Do you want to download video on Chrome browser? Are you looking for a Free and easy way to download videos online? You are at the right place! In this article, I will be sharing trusted and popular Chrome video downloaders along with how to download a video guide.

Free online video downloader extensions for Chrome offer an easy way to download videos. Users simply add these tools to their Chrome browser. With these extensions, downloading videos from various websites becomes a breeze. They are ideal for those who want to save videos for offline viewing. These chrome extensions for video download are user-friendly and efficient. They work seamlessly with most video hosting sites. This makes the process of downloading videos straightforward. Users can download video from site chrome extension with just a few clicks. This convenience has made them popular among Chrome users worldwide.

Stay tuned as we explore 10 top-notch Chrome extensions for video downloading, each with unique features to enhance your downloading experience.

List of FREE Video Downloaders for Chrome:

1. Video Downloader Unlimited:

Video Downloader Unlimited

Video Downloader Unlimited is a versatile Chrome extension for downloading videos in various formats like mp4, webm, mpeg, and ogg. It even supports downloading HLS videos. Once downloaded, you can watch these videos on any media player. The extension’s icon turns blue in your browser’s upper right corner when it finds downloadable videos on a site. A popup window shows each video with details like format and size. You can easily download the video with a click. The extension smartly identifies all available resolutions, allowing you to choose the best size for your needs. Enjoy your videos offline, anytime, anywhere.


  • Easy downloading option
  • Seamless browser integration
  • Supports almost all online content platform
  • Free and easy to use

2. Video Downloader Professional:

Video Downloader Professional

Video downloader professional is a second popular Chrome video downloader developed by having over 40,82,569 users and over 1,68,500 ratings. It is another step to convenience and control your video viewing experience. This Chrome download manager would not just help you download the video but would also let you save the video in the list. This may offer you faster access to the downloaded videos and you can play them whenever you feel like without going back to the original web page where the video was posted. This downloader will definitely take you to the next level of the video viewing experience. This chrome video downloader extension was last updated on 3rd Aug 2017 and it regularly publishes new updates with additional features.


  • Easy and Clean interface
  • Free to use
  • Download in mp3 and mp4 format
  • Automated video identification for YouTube.

Note: If you want to download a youtube video to a hard drive, it won’t work with most of the chrome video downloads. This feature is now locked in almost all the Chrome plugins.

3. Video Downloader-CocoCut:

CocoCut Video Downloader

CocoCut, an online video download Chrome extension, simplifies the process of downloading videos directly from websites. As a Chrome extension, it integrates smoothly into the user’s browsing experience, enabling them to download video from site Chrome extension without hassle. This tool is highly useful for those who often need to save videos for offline use or content creation, providing a straightforward and efficient solution for video downloading needs.


  • Ad-free
  • Free to use
  • Chrome extension

4. Vimeo™ Download Videos:

vimeo download videos

Vimeo is the simple downloader that offers the quick and easy download of Vimeo videos posted on any sort of website. The user can download the video that played with the help of the Vimeo player present on the blog site or other websites. This user-friendly downloader can be use just by clicking on the icon that appears on the right side of the browser or address bar. Working on this downloader is very easy and you can enjoy the videos at the click of a button.Vimeo download videos chrome plugin is developed by and having over 151872 users.


  • Download videos in multiple video outputs
  • Supports downloading from all different online platforms
  • Free and Ad-free
  • Records live streams

5. HD Video Downloader:

HD Video Downloader

HD Video Downloader is a chrome extension designed to download high-quality videos efficiently. It stands out as a reliable video downloader from Chrome, catering to those who prefer HD content. This extension offers a seamless experience for downloading videos from various websites, ensuring that users enjoy their favorite videos in the best possible quality. Its user-friendly interface and quick download capabilities make it a go-to choice for Chrome users.


  • Allows you to skip annoying ads.
  • Multiple Vidoe downloading option is there.
  • HD video Downloading

6. Video Downloader Pro:

Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro, as a Chrome extension, excels in downloading videos from a multitude of websites. It’s recognized for its versatility as an any website video downloader Chrome extension. The tool is particularly user-friendly, enabling users to download their desired videos with minimal effort. Its fast download speeds and support for various video formats enhance its appeal, making it a favored choice among Chrome users for video downloading tasks.


  • Free Video Downloader
  • A quick download from anywhere

7. Retro Video Downloader:

Retro Video Downloader

Retro Video Downloader offers a unique experience for downloading videos via Chrome. This extension, known for its vintage-inspired interface, is an efficient any website video downloader Chrome extension. It combines a nostalgic design with modern functionality, allowing users to download videos from virtually any site. The tool is easy to navigate and provides reliable downloading capabilities, appealing to users who appreciate a blend of retro aesthetics and modern technology.


  • Free Video Downloader
  • A quick download from anywhere

8. Video downloader plus:

Video downloader plus

Video Downloader PLUS, is a famous net browser extension for Google Chrome. It is extensively used and fully compatible with different websites. The best thing about this amazing Video Downloader PLUS extension is that it is easy to use and understand.

For using this you simply need to install it for your Chrome browser. Once you go to the web page from wherein you need to download the video, click on the extension icon of your Chrome browser’s toolbar. After that, this device will begin collecting all of the available video resolutions. Select the only which you need to download, and it’s going to be downloaded in no time. It might be the very best and the quickest way to download videos from the net. This is a great online video downloader extension.


  • You can record the live streams.
  • Download the videos easily.
  • The extension has an auto-playing feature.
  • You can customize the functions of downloading the videos.
  • It allows the user to save the clip to the dialog box.

9. Good Video Downloader:

Good Video Downloader

Good Video Downloader is terrific software that helps you in downloading amazing YouTube videos. This tool also supports multiple audio and video formats. This chrome video downloader extension is miraculous software that automatically searches and recommends you to download any video. With this Good Video Downloader, you can save video from almost any website on your local hard drive.


  • Free to use
  • Chrome extension
  • Identify videos to download automatically
  • Ad-free

10. Video download helper:

video Downloader helper

Video Download-Helper is an excellent tool that helps in downloading a variety of video and audio files, media galleries, and images from different websites. This software is efficient to download video files of any existing quality, record live streams directly to your desired location. Video Download-helper also offers options numerous options for converting videos to other files setups.

Video Download Helper is excellent software that is widely used for downloading a wide range of different category videos from diverse websites easily. The program is very easy to use and has great features.


  • The user can ban the ads in the videos.
  • The user can customize its interface.
  • The users can change the existing video format.


The above-discussed 10 Chrome extensions revolutionize the way everyone downloads videos. Each offers unique features and ease of use, catering to diverse needs. Whether for offline viewing or content creation, these tools are invaluable. They highlight the versatility and user-friendliness of Chrome’s extension ecosystem. Remember to choose the one that best suits your requirements for an efficient and hassle-free video downloading experience.

Note: Please note that Digifloor or these Chrome video Downloaders are not responsible for media content that you download from online sources. We suggest checking first media copyright permissions before downloading video files from youtube or any other online source.


What are the common formats supported by Chrome downloaders?

Chrome downloaders commonly support widely used formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF for images, and MP4 for videos

Are video downloader extensions safe?

If you’re using a well-known video downloader extension, it’s likely safe, but be careful. Stick to trusted sources, read reviews, and check the extension’s reputation to avoid any potential security issues before you install it.

Which is the best video downloader for Chrome?

1.Vimeo™ Download Videos
2.Video Downloader Unlimited
3.Video Downloader-CocoCut

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