Holidays season is about to start and you must be ready with your holiday shopping list. But the biggest question is; how to find the best holiday deals? Sometime it happens that we miss deals even after we did lot of research and hence, we have compiled this article to help you to find top holiday deals be it thanksgiving, cyber Monday or black Friday.

Black Friday Deals Walmart

For holiday shoppers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is like the Super Bowl of Ecommerce. In 2016, the holiday sales (1st Nov to 31st Dec 2016) attracted more than $91.7 billion! If you have been looking for the best deals in TV, cameras, smart-phones and other tech, this would be the perfect opportunity. Well, we all are acquainted to the drill by now. The promotions begin a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, starting with modest deals and graduates to the Shopping Bonanza called ‘Black Friday’ – just after Thanksgiving. If you have still missed something, you have a second chance with Cyber Monday – the immediate Monday after Thanksgiving.

To meet the growing appetite of shoppers has also made it lucrative for sellers to come up with the so called Flash Deals. These last only a few hours but do build up a huge anticipation and more importantly, participation. This is also the time when you can put pressure on the consumer to buy a product that is backed by little or no research! Here’s how 2016 Black Friday went:

During the two day extravaganza in 2016, shoppers spent a good amount on holidays shopping and the numbers where very attractive. This year, it is expected to see good improvement in holiday shopping sales and you will get best deals too.

This year’s Black Friday is slated for November 24th and if you have been looking to order your favorite gadget, the excitement would be worth it. Here’s how you should go about finding the best deals:

#1 – Getting Familiar with the Ads

The first of Black Friday ads for 2017 are already leaked and this should give you the momentum to start creating your shopping list. As you get to see new ads, make the necessary changes. Well, you are not supposed to memorize everything but it definitely helps to know what the offers would be like. This would also be the opportunity when you should be checking out online retailers that you won’t generally shop at.

#2 – Start Your Shopping on Thanksgiving

shopping on thanksgiving

Black Friday, in the past couple of years has become a one of a kind of shopping celebration. However, to get the best deals, you will need to prepare earlier. While the best offers would come on Black Friday, you should also be paying attention to what’s on sale on Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and even the Turkey Day! In fact, in the past four years, the Turkey Day has offered more top tier sales than Black Friday.

Ecommerce websites today offer a range of freebies to bring in all kinds of shoppers. Some stores will have special perks for first time shoppers and some will have special deals for the first 100 shoppers. In 2015, Cabela handed out free coolers, smokers, binoculars and gift cards to its first 600 shoppers! You can also expect anything from tote bags to doughnuts.

#3 – Download Apps for Better Deals

In an effort to push ecommerce apps, Ecommerce businesses take enormous opportunity on Black Friday! Rotating deals have become a common thing, especially with websites like Amazon. Customers might even get more savings and higher discounts buying through an app than through the desktop portal. Well, you can always choose to uninstall the app later but most choose to keep them on. That’s what these businesses count on!

#4 – Avoid Impulsive Purchases

Avoid impulsive purchases

Impulsiveness in shopping is the worst way you can spend your money. It’s not necessary that you buy something on Black Friday if it’s doesn’t meet your budgets or requirements. This is also true for buyers ordering multiple items just because they were suggested by the portal as they were looking for the required item. It helps to pass on the bargain and spend your money after a proper research.

#5 – Beware of the Store Policy

It helps to know the ecommerce store policy before you begin shopping. What if you have brought something in the wrong color or size? Some items are returnable but with some store even returns attract a restocking fee of up to 15%, especially on electronic items.

For the 2016 Black Friday week, Amazon has already said that the best deal would be offered during Turkey 5, staring from Thanksgiving and running through Cyber Monday. Shoppers are already being encouraged to track deals on the Amazon mobile app. Further, customers with Amazon Prime Membership (costing $99 / year) also receive “Lightening Deals”.

#6 Bookmark Deals Page of Leading eCommerce Websites

Most of the leading ecommerce websites is having offers / sale / deals or similar page where they will list out all amazing deals and offers of this season. Here are few of the pages and respective links for you to bookmark:


Amazon has already launched the Cyber Monday deals 2017 page here and provided important information on deals and how to use information for users. Checkout below screenshot and visit page.

Amazon cyber monday deals
Similarly, Walmart’s Black Friday week kicks off at 6 pm on the Thanksgiving Day and the website has been started offering pre holidays offer. They are also advertising Samsung 32″ class tv at just $158 and Hover-1 hoverboard at just $148, among other electronics and gadgets!

A the end of the day, you should know that Black Friday is primarily designed for retailers who want to clear out unwanted stocks since the price of best sellers rarely drop. Still, if you do your research, you might get through an amazing deal with the latest gadgets.