Amazon prime in India

Amazon prime day is going to start on 16th July, Monday at 12 Noon and this is going to be the best opportunity to make a great savings for the Amazon prime members. You will have plenty of deals and offers from all categories and can enjoy fast shipping.

Days are gone when you will have to wait for a week to receive your order as Amazon prime will deliver your order in just one or two days. Yes, this is possible in India now and the facility will be available for all Amazon members who enrolled for Amazon prime in India.

Amazon prime membership cost is just ₹129 a month

During Amazon Price Day Deals, you can save money from various deals mentioned below:

Amazon Prime day Deals

What is Amazon Prime?

According to Amazon, it is: Amazon fulfilled + free fast delivery.

It is a membership program by Amazon where the user will get few additional benefits by enrolling for Amazon Prime. Few of the interesting benefits are:

  • Unlimited Free shipping on products throughout the year with no price cap. Here you can see the product with Prime tag which is eligible for prime members benefits.
  • Fast shipping – Prime member will get guaranteed one / two days shipping
  • Get 30 minutes early access to new deals
  • Prime video (Coming soon)

What are you waiting for? Enroll for Amazon prime membership now, available at introductory discounted price of ₹129 a month.

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