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PRIASoft Official Website Gives SSL Certificate Error

Internet Safety

PRIASoft Official Website Gives SSL Certificate Error

SSL certificatesUpdate: 3rd August 2015

Its been over 2 years we have published this article about SSL certificate error on PRIAsoft official website and when we again visited the website, it has same error!

The motive behind updating this article is to make our readers aware about such small errors and stay updated with the recent happening. SSL certificate is the crucial part for any website that collect private and confidential information that includes but not limited to:

  • Credit card or debit card information
  • Private details like birth date, aadhar card, pan card etc
  • Address, phone number, email address etc.

Make sure you verify the SSL certificate before sharing confidential information with any website.

This article was originally published on 3rd September 2013

PRIASoft mean Panchayati Raj Institutions Accounting Software which is designed and developed by Panchayat Informatics Division, National Informatics Centre.

While searching on trending topic in India for last 7 days, I just came across “PRIASoft” terms. It is one of the most rising search terms in India for Last 7 Days – about +130%. In curiosity, I thought to search for PRIASoft in Google and landed on their official website directly from search result. I socked to see “Connection is un-trusted” error in Mozilla Firefox browser.

ssl error in firefox

Then I tried to visit the same website in Chrome and found same error given below.

SSL error in Chrome

You must be wondering, what does this error mean?

This error is thrown by web browsers when they cannot verify SSL certificate installed on particular domain. Now, the biggest question is, PRIASoft official website is still secured with SSL? I am sure you understand my answer!

Google search result for “PRIASoft” – Click here

PRIASoft Official website direct link – Click here

Avoid providing personal information, bank account details or credit card details to such websites which are not secure by SSL.

Have you ever seen such errors? Share those websites in comments!

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