate and easy to see without much fiddling and the touch screen are highly responsive.

#3: Hardware :

The GPS connectivity and the optical heart rate monitor of the Surge are its stand out features. It also provides a detailed motion data and it also provides daily, weekly or monthly graphs of all types of metrics.

#4: Notifications :

The Fitbit Surge is pretty smart in its notifications as well. Its notifications include incoming calls, texts, and can also control your music. With such a smart notifications features it will help you to control all above activities at just a finger tip. You just need to synch this device with your smartphone and you will start receiving notifications while wearing the device.

#5: Price :

Surge is the most sensible choice for those who want a fitness tracker within a confined budget. It costs $235 in the US and £147 to £300  in the UK which is much reasonable as compared the Apple Watch and other high end sports watches. If you are looking for budget smart watch, this can be best bet at reasonable cost.

#6: Software :

The Fitbit Surge can pair up with your smart phone through Bluetooth and can also connect with Mac or PC through a wireless dongle. FitBit mobile app is also widely available on android, iOS and windows app store and can be downloaded easily. The app is comprehensive with all your activity trackers built into one and can easily sync data for analysis.

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